Kittycat Chat starring Pixie, Popsie and the all new QVC moggy!


Hi, I hope you’re all doing well and loving the emerging signs of spring.

I felt an update on Pixiecat and Popsiecat was well overdue so here it is along with news of an adorable new friend at the nation’s number one shopping channel!

Pix and Pops became members of our family many years ago. February of 2008, in fact, so they are nearing a milestone birthday! I can’t believe the time has flown so fast. They bring us so much pleasure. Whenever I post photos on Facebook (Catherine Huntley TV), Twitter (@TheHuntley) or Instagram (@Catherine_Huntley) I get lots of questions regarding their breed. They are British Shorthair Silver Tabbies. Their previous owners had them for a short time but were unable to keep them due to the cat they already had when they arrived. He just wasn’t fond of them. That’s putting it very lightly! Some cats just need to be the ‘only child’ of the family and I believe this was the case for that little one.

They were very timid when they first became Huntleys. My son has even penned a song inspired by Popsiecat called ‘Scaredycat’ which is very sweet and quite moving. In it he analogises on the subject of his own social anxieties. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of his work with you soon and that will be one to watch out for.

I digress, as I am oft to do! Our little cats were very wary of everyone at first. We soon realised they were not going to be the lap cats we had envisioned ourselves having but we accepted that they, like each of us, had their own little personalities complete with quirks both adorable and perplexing. We just hoped that, with love, one day they might appreciate a cuddle and the comforts of a warm, human lap.

Well, on rare occasions Pixiecat has been known to settle down on a cushion which we carefully lift onto our laps. We hold our breath while she takes in the fact she has been moved and hope for her acceptance of the situation! Sometimes it happens and, when it does, it has tested my bladder to bursting point as I can’t bear to move her for anything! I patiently wait until she decided my precious lap time is over! Popsie, aka Scaredycat, is a totally different story. She would NEVER entertain sitting on a human!

Totally out of the blue, a few weeks ago, while my son was sitting on the sofa who should wander over and settle on his lap but Popsie?! Tom doesn’t own a camera phone. He decided, a very long time ago, that he doesn’t want to be a slave to one so has a little £10 phone which serves his texting and calling needs sufficiently. Until now! He phoned me up and was speaking very quietly, “Mum…guess what? Popsie is sitting on my lap right now!”. I thought he was playing some kind of joke on me, I didn’t believe him but he insisted and, for the first time since owning a mobile phone, wished he had a camera to provide evidence! In the end I believed but felt it was such a shame I hadn’t seen what I thought might be a once in a lifetime happening.

As it turns out, this hasn’t been just once in a lifetime! Popsie has developed a fond affection for Tom’s lap! It’s utterly remarkable as she is such a funny character who shies away from too much attention with the exception of her hilarious displays of cupboard love at mealtimes.

It’s taken close to a decade but, who knows, maybe we’ll have these little furries addicted to cuddles with us yet! Watch this space!

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you may have seen this little guy already as I recently posted a pic of him sheltering from the rain outside the QVC reception area. If not, here he is again. At the time I felt he looked like a Norman. I’m not the only one at the Q who has become enamoured by his charms! I keep seeing him on the feeds of my friends social media and it turns out he’s actually called Hercules according to his tag!

One of our directors, Gilly, producer James and assistant director (also my daughter), Chrissie were just three who’ve captured his cuteness on camera! Isn’t he charming? The number on his tag has been called and it transpires that his parents are aware of his love of frequenting QVC! Well, who wouldn’t love QVC? One of my other colleagues, another James, regularly sends text messages to them informing them of his whereabouts when he shows up. It’s all rather lovely, in my humble opinion.

I’ve just had a peek at my social media accounts and Herc has shown up, yet again! Different friends from work have posted more piccies of him in our sheltered car park. The funniest had to be the photos of him on Jill Franks immaculate car surrounded by lots of shed fur! It did make me giggle. Apparently she saw the funny side, too, and mentioned him on air.

I told you I work with the best folks ever, didn’t I? Well, now I don’t limit that to humans! Welcome to the fold, little Herc. We love you already.

So, that’s all my Kittycat Chat for now but I love hearing your stories so feel free to post them below! Nothing better than a catch up over your comments over a nice cuppa.

Sending tickles and hugs to all your pets and big thanks to you for reading.

See you soon,

Love Catherine xx


  1. Sara B April 13, 2017 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    Lovely to read your purr update. I lost my 17.5 year old last week, someone had told him at 3 that he was a boy and didn’t do cuddles. Until about a year ago when he realised that the 7 year olds spent as much time as they could sitting on me. I’ll. e looking for a new member of the family soon and hope the girls let the newbie have some laptime.

  2. Helen April 14, 2017 at 4:58 pm -  Reply

    Hello Catherine, well how lovely to hear about your cats. I can totally relate to your delight at such moments of affection from your little ones and the crossing of legs when they do ‘deign’ to ‘snuggle’ up…… it’s such a special moment and one which truly does make you hold your breathe when it finally happens.
    I have a cat who I first fostered after the deAth of a dearly loved cat who I’d had from a kitten. She’s now been with me three years and came to me as an extremely traumatised and nervy cat who wouldn’t have come near a human with a barge pole. Well now, whilst she will not sit on my lap, and I don’t think she ever will, she now scooches up to me and nestles into my leg on the sofa. Progress indeed and leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling, how privileged we are to have these oft abused/ neglected and misunderstood animals trust us. So reading your story filled me with warmth and hope. Good luck, I hope the snuggles continue ?.

  3. Jill jennings April 20, 2017 at 12:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi catherine,our cat maiya only allows our daughter to pick her up, but me and my husband do get lots of lap time and she sleeps at the bottom of our bed, she is beautiful and funny. Love reading your blog.

  4. Anna Moller April 24, 2017 at 3:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi there
    Great to know that you are a cat lover
    They are just amazing !!!!!
    I love your dark hair now and the extensions are so beautiful
    Could you let me onow the brand/ make of your new hair extensions?
    Good luck with everything …..
    You are lovely
    Its funny that you were a dental nurse as Im a dentist :)))
    Take care

  5. Catherine Huntley May 11, 2017 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

    Dearest Sara,

    I’m so sorry about your sweet boy’s passing. You sound like such a lovely kitty mum with so much love to give.

    Sending you & yours big hugs and love.

    Catherine x

  6. Catherine Huntley May 11, 2017 at 4:20 pm -  Reply

    Dear Helen,

    It’s so lovely to hear about you & your cats. I’m sorry for the loss you felt but what a joyous therapy to welcome another little one in need of love. It’s warmed my heart to imagine her nestling in to you for a cuddle on her terms. I wonder if they have any idea just how much we get from being their ‘mums’.

    Love Catherine x

  7. Catherine Huntley May 11, 2017 at 4:22 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill,

    Your kitty sounds gorgeous! Cuddles, lap sits and bed sharing? My idea of cat heaven!

    Give her a little cuddle from me.

    Love Catherine x

  8. Catherine Huntley May 11, 2017 at 4:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for your message. Nice to hear from a fellow dental bod! I actually miss it when I think about those days. They were great!

    My extensions are by Tatiana Karelina. I must admit they are the best I’ve ever had and I love them. The more affordable alternative when I’m not able to get these are the ones we sell by Hairuwear.

    As for the cats, I don’t know what we’d do without them!

    Love Catherine x

  9. Linda Harris June 30, 2017 at 7:58 pm -  Reply

    Hello Catherine , I too have a British Shorthair silver spotted who have always been aloof as far as sitting on any lap he’s coming JP go 11 now. Two years ago I had a cancer scare , on the morning of the op. I sat on my sofa really nervous of what was to come , Henry jumped on to my lap and went to sleep , the very first time ever, I was so moved by this , luckily I was OK , but he’s never done it since , it still feels like he was trying to comfort me , could never be without cats ! With best wishes , Linda

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