Kim turns fashion on its head… literally! 


Well, hello there! I’m hoping you’re feeling recharged and re-energised after the smashing bank holiday weather we’ve just had. Well, I say that as though everyone had great weather so, if you didn’t and you wish everyone else would stop banging on about it, you may wish to skip ahead.

Wowee! What a scorcher! I’m just glad I had my Ultrasun. I’ve seen a few people on social media who were caught out by the sun’s rays. I was also a pretty good girl and took regular sun breaks. Please do have a look at the Ultrasun range if you haven’t before. I wouldn’t be without mine. This bank holiday was the first I can remember in years (possibly ever) where we have had glorious sunshine the whole weekend through. Ok, ok, I’ll stop going on about it… for now.

You may be wondering what the headline of this blog is all about. Kim & Co is one of our fashion brands and has been here almost since day one. Kim, its founder, still regularly joins us on air for her shows. We had a couple of shows last week together. During our little breaks in the shows she (and the models.. .and sometimes the camera operators) squat and bend their knees a little. It’s surprising how standing in one spot for a long time can make you feel a little stiff. Well, Kim squatted right down and I told her I was impressed with her flexibility. My producer, Chloe, said, “What would really impress me is if one of you can do that with your heels flat on the floor”. This is something my daughter, Chrissie, can do. In fact, it’s a position she sits in frequently as she finds it comfortable.

I promptly decided to show everyone what I meant… and rolled right back onto my well-cushioned posterior! I’m sure everyone’s laughter was ‘with’ and not ‘at’ me… I think. Anyhoo, Kim then turned herself upside down and did a headstand yoga pose and completely surprised us all! Fantastic! She gave me her permission to share this pic with you.

When she uprighted herself she said she was full of energy and ready to go. After the show we had a great chat about yoga and its benefits. I have dabbled from time to time but, thanks to Kim, I’m feeling newly inspired to turn my world upside down, too.


Here’s my girl, Chrissie, adopting her ‘comfy’ squat position.

She came home from uni this weekend as it was her little brother, Jon’s, 4th birthday party. No, not a secret son of mine you never knew about, ha ha, but her Dad and Stepmum’s little boy… he’s a real sweetie and my son and daughter are brilliant with him. Chrissie agreed to do face painting for the 15 children attending the party! Brave girl! I remember volunteering to do the same for a school summer fair when my two were small and I had never seen so many creepy crawlies! Nearly all the kids had nits! Luckily, this wasn’t the case at this weekend’s party.

Chrissie’s boyfriend, Harry, was a brilliant sport and let her get some practice in on him. He is the sweetest, funniest and loveliest person. He’s like another member of the family.

My son, whom I don’t mention on here much as he doesn’t like the attention, jokingly says he’s a bit like the Osbourne sibling who we never used to see on the family series ‘The Osbournes’. We actually never saw any of them as we didn’t watch it but we were aware of there being a sibling who preferred not to appear on the programme. It’s so great when we are all together as we were this weekend. We have a lot of laughs and everything just kind of feels right in the world.

Well, seeing as the blog began with a mention of fashion I shall come full circle and give you a couple of fashion tip offs for the week ahead. On Wednesday (16th) Renee is back with attitude, Attitudes by Renee being the name of the brand, with a fantastic Today’s Special Value. Her clothes are already very affordable but this deal is going to be amazing. It’s a pack of two very versatile dresses!

If you love your handbags then maybe you’re a fan of British brand Radley. Well, good news for you, too, as there’s a big TSV coming from them Friday (18th). When I say big, it’s one of their larger styles. It’s very smart and would allow you to fit plenty of essentials inside. Remember to pop a note in your diary and keep a lookout for the special prices which will only be on offer for each of the respective days.

Oh, and the felines of Chez Huntley kept cool during the heat by not exerting any energy at all except to eat and *ahem* do their business from time to time!

It’s important to keep cool in the hot weather by hydrating. I did a little of that… but also must admit to a little dehydrating with a tipple or two. We went out for a family meal on Sunday and when we got home my daughter, being a student, asked if I could save her some money by cutting her hair for her. Despite being a little tipsy I obliged using a couple of pairs of kitchen scissors! One was very blunt hence I located a second, also blunt but not as bad, pair! I think it turned out quite nice, actually!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to catching up next week!

Love Catherine xx


  1. Sarah May 10, 2018 at 12:23 am -  Reply

    Love your daughters faith in haircutting abilities ? and also previous posts on Bristol – we are a nice bunch, honest!! (Craig Rowe – help me out here, lol!) – next time you are down definitely a cheeky paddle in the water by the Shakespeare’s, she’ll know where I mean?

  2. Catherine Huntley May 29, 2018 at 1:04 pm -  Reply

    Aw Sarah, I can’t wait for another Bristol visit! X

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