Keeping your resolve: a day with the Fitbit


Is your resolve waning in favour of box sets, or are you stuck in a bit of a rut, fitness-wise? It can be super-hard to stay motivated, at any time of the year. A great way to stay on track of your health goals is by keeping an eye on your progress – seeing it all laid out in front of you and setting yourself goals makes fitness that little bit easier, and much more fun!

Fitbit is the perfect wellbeing BFF. Like a fitness buddy, it cajoles you into moving, congratulates you on meeting your goals, and like a personal trainer, it tells you how you’re doing along the way. It slots seamlessly into your daily routine, and before long, you’ll wonder how you kept on track without it!

We decided to get an insight into a day in the life of a Fitbit user – how much does it tell you, and would we really use it that much?

Turns out – hell yeah we would.


A dark and chilly Monday morning (oh yes it’s a Monday):

My Fitbit alarm goes off at 6am – it’s a gentle vibration on my wrist which smoothly pulls me out of my snoozing, and out of bed. I get up and put my gym clothes on – I’ve put them on top of my dresser the night before, so they’re in easy reach. I grab my phone and go through to the kitchen to put the kettle on. As I wait for it to boil, I open the Fitbit app to see how much sleep I got: happy – I’ve met my sleep target of 7.5 hours!

I never really considered sleep an important part of health before, but now I’m so much more conscious of my sleep routine and patterns – I’ve even set a ‘bedtime’ alarm on my Fitbit. It asks you what time you need to get up and how much sleep you’d like, then sets the time you should be going to bed. It buzzes an hour before that time, so I can turn off the TV or computer, and start winding down. Of course I don’t always get to bed on time, but it’s a good check-in so I don’t get too carried away on a weekday night out, or get so absorbed in a Netflix marathon that I forget the time completely!

I make myself a coffee, and although it always feels way too early to eat, I have a slice of granary toast with peanut butter and half a banana for some energy. Then I head off to the gym.

Each morning I’ll do something a little different, but today I’m doing a HIIT class – High Intensity Interval Training. This is lots of short sharp bursts of exercise to really get the heart rate going. Afterwards I log my exercise duration and type, so my Fitbit stats can update to show how many calories I will have burned. While at the gym I also do a fast walk on the treadmill on a fairly steep incline – this gets my steps up just a little more!

After the gym I walk to work. I arrive a little early, so I sit outside for a few minutes so I can input the food I’ve eaten so far into the Fitbit app. You can set it – depending on if you would like to lose, maintain or gain weight – to track your calories burned and offset them against the food you’ve eaten, telling you how many calories you can eat for the rest of the day to stay on track. I input my coffee and breakfast, and check how many calories my workout burned – my 30-minute class burned 107, and my 10-minute treadmill walk burned 70, and so far I’ve done 3,870 steps – not a bad start to the day!

At work, I have some Greek yogurt with oats, blueberries and honey (yum) and input it into my Fitbit app straight away. By lunchtime I’m dying to get some fresh air, so I walk to the local park with a colleague. We get coffees and stroll around – gorgeous! After that 40 minutes of walking my steps have fired up to almost 7000 (this of course includes the moving around I’ve been doing all morning. Even a couple of trips to the staff kitchen to get water adds up)!507270-v-007

For lunch I have tomato soup and a piece of cheese on toast – one of my favourite comfort meals, and again I immediately update my Fitbit app. I like to see how I’m getting on throughout the day and plan ahead. So if I know I’m going out for dinner or drinks, I can keep a closer eye on my food intake and maybe try to save some extra calories for wine!

Mid-way throughout the afternoon my Fitbit vibrates with a reminder that I should be moving – I’ve been sat at my desk for over an hour now. I was just about to email our social media assistant about a project we’re working on. Instead I get up and walk down three flights of stairs to talk to her about it in person. I even take the stairs on the way back up – got to reach my goal for ‘floors climbed’ as well!

After work I meet a friend and we take her dog out for some exercise. We’re going for tapas later and don’t want to hold back, so we make sure we take the dog (and ourselves) for an energetic hour-long walk. I check my calories burned and yep, wine is going to be on the menu!160511_fitbit_charge-2_lunch_0027_rgb

After tapas, I get home at just before 9.30pm – just in time for my bedtime alarm to give a soft vibration. Perfect. I lay my gym clothes out for tomorrow morning and get ready for bed. I sit in bed applying my night cream and update my app with my dinner and wine consumption. I’m a few calories short, so that walk was definitely a good idea.

By the time I wind down and settle into my bed for the night it’s 10.45pm, and I know my falling asleep time will be nearer 11pm, but hey, close enough!

You can see I don’t always meet my goals, and I don’t even mind if I don’t – but Fitbit is such a good way to keep on top of things like mindless eating or snacking – two things I’m notorious for. And even if I don’t always get all of my beauty sleep or get all my steps in, at least I’m more aware, and that I think, is half the journey!

Check out the Health & Fitness page for more inspiration.

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