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The Dyson AM09 is still a new fan in its range of bladeless fans – a heater and fan combined into an oblong loop. It’s the third version of Dyson’s Hot + Cool fans and the heating fan system has been refined, quietened and made more effective at heating a room.

We have been using these fans in our studios for a few years now, despite the millions of pounds that were spent on a state of the art air conditioning system. The reason… well it’s the only way to keep people comfortable!

The small fan stands about the height of a small radiator, on a swivelling and tilting base that holds the turbine-like system that draws in air and propels it to a big paperclip-shaped ring sitting on top of it. It’s on top of this sleek loop that the remote controls sits, almost magically held in place by a magnet. The paperclip directs the air forward with force, sucking air through the back of the loop as it does so, amplifying the airflow. The turbojet fan works in much the same way, and hence why Dyson calls the technology the Air Multiplier, first launched in 2009.

But the AM09 has a trick up its sleeve – the aperture which bends the airflow around the edge of the loop and out at an angle. A second aperture in the loop combines with the first to broaden the angle of airflow, firing it out from the loop at around 45 degrees, which projects into the room and circulates the air more efficiently.

The direct approach is good for heating or cooling one spot, but leads to an uneven heating, something the older Hot + Cool fans suffered from – they cooled or heated one person very effectively but multiple people in a room not quite so much.

The new system is much more effective at heating an entire room. The AM09 also has streamlined airflow within the machine, which makes it quieter than previous models. It was even awarded a quiet mark by the noise abatement society. In use without the heater on and the fan in Direct Mode it is quiet and effective and has 10 levels of power. Turning on the heater and the wide-angle airflow kicks the fan into gear that starts at about the same noise as level five of the direct fan.

It is the most effective heater I have ever come across, raising the temperature from chilly to cosy in a matter of minutes but of course it will also help keep you cool in the summer months too. The small remote sets the temperature in degrees Celsius, the fan does the rest. Once the room is up to temperature the fan shuts off. At peak it’ll draw 2,000 Watts of power when heating, while a timer allows users to leave it running for a set time.

The AM09 will never replace central heating, but warming up one room on a cold day or night takes only a couple of minutes. Suddenly the conservatory or the dining room become spaces you can use again… whatever the weather!

Dyson alway have special products and QVC special deals. For example the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is now available to buy in 6 Easy Pay instalments… the first time in QVC UK history we have ever offered more than four.

If you need to control the temperature in your home, we have a Today’s Special Value offer on the Dyson AM09 Hot/Cold fan on Saturday 2nd March and everything that day will also be available in three Easy Pay instalments.

Don’t forget to tune in or get online on the day!

Simon x

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