June’s Beauty Pick – AD Skin Synergy Facial Oil



AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment Duo - 202859AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil is a niche, difficult-to-find beauty secret. It is a British brand made to a very high quality and as we are their biggest client, we have it as the ‘Pick of the month’ made fresh and especially for all of us to enjoy. I think there are many different reasons that this product is a QVC beauty secret and a hidden gem.

Firstly, the simplicity in that it is a high end, essential oil blend in beautiful organic based oils, and it has allowed tens of thousands of men and women to discover the effectiveness, luxury and pleasure of applying aromatherapy at night.

Secondly, it has been clinically proven to have fantastic results on the level of hydration of the skin and in maintaining hydration levels. This is crucial, as anything that can help prevent the skin from drying out is a big step forward in helping to reduce future wrinkles.

Thirdly, its application is in a sealed glass pump – originally to protect the oils but practically, from a customer point of view, it has made this product even more economical to use and travel friendly.
Fourthly, it is one of our most economical blended oils – we get 50ml in one glass bottle. One bottle can last one person up to six months.

Finally, and perhaps the most motivating point about this product is that you can smell the purity and the quality of the naturally blended oils of rose, jasmine, neroli and lavender which makes you want to apply it more.

And now you can! Especially when it is the ‘Pick of the Month’ at such a great price. Use it, not just in the original way of a few pumps every night all over the face, but take it on to the neck, hands and any dry areas of the body. You can also layer it if you have another regime and put night creams on top, and if you have dry or thirsty skin, apply it underneath your day treatments too.

If you wish to keep the two bottles to yourself (although one is an amazing and beautifully presented gift – perfect for sharing this skincare secret) then either put the second bottle in a cool, dark cupboard away from sunlight to perfectly preserve it for when you need it or, if you are going to liberally use it in lots of different areas, keep it out next to your chair or on your desk so that you can reapply to prevent any skin drying out on the face or body during the day. Incidentally it is fantastic on the cuticles and hands and smells divine. Because it is in a sealed, pump you can transport it easily without spilling in your work or holiday bag.

For those of you who want to add it in to your existing regime, you can put any liquid or water-based serum either underneath or on top of it and finish with a night cream if desired. For an oily skin, apply to skin still damp from toner or water and you will find it absorbs quicker and easier, leaving a comfortable but non-greasy skin finish.

Extra beauty tricks would be for high coloured, sensitive or dry skin types; put a few drops on before a bath or shower to help protect the skin from the heat and then cleanse away afterwards and re-apply. As a holiday treatment, it can be very versatile and practical because of the sealed pump. Apply to any dry, sun-parched areas in the evening and you can even apply to hair if it is feeling dry or brittle on the ends, like a serum.

I find it a perfect gift or inspiring beauty treatment to give to either someone that is poorly or someone who has only a very basic beauty regime and they will soon be hooked on the texture, the aromas and the results.

 Check out the AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment.

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  1. Bizzie June 30, 2014 at 9:51 am -  Reply

    Wonderful, wonderful product that keeps my skin looking and feeling smooth, plump and young. By the way, I am 68! However, why did the Beauty Pick of the Month not have easy payments and I am convinced it would have run out. I have ordered it but would have liked to spread the cost.

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