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Hairfix Follicle Plus Leave-In Treatment - 204093There are many products on the market that play on what can be an emotionally upsetting and distressing issue – that of hair loss, thinning and weakness. What is reassuring about our Hairfix Follicle + is that it is certainly not expensive by competitive standards and also comes with the reassurance of a 90 day money-back guarantee from QVC.

I can't guarantee it will work for everyone and it certainly won't cure male pattern baldness, but there are so many hair and scalp concerns that we may all experience during different times in our lives, that it can and has worked on. Hairfix Follicle + was developed by a team that includes trichologists and hairdressers so it is a fusion of what technically the scalp and hair bulb needs, with the combined effect of strengthening any weak areas or baby hairs helping them to survive styling.

Hair thinning and hair loss has become an increasingly common problem. Of course men have always worried about hair loss, which this may help slow down, by promoting what hair is still there, to be stimulated and thicker, with less breakage – as long as there is hair still in the area, even if it is thinner and weaker than it used to be.

Female hair loss or thinning and breakage used to only be associated with hormonal change and illness (illness can also affect male hair density too). This can be helped by Hairfix Follicle + as long as the underlying medical condition has stabilised or gone. I would always recommend if you have experienced serious changes in your hair, like loss and shedding, and especially if your hairdresser comments, that it's worth checking with your doctor for any underlying cause.

In recent years there have also been two other major causes of hair weakening; firstly stress, lifestyle and erratic eating and sleeping habits have caused a decrease in the quality of hair growth and strength. Remember hair is a health indicator with the root of the hair being fed with nutrients from our blood. During times of being run down, it really can suffer with increased breakage, slow growth and thinning areas, loss of density and even more hair shedding being noticed in the shower or in your brush, Hairfix Follicle + can treat this.

The final modern day problem is increased hair colour and styling methods that can sensitise the scalp and dry or tear the hair, resulting in poor condition hair which will break more easily. This could also include the tension of braiding, bonded extensions and the tight pony tail or constant up dos. Hairfix Follicle + would only help here if you had experienced breakage or weakening close to the root.

Otherwise in this situation your hair needs to be treated down the hair length and ends and will respond better to the Hairfix recovery system before colouring, then continual use of rich and luxurious hair treatments like Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer, Silk Oil of Morocco and Taya and with the rich shampoos and conditioners of our hair brands, an essential would be a serum or oil application before combing and styling.

Application is key to results and the most crucial thing is that once applied the product must stay on the scalp for several hours to be absorbed down and into the follicle, skin and the breakages of the first inch of weakened hair. For this reason it is normally put on at night and then hair washed the following morning.

However it is not necessary to wash hair, and if your hair feels ok after application and you can comb through it then only wash as usual when your hair needs it. This will be especially helpful to textured or drier hair that does not normally get washed daily. You can continue to style your hair as normal with styling products, however adjust your styling if that is what is causing the weakness and breakages such as the tension of extensions, weaves, braids, ponytails etc as these will continue to break your hair.

Results can vary quite dramatically for two reasons. Firstly everyone's cause can be different, and secondly we all have different hair growth cycles, texture, optimum length etc. However, both men and women should notice a denser feeling and look to the hair at the scalp and first inch, within a few weeks. From 60 days plus, a short new hair growing from the scalp area may look fuzzy or stick up, as in the past this is the hair that has been broken off and Hairfix Follicle + is keeping it strong enough to grow. After 3 – 4 months the length and weight will start blending in with the rest of your hair.

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  1. SKC1234 July 13, 2014 at 1:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison here is my question.. I’m 26 and have noticed more and more In the past few months that the way I sleep is causing wrinkles on my chest, from when I wake up they are quite visible and throughout the day they disappear but there are still a faint lines by the end of the day! Wanted some advice on what products to use to help stop causing wrinkles? I have tried sleeping on my back (which is not as comfy!) and already use elemis and gatineau but starting to panic that if I have these now what will I be like when older!? Thanks

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