Joan Rivers – Sad Loss. Skylight with Bill Nighy and Cary Mulligan – Superb! More stripping… kind of. And Best Ever Back to You Comp!


Also this week:
– Happy 25th to my lovely Lauren!

– First live Back to You Challenge – see it again here plus how to enter the £430 comp

– Funny blooper from Kim and Charlie – splash it all over!

– Plus more sneaky peeks incl from Leighton Denny,Lulu’s Timebomb  and Charlie Bears!

First this week, Happy 25th to my beautiful daughter and best friend, Lauren. We had fun at Champneys on Friday (and no, it hadn’t improved since the time before – no loo roll for three hours! Ooops! But it was still a nice stay with my girl).

Then later in the week, a lovely meal at Onslow Arms near Guildford – including a ‘nojito’ (no-hito! Lol). Her other half Nick is surprising her this weekend – he keeps teasing her that it’s skydiving… At least I think it’s teasing! Lol!

Debbie strippingThen it was back to the grindstone to do some more helping out, decorating their new house – an old 1800’s two up/two down in Farnham – it’s gradually taking shape.

Although currently they’ve got an open plan toilet/kitchen/diner – well, a big stripped room with a sink and a loo against the wall! I have bad dreams about stuff like that! Lol!

Anyway, I did some sanding of walls, and then turned my hand to stripping – again – this time it was getting paint off the wooden window frames with a hot air gun! Very satisfying – and very messy! This week, when I close my eyes, all I can see is… well, you know the rest! Onwards and upwards – it’ll be another six weeks we reckon but it’ll look lovely when it’s done – will keep you updated!



On Monday our regular well-being show, Back to You, returned to the screen with a fun hour featuring Imedeen (sold out) the back nodger (sold out) and a call from LA from Bodyblade Bruce! Plus we resurrected our popular one minute challenge – did you join in? We also announced the launch of the ‘bumper-hugely-huge’ competition (see below for how to enter)! I had great fun, including the one minute challenge – see it here.

Deb bb liveNo wonder I needed Dale to help out! Mind you, he did slow down with the count towards the end! Cheeky! Lol!

The show is on weekly now at 9pm through most of the month – on 8th, 22nd and 29th Sept. The middle week is Beauty Day so there’s no B2U show, but instead there will be an extra special online Facebook chat on 15th, including me!


Don’t forget to join our support group on Facebook – just search ‘Back to You QVC’ and ping a request to join in time for next week’s show (or click on the link below).It’s got over 1600 members now, since it launched in January.

There’s also a Bodyblade QVC group too! Bruce is a popular guy – you’ll see why if you watch this clip – he’s in such great shape for 63 and he only uses this device, which he invented!

Back To You notePrize Comp Pleeeez remember to email (it’s an email, not leaving a comment this time) to enter the fabulous £430 prize comp.





Debbie B2U comp prizeGo here for full info and pics of the bumper bundle, including a Bodyblade from Bruce, a signed copy of Till the Fat Lady Slims semi-autobiographical weight loss book from me (updated version due out end of September!) and all these!



September slam itAnd there’s more! On this week’s B2U Monday Update blog – what’s best, paleo or vegan – thoughts from two gurus in their field. And – will YOU take part in ‘Slam it September?’ Find out what’s involved! Here’s my food shopping in preparation for getting hard-core healthy!

Also – what Tom Ogden from Alpha H, Susie from Northern Nights, and our own Alison Keenan had to say on the latest Monday Hub Facebook chat from 1st Sept! (P.S sign up for my regular newsletters too, for info about my novels and the upcoming big freebie!) Go here to my special Back to You page on my website to find out more.

Catch up! And if you missed it, the whole of Monday’s (1st)  Back to You show can be seen again below! So you needn’t miss a moment!


This Monday (8th) Join us 8-9pm on the Facebook group live chat with Alexis from L’Occitane and new guest, my lovely pal Peter Sherlock from Lalique fragrances. Then straight afterwards at 9pm I’ll be live on QVC. Bruce will be on the Back to You show with a full tutorial on toning and strengthening – get your questions in to me early via

Get ready for your one minute challenge too, maybe buy your Bodyblade asap in preparation for weeks to come. Read the 61 five star reviews for the Bodyblade here to see what all the fuss is about. Enjoy!



Joan and TovaIt’s so sad that not long after Robin Williams died, another comedy legend, Joan Rivers has passed away. Lots of people are posting their tributes, including our own Tova Borgnine who put this on her own Facebook page on Thursday.

I’ll never forget how lovely Joan was to me when we used to do her jewellery shows together in the first few years of QVC. This funny clip made it onto a very old showreel of mine – excuse the quality – and reminded me of how quick witted she was. Watch it here. I met up with her a couple of times in London at different dinners etc too, and she was always charming, thoughtful and really humble!

Her book about how she clawed her way back from bankruptcy to continue her own business in the early days, not long after her husband sadly committed suicide, was an amazing read. I found it a great inspiration to me when I was going through a tough time in my personal life – she was truly wonderful with her advice.

Debbie and Joan RiversHer ‘Do It Now’ bangle watch was the one I wore for over ten years as the sentiment meant so much to me – oh, and it was a great watch – do you remember it? (Wish I could recall the title of her book – I can’t find the one I mean online at time of writing. Let me know if you know which one I mean.) Thinking of her and her family at this sad time.



READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT – RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

TTTFLSWow – had a great TiFFT* again this week, courtesy of Till the Fat Lady Slims book this time! Find out why on my latest RiWiSi blog on my website here, plus find out about:

– Audio book of the week – Samantha Shannon’s movie-optioned ‘The Bone Season’
– What can you do if someone rips off your novel?
– A new way to create your own published Children’s book
– Another ebook freebie – if you’re quick!
– And links to all my novels, short stories and other titles on eBook
Click here for more



L'Occitane sneak peek Sneaky Peek 1 – L’Occitane – regulars of Alexis’ on Facebook will have seen this post about her new Today’s Special Value coming on Monday 15th Beauty Day (part two) – lots of bargains! I’m on the 7pm show.




Leighton Denny!Sneaky Peek 2 – Leighton Denny TSV! On Sunday 14th, Beauty Day part one, don’t miss it!





SkagenShhh. Love Skaagen? There’s an.. ahem… One show only type offer on the Friday night show at 11pm on 12th – join me and guest Alison O’Reilly!’

Plus “watch” out for my wrist wear this week…




PS – congrats to Jim Kerr from Nuneaton, Warwickshire who won last week’s £250 Yale Alarm comp, as announced on Saturday’s Discover Smart Homes show! Hope you enjoyed seeing Mat Trim’s pooches on the two way remote camera from Belkin – hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon!


BLOOPER –  A true blooper when Kim got Charlie right where it hurts – in the iPad!

Plus, this funny interchange with Simon Brown on the cooking show Monday night – I think Andi Peters left some hilarity in the studio after his 7pm Andi’s Food Fest show (which is back this week too)!


Other highlights this week on QVC –

Elemis sneak peekElemis returns
Sunday, as I sneaky-peeked last week, with a four-piece heroes collection – Keeley says “it really is the Elemis collection of 2014! If you want to really improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It contains FOUR ultimate products in the Pro-Collagen range at a bargain price!” If it lasts, I’ll be on with Keeley on the 10pm show!



This week – join me on Sunday night at midnight for an amazing Lenovo laptop, I’ll also have an airing of Bodyblade with Bruce. Watch out for his whole hours on Monday (1st) at 10am and 5pm with Jackie and Dale respectively, and then 9pm with me.





Time bombLulu’s Time Bomb returns on Mon midnight with Ali Young and the 4pc essentials TSV. Plus advance warning for Charlie Bears TSV 15” Forest Friends Plush, our Today’s Special Value on Friday (12th.)







My begoniasBegonia Basket Beautiful eh? Mine have really blossomed of late! What are yours like this year? Richard’s Flower Power helped out of course!





Car Tax Discs Disappear Did you know from Oct 1st Car Tax discs will no longer be issued? No neither did I! Till I renewed my own recently. Looks like everything is going computerised eh! So don’t panic if you start seeing cars without those tell-tale plastic circles in the windscreen… they are still legal, that is, unless ‘compooter says noooo!’


Me and AlisonThree hour cinema show! Me and my pal (ex sister in law/ still like a sister) Alison Flint and I went to Epsom Odeon on Sunday for a marathon showing – read ‘watch’ below and you’ll find out why! Great fun it was, the hours flew by! Ever been to a theatre show at the cinema? There’s even a twenty minute interval – but we were talking so much in Costa that we nearly missed the start of Act 2!


Rick and me funnyFacebook Funny – read the words on this update – then look what my cheeky chiropractor Richard Boyd from Dorking was doing behind me! ‘Loose’? I’ll give him ‘loose!’… Funny!







WATCH – Skylight at the Theatre, Odeon Encore Showing

SkylightWhat an amaaaaazing play I went to see… at the cinema! Odeon show live performances of some theatre productions, then repeat them (Encore) and that’s what I saw on Sunday with my pal Alison.

OMG another fabulous recommendation from me. I loved Bill Nighy in all his films (Love Actually, About Time and Marigold Hotel in particular) and I wasn’t sure what he’d be like treading the boards live – but he exceeded my expectations and it made me want to see it again at the theatre now too!

Most of the play is just him and Carey Mulligan, who was also excellent, in a one room set, rehashing the trials and tribulations of their failed relationship amidst a family tragedy and a sinkhole estate.
So much, I’m giving it 9.75 out of ten. So there! Almost a ten! Whooooo! Please go and see it if you can get tickets! My son couldn’t, hence he took me to see Book of Mormon (see last week’s blog) and hence why I saw Skylight at the cinema showing. Highly recommended – hilariously funny in parts, tragic in others. My highest rating review on here ever and one I think I would see over and over again. Here’s an example why…

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]


Ps Life of Crime at the cinema – Ralph from Honora is Associate Producer and his nephew is Director on the new Jennifer Aniston film, in the cinema now (from 3rd) – it’s on my list, along with some other superb films out now or soon – must have another film fest day! Here’s the trailer meanwhile – funny! Well done Ralph’s nephew Daniel Schechter!

– Five years back at QVC for me! A day out at Salon Prive with Ali K, courtesy of Andrew and the Gatineau team. And Bodyblade Bruce’s grand tutorial for beginners!
Have a wobbletastic week ahead!

*ps TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Susan September 5, 2014 at 8:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Quick message as I just can’t get through all that you write! Sorry! I just wanted to say congrats to Lauren and Nick on their new home. They’re doing extremely well to get a house at 25! I and other friends still haven’t! So tough. You’re seriously addicted to selfies Debs btw lol!! The Odeon Costa?! Enjoy your weekend, Susan x

  2. Sharon harvey September 7, 2014 at 7:31 am -  Reply

    Awwww happy birthday Lauren! Wish I was 25again haha! What a good mummy you are helping get the house spic n span too! Hope you enjoyed your cinema event? 3 hours wow-that’s a long time sitting still lol!

  3. Mary Brazil September 10, 2014 at 5:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I was so sorry to hear about Joan Rivers too. I used to really enjoy her shows on QVC. I think the name of the book you were trying to remember is Bouncing Back. I bought it second hand about ten years ago when I was struggling a bit & loved it. Hope I’ve got the right one. Xx

  4. Debs September 10, 2014 at 10:03 pm -  Reply

    Susan – what can I say! Yes even at the odeon! Well, had to get a record of Alison my pal, right! Lol x

  5. Debs September 10, 2014 at 10:05 pm -  Reply

    Sharon –
    I don’t! Lol! Am happy to be twice that! Actually I’m due for another film marathon soon, so many I want to see at cinema! My record is three in one day! Lol x

  6. Debs September 10, 2014 at 10:05 pm -  Reply

    Yes I did too. Yes I think it was Bouncing Back . Will have to try to find it again. Did enjoy it. X

  7. janice reeves September 11, 2014 at 9:09 pm -  Reply

    Always enjoy your blogs they cover so many different things, all of interest, it was a sad loss Joan Rivers, bought quite a lot of her jewellery over the years, and wear them even now, the book I think was called Bouncing Back, I have been helping do some stripping too, and its hard work but very satisfying xxx

  8. debs September 11, 2014 at 11:05 pm -  Reply

    Janice – hi hon! Ta for the comment. Yes that was the book – trying to find my one as online they’re silly money! Tip for stripping – a steamer! lol x

  9. lin September 13, 2014 at 9:37 pm -  Reply

    I have been trying to find book on line without any success – without paying silly money for one wow cannot believe the price’s. loved the back to you show again last Monday. Thanks Debbie.

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