It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas


Ok, so I know it’s still November, and the rule seems to be no tree until at least the 1st of December, but we couldn’t help ourselves this year! The kids were so excited! We have gone for a real one, so I am hoping that it still has some needles left by Christmas Day.

Scott also chose it, so it’s huge, and we’ve had to re-arrange the furniture to accommodate it! The kids have decorated it – I will probably have a little ‘tidy up’ on it in a day or two.

There’s obviously still time to grab your tree if you haven’t already and we have a great selection at QVC. If you want a real tree we have the 2m x 3m Potted Nordmann Christmas Tree. These are from Plants2Gardens and are grown in the pot, so they have much better longevity than those grown outside then dug up and put in a pot. These grow around eight inches a year and each layer of branches you get is each year’s growth, so it’s almost like a timeline of all your family Christmas’ as you can keep this for life. It’s non-shed and looks great. Delivery is 7-10 working days, so be quick and grab it now while we still have a few left!

If you prefer to fake it then have a look at the Alison Cork Pre-lit tree. It comes in different sizes and colour options, and gives you a beautiful tree every year without having to buy lights.

This week I was asked to try out the Dyson V10 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and it blew my tiny mind! Before I tell you about this have a look at these pics. This is from just my landing! I vacuum once a week, the dog’s not allowed up there, we are a shoes-off upstairs kind of house, so it’s never really bad. We did have building work up there a while ago, but I’d wet cleaned the carpet since. Now look at this!!! THE SHAME!!

Not only did it fill up with dust once, but I emptied it and did it again and got another half full unit!! It did not pull up or lift my carpet at all, and normally with my other Dyson, it makes any hair go into a kind of ball, and then I have to bend down and pick it up by hand and feed it into the vacuum, I didn’t have to bend down once with this. It got everything, as you can see!! ARGH! So, this is an investment but it’s a game-changer. It’s light to use and cordless, as a result I have vacuumed my house so much more since getting this! As soon as the kids spill crumbs, instead of bending down with the handheld, I’m there with the V10 and job done. It really is a joy to use.

So here’s what makes this so different:

Fully charged this gives you an hour of cleaning and will pick up animal hair, dust and debris.
It works on all floor types.
It’s filtration system holds on to 99.97% of everything it collects, so it’s not churning any dust collected back out as others can do.
It’s quiet.
It’s also a handheld, so you can do your car, the stairs, motorhome and caravans etc.
It has the new Dyson mechanism that pushes the dirt out of the unit into the bin, so you don’t have to touch any dirt.
It comes with lots of different tools to use around your house.
Plus you also get a docking station so you can store it easily.
You get a two year guarantee

So in the run up to Chrimbo, I presented a kids christmas gifts hour the other day and one of the products that made my jaw drop were the Mardles Discovar colouring books. My kids love colouring and they also love the iPads, so I knew they’d go crazy for this and I was right.

So, you get four different colouring books, with lots of pictures to colour in, in each book. You then download an app, it’s free and there are no pop up ads on it. Here you can see the pics that they have coloured.

Then using the app, which is very very easy, you hold your phone or tablet over the pic and it brings their drawings to life. Here’s Josh’s one, you can see his dolphin and turtle flying around, exactly as he coloured them.

They thought it was amazing! There are so many to colour it’s hours of fun and for Josh particularly he needs to increase his grip strength for learning to write and he’s not into drawing, but colouring he will do so it’s just brilliant! They have other interactive sets too, story books and stickers, brilliant gift ideas.

Before I sign off, here are this week’s Big Deals:
A gorgeous Phase Eight top, a Skinsense Hydranet three-piece hydration collection and the Muk Luks Amira Cable Knit Slipper boots.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Speak soon.

Lots of love,
Alex xx


  1. Madeline November 27, 2018 at 2:37 pm -  Reply

    A real tree next to (leaning on?) a radiator !!!!!!! Keep it VERY well
    watered or there won’t be any needles by 1st December!
    By the way 2 lovely children you have there.

  2. Mary November 29, 2018 at 10:10 am -  Reply

    My thoughts exactly the same as Madeline’s, real tree next to radiator! Make sure it is kept well watered. I only have tiny unreal trees now, not even real. I’m sure the boys are excited, they look lovely.

  3. Mary November 29, 2018 at 10:11 am -  Reply

    Sorry Alex meant children not boys.

    • Alex December 9, 2018 at 8:31 am -  Reply

      Ha! 😄 yes it’s being watered – no where else in the room to put it unfortunately 🙈

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