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Pipa and her family on the beachHi all, did you have a lovely Easter??

Now that we are all back to school with summer uniform, cricket whites and new pencils to boot I have had a frenzied spring clean … well, I've started it anyway! Anyone else become like a cleaning fiend when the sun comes out???

Since moving last year, I've rather ignored the majority of the garage other than the area where the animal supplies are. It's been one of those things I've put off "until the sun comes out", and I've had no excuse these last few weeks have I?

Pipa and her family building sandacstles on the beachSo, first things first, our holiday in St Ives was wonderful, we had fabulous weather and even swam in the sea … well the children did anyway whilst I built sandcastles (which I find really relaxing and I'm not at all competitive against other parents doing the same … lol!).

Thank goodness I packed my Ultrasun SPF for us all, we TOTALLY needed it as we were definitely in need of the protection. The sun was gloriously warm and strong, matching the breeze which was strong, (but not so warm) so we managed to get down to the beach nice and early to secure a sheltered spot!

Remember in my last blog I mentioned games for long journeys? Well, we stumbled upon a BRILLIANT one which lasted for DAYS, in fact has just continued ever since! You take turns saying the name of a well known character or famous person and link them alphabetically in turn, if someone hits you with a double, you change direction.

For example: Morgan Freeman, Flash Gordon, Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Benjamin Britten CHANGE DIRECTON Billy Connolly, Charlie Sheen, Susan Sarandon CHANGE DIRECTION, Sean Penn, Peter Pan CHANGE DIRECTION; see how it goes? Honestly the game goes on and on and on, we played in the car, in restaurants, on the beach, walking along; it was brilliant!

Pipa's daughter with a Steiff teddy in a pushchair Myles playing the trumpet










As for my spring cleaning, the sunshine continued when we got back so I hit the garage! It was amazing what still hadn't been unpacked since we moved house and one of the exciting discoveries was our old buggy! It has since become the Steiff-mobile for Lizzy and Lottie and been paraded around the garden. Meanwhile Myles set up a mobile shop in the wheelbarrow, which also traversed the garden whilst blowing his horn trying to sell his wares … lol just like his Mum! (Yes I know I need to mow the lawn again, it's growing almost as fast as my hair!)

So, since our clear out we've agreed that later in the summer we will attempt a boot sale, my daughter Beely has been asking to do one for a couple of years now. Seeing as the children ALWAYS end up playing shops and turning the house upside down in the process – last night her entire room was price tagged – I've agreed. So if everyone can gather enough "stuff" that they do not want any longer we will recycle it via a bootsale and see how much we can earn and put it towards something special. Aah the joys of life 🙂

Pipa's black lab dog and leadI hope you are well and have also managed to enjoy some sunshine in between the clouds. Ooh, I mustn't forget, Tynor my lab has posed beautifully with his new ROK green stretchy lead which I LOVE! ….happiness IS of course a new lead and a long walk, rain or shine for him is irrelevant!

Love to all

Pipa x

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