It'll Be Alright on the Night

It’ll Be Alright on the Night… of the MegaDraw!


Checking out the new It’ll be Alright on the Night being recorded… Super new prizes for our Mega Draw in aid of my charity Medical Detection Dogs, and where to buy raffle tickets online … plus sneaky peeks of some fab bargains including TomTom Monday, Kipling Wednesday and Apple!

Stop press – Friday night blog readers, join me 6pm on the QVC page Facebook webchat – look out for the post with pic of me and Andrew from Gatineau – for my weekly catch up, which will be partly about the superb upcoming Gatineau Age Benefit set this Sunday (see pic at bottom) – it’s Today’s Special Value and a steal! Come and join me

Don’t miss the comp! To win a Gatineau goodie bag – and one of my paperback novels (choose from the books in this pic) just leave a comment on the Friday webchat. I really love it and have been using the elixir and Age Benefit cream on my face for about two weeks now. Plus the eye cream with clever applicator – just wait till you see it on Sunday!

It’ll be Alright on the Night … and it Was!

Ok so in previous editions of this iconic programme, my unfortunate, ahem, incidents, such as the plastic bottle tower accident and the NoNo cream-in-mouth-blooper have been immortalised. Well this week I went along with Christina my pal who does the MDD fundraising, to watch the latest one being recorded at the London Studios, which used to be called LWT and happily none of my mistakes this time! The studios are where I recorded my one and only BBC gameshow in around 1998 – called Meet the Challenge so it brought back memories. The host of IBAOTN  Griff Rhys Jones was really nice and quite funny, but for me the funniest clip, I think, is a belter from Alison Young… you have to watch it to appreciate it but suffice to say she absolutely lost it on air after an unfortunate verbal mix up, and so did the audience watching it back! Look out also for Dale, Miceal and Anne Dawson! Oh and Jill’s classic slip up – or fall down! And remember I have bloopers on my blog each week – see below for some funnies from Ingrid Tarrant this week!

Debbie and Christina


And it’s an amazing list of products that have been donated for prizes – nearly every one worth around £50 or more – enter on the just giving page here, and top prizes currently include Elemis phone consultation with Keeley and goodies; over £100 of Gatineau products and if you’re near enough, a cuppa with Andrew; Alpha H, Philip Kingsley; Liz Earle; plus DKNY watch, fab signed books including a special Downton Abbey one signed by the cast, provided by my fellow ambassador Lesley Nicol who plays the cook, Mrs Patmore, and a Canon printer. And so much more! The winners will be contacted to arrange postage and announced around 14th December, the night we do the next online ‘Just for Fun Virtual Pub Quiz’ with MC Patrick from Quacker!

MegaDraw site

To find out more about why the dogs are important to me and what they do in detecting cancer and helping people with serious illnesses to eg detect blood sugar changes, see the CNN link below.

Get your tickets and support a fab charity.


Dawn from school and me One of my oldest friends – from Morden Farm Middle School in Merton – popped over to see the new house this week. We had a rare old catch up and I found myself using the words ‘you know me…’ and actually, she does. You can’t ‘make old friends,’ as they say, so we got all nostalgic during our lunch and dog walk. Hence my little bit of a vintage theme this week!

Debbie and Dawn

Can you? Remember these? Did you have them at school too? Did your kids have them? Did they eat them? Did you? Lol. Our dog used to hoover up the odd crayon when my dad was a school caretaker – we could tell by what they produced afterwards!


Childhood crazes – remember any of these? Saw this online this week and decided to ask you. These three were my top memories but there was also hopscotch and Red Rover and so much more! What were yours? Leave a comment below if you don’t mind. They seemed to come in waves – but who controlled the waves? Well, the chestnut trees, clearly, with conkers. But why every so often did marbles make it into the playground? I recall the mottled swirly ones being the most valuable. Can you imagine them being allowed nowadays? I know my sis got one stuck up her nostril once. And lots of bruised wrists with the kerknockers in around 1972… Health and Safety, pah!

Ladybird Nostalgia – And finally, do you remember these! Well, not quite these… these are updated for the tongue-in-cheek adult market circa 2015. Janet and John will never be the same again. I’d love to build up a collection of the old fairytales from yesteryear – do you recall the Cinderella one, which had three consecutive nights of godmother-based transformations, the final one being a white and gold extravaganza? Or did I just dream it? Good stocking fillers these though, eh!

 Ladybird updated

Doggy Update – Medical Detection Dogs make it onto CNN! See the video clip – it’s amazing – especially if you haven’t heard about the charity before.

Medical Detection Dogs

For those who didn’t know, I’m helping with the fundraising to do the medical research. Plus MDD have created their first online shopping wish-list of products which kind donors can order for them to be sent direct – including doggy supplies (not food but much else) and office stuff to save spending the funds raised, on paper clips etc. Go here to find out more, if you don’t mind, on my charity page on my website.

There you will also see the summary of how to take part in the Grand Christmas Mega Draw! Yay! But basically you just buy raffle tickets at £5 each – many people bought several last time and when you see the prizes list you might be tempted too!

Book of the Week – Jemma Forte – When I Met You. Yes I am talking about our lovely Molton Brown guest. Well, after Julia, Jackie Kabler and my own novels, now here’s another author from your own fave shopping channel – and her fourth book was out earlier this year. She’s got an agent, a big publisher, and is doing well – news about which of her books has been optioned for a film by the famous company Working Title Films is on this week’s Read it Write it Sell it blog along with where to get her books and more about this one, sounds a cracking read! Go here to find out. I’ve downloaded the latest John Grisham too, plus The Martian – which is apparently better than the film! Lots to read!

Jemma Forte When I Met You

Embossed Cover What a proud moment this week to open the package containing the first proper copies of my first paperback to go in the shops! You can actually feel the title and the author name – am so proud. And whilst one lady ordered hers from the big high street bookseller, (due out around 7th December) I heard that the buyer of their Travel outlets (rail stations and airports etc) is sending stocks to be available there by around 3rd December. So that day of seeing my book on the shelves of a bookstore is getting ever nearer! Go here to find out where to get it right now on ebook or where to order it online.

Embossed book cover

Christmas Socks of the Week

Here are this week’s best socks! Am doing regular updates which for some reason seem really popular! Have to go buy some more now, there is still another month to go before the Big Day! I did a big clear out of all my Christmas stuff in my (new) garage this week too, and decided to give much of it to some of my family who have set up home this year. It’s nice to start anew. I found a blue and purple set of decorations which I bought the year I split up from my husband so it’s 15 years old. Gawd. Definitely needs to go! I’ll still do my classic Red and Gold though I think – supplemented by some new ones. I got the pretty little glass LED lit tree with tiny glass decs from QVC this week (on free P&P and two Easy Payments of just £10 whilst the offer lasts). The colour changing is really atmospheric and magical and the glass ornaments remind me of childhood Christmases… get yours before the offer ends.

christmas socks edit

Last Bouquet from the Garden

And as the weather turns frosty, finally, I got round to taking out all my begonia corms – that’s actually a TiFFT* for me – never bothered before! But I had some big ones this year so let’s see if I can salvage them, as per Richard Jackson’s advice a few blogs back!

Bouquet of flowers

Doggy Christmas Treats 

And talking of Richard, his son Chris does sound like him, do you think? Watch the clip for the three doggy ‘Christmas cards’ made of hide – fab idea IMO! Order and to watch the video now! How do you celebrate Christmas with your pets? Chris Jackson is back Saturday morning (tomorrow morning 9am, 28th) with the last of the stock.

Edible Christmas cards for dogs

Brother’s Puppies

Had a lovely afternoon poggering some pug pups… ok so they weren’t pugs but old English bulldogs (or something – the ones with longer snouts and better health!) … courtesy of brother who visited with them to help me sort the garage. Him not the dogs! Little Loki, and ever-so-slightly paranoid Leo the boss, played happily with mine – and even little Maggie from next door came over for a bit – had a proper puppy party!

Debbie with puppies

Ooops! No use crying over spilt … soup!

I had a dental disaster this week, maybe one or two of you noticed on Tuesday night’s shift, when a part of my capped tooth (that’s 20 years old) chipped off and I had to go get it done. My update on my Facebook page said ‘does having your mouth numbed make you drop things in Marks and Spencers?!’ The answers came back – no you’re just a klutz! Lol! That’s true. It had to be green soup too didn’t it! Ooops!

Spilt soup


Last week’s webchat on QVC Page on Friday included an interesting Just For Fun Survey on Makeup – turns out 45% wear it every day without fail; 95% wear mascara, 74% primer and 57% highlighter; Laura Geller brand came top with 81% using it (it was a Laura Geller weekend), then 61% Bare Minerals and Mally and Benefit were next on about 44%, followed by Doll10 and Tarte on about 40% using it. Find out more

This week’s Friday 6pm QPage webchat is with none other than Andrew from Gatineau who drew record crowds in Monday’s webchat on Facebook on my group and has agreed to not only come join me this Friday to help explain the new Today’s Special Value this Sunday, but also to provide a fab competition to win a little goodie bag! Don’t miss the chat if you’re a Friday blog reader, or catch up with it afterwards.

Andrew Bagley

Back to You Update

My Back to You blog on my website will feature a fabulous healthy-eating talk I went to this week about ‘getting your FATS right’ – with much info that was mentioned on the day – meanwhile if you’re interested in what Dr Alex Richardson had to say, her book is called ‘They are what you Feed Them’ – helping kids’ nutrition/illness relationship. PLUS a Q&A from Tova herself – she returns to QVC UK end of next week and we can’t wait! More about where, click here.

You Are What You Feed Them


What an amazing fabulously emotional film. Set in the 1950s in Ireland and in New York, it follows one Irish girl’s emigration and love affair with a fabulously romantic New York Italian blooded guy, and how torn she is when she suddenly has to return home for tragic reasons. Gosh what brilliant performances. Saoirse Ronan was fabulous as Eilis (Aylish) the heroine and newcomer Emory Cohen brilliant as Tony the New York guy. Cameos from the kid playing his younger brother and from Julie Walters as a feisty landlady made it all the more enjoyable. Loved it loved it loved it. Only a couple of plot omissions which lost a bit of empathy made it less than perfect – so it’s a nine for me. That’s high. Well worth watching – here’s the trailer!

ALSO – Adele does Adele – on a Graham Norton special, you have to watch Adele, joining in the mickey taking of herself and more in this spoof video here.


Facebook Funny

Well since we’re apparently due to have another cold snap soon, this one suits!

Snow feet funny


Ingrid, who’d have thought you capable of it!


SATURDAY – Apple iPad is Today’s Special Value – join me tonight Friday midnight (27th) for some super value with accessories galore – Lee can’t wait!

Apple iPad

Sunday – Andrew with Gatineau  – join us Saturday night at midnight for the launch of the amazing three piece Age Benefit set – the most brilliant value this year – and the debut of the new AB eye cream with clever applicator. (Plus if you’re in time, Andrew’s webchat as above, Friday 6pm, Qpage!)

Monday – Tom Tom’s Start 50 is Today’s Special Value, with freebies!

Wednesday – Kipling with the exclusive Zephyrus bag and purse set, join myself and Marie-Francoise Tuesday night at midnight

Kipling TSV

Thursday – A FIRST! – an Apple 12” Macbook in a choice of flash drive sizes – wow! 

Tova is also here next weekend – watch out for some wonderful sets for Xmas of her superb fragrances and also her fabulous jewellery – such a lovely lady and always welcome here. (Plus Q&A webchat Monday more here.)



For now – here’s a fab bargain ring at a special price – just £16.64 on the first Easy Payment (whilst offer lasts), then just two more instalments!

Tova diamond ring

SNEAKY PEEKLinks of London iconic jewellery item – another version of the sweetie bracelet – next Sunday (6th, when I’ll be having our annual family bash.) Fab for gifting so don’t miss it! (nb – already sneaked on our monthly newsletter, if you didn’t know, this is it! )

Links of London TSV

AND L’Occitane on Saturday 5th8 pc best of the best collection, another super set to split.


NEXT WEEK – more about this week’s trip up London to a healthy eating conference with Dr Alex Richardson… And the Mega Draw full details – don’t miss your tickets though it’s only on sale for two weeks. Go here to get tix right now pls! And Winter’s Tale with Judi Dench – theatre/odeon night out.

Best wishes



ps – plus here are some fabulous links to explore in your search for fab gifts!

Pps *TiFFT – means Try it for the First Time club!

Ppps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website,

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!


  1. cheryl hanks November 29, 2015 at 5:34 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I always gain inspiration reading your blog, i to have had a lot of sudden dental work under my crowns over the last 3 weeks and 3 lots of anti-biotics. Thankyou for cheering us up. Kind Regards.

  2. Susan finney November 30, 2015 at 7:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs absolutely love reading your blogs keep up the good work xx

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