Isle of Wight inspiration, the funniest ‘Balooper’, and Bodyblade Bruce live chat!


Me and CraigThis week –
– Isle of Wight ideal island getaway – tons of pics & videos – courtesy of the Liz Earle gang!

– Summer socialising – out and about in the sunshine!

– Bruce’s Bodyblade Bash on Facebook – get toned the fast way

– Baloo the spaniel’s You’ve Been Framed moment!

– Sneaky peeks of Acer laptop, Ottoman storage, Australian Bodycare Today’s Special Value and Dyson’s cordless vaccum cleaner!

First of all, here’s a little funny video – see if you can guess the presenters behind the voices – well, the ones in front of the voices are obvious! Well done to Mark Cain for compiling this specially for August 1st! Lol x

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]


As promised last week, here’s the low-down on the wonderful getaway to the beautiful Isle of Wight to visit Liz Earle’s HQ – it’s a journal in pictures!

Starting with some lovely pics of Craigy and me near the shore in Ryde. The team are based there and the picturesque shots you see on the promos are in their old HQ, called ‘Biskra’, where we grabbed a coffee whilst Claire got her facial. Then it was lunch!

Lunch at The Three Buoys on the beach front was ideal, then it was off to the Liz Earle shop on the main high street – so Craig and I could catch up on the latest info and have a facial.

OMG Liz Earle facials are amazing! Thanks to the wonderful shop team for a smashing afternoon! We left feeling pampered, relaxed and fabulous.

Claire and Liz Earle girls Craig before Liz Earle facial

Me and Craig then went for a walk on the beach – what a lovely evening it was – we even did a bit of power walking! Then we had dinner on the terrace overlooking the view – you could even see the sea between the trees!
Isle of Wight, me and Craig Terrace with a view

In terms of being picturesque and relaxing, the hotel was fabulous; this was my room (below) – I want a light, airy bedroom like this when I’m a grown up!

Craig’s room had a roll top bath in the corner – a TiFFT* (Try it for the First Time) for him – he’s never slept in a bedroom with a bath in before! Plus we had some delicious meals, although the comedy element was definitely there – with at times Fawlty-Towers-esque service in the restaurant, bless them. This included asking for more toast and the waitress thinking Craig had said ‘more chairs’ – I blame him, myself! Hehe!

Priory Bay Hotel Craig and Debbie on terrace

One of the most memorable things about the trip was how environmentally friendly and modern the new Liz Earle HQ is with: solar heating via under-lawn tubing and a composter called ‘The Rocket’ – which makes proper compost out of all the 300 odd staff’s left overs – Geoff Day’s pride and joy! He’s the chap who looks after the facilities there – he’s even got a little natural beehive with happy bees.

Beehive Eco building

Well, I’d be happy if I lived there – what about you? Where’s your ideal holiday home venue? Don’t miss one of the snippets below about the 12 most appealing locations in the UK.

The property is so cheap in the Isle of Wight, many of the ones I saw advertised in a shop window were less than £120k. Well, maybe one day…

We finally came back to the mainland around 1pm on Saturday (‘Hi’ to Pamela and John, whom we met on the ferry). Then it was the big day and we had the long-awaited Today’s Special Value on Sunday – including my 5pm show, where as usual, the make-up came off using Cleanse and Polish live on-air.

The thing is, I had to re-apply the make-up again swiftly in time for the show immediately afterwards! Eeek! Bibi Bijoux’s Maxine said she’d never seen anyone do their makeup as fast! Mind you, you didn’t get to see it too close! Lol. Still, what’s a couple of mistakes between friends…?!

A wonderful weekend from a wonderful range.

More from Craig on his blog here. If you’re in any doubt, do try their highly-awarded Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth cleanser, it even takes off mascara etc – as you’ll see in this clip! See the range on our website here – including an amazing bargain, the eight-piece set 204736 – click here. It’s such a fantastic skincare range and such a wonderful getaway! Thanks Sarah, Emma, Lotty and co!

<iframe00 “>


We’re taking turns in choosing our favourite jewellery pieces. This month it’s me with this beautiful Amber Multi Coloured bracelet. Highly reviewed, it caught my eye and features three different colours of amber aswell as being small enough to be an every day piece.



RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Book of the week, Julie CohenBooks of the Week! Yes two this week – firstly ‘Where Love Lies’ from one of my top authors ever, Julie Cohen. I find that her books always have that skilful touch that keeps me on my toes, looking forward to the next reading session – ‘Dear Thing’ was one of her best yet.

‘Where Love Lies’ is the follow-up, examining the heartache ancient memories create when a humdrum marriage is rocked by recollections of a powerful passion – but will Felicity sink into her past, or strive for a better future? Go to for more info – it’s also just out, on eBook and hardback.

Crystal Cage by Merryn AllinghamSecondly ‘The Crystal Cage’ is the first Mills and Boon from Merryn Allingham. I was lucky enough to beta read an early iteration of this time slip novel, set both in the current day and in Victorian England.

The mystery of the Crystal Palace seduces Grace, and once she discovers clues about a forbidden Victorian love affair, she’s lured into the deep secrets of the past… secrets that resemble her own. Go to Merryn’s website to find out more – out on Monday 4th August. Super!

Over on my RiWiSi Go Large, on my website – extended info for would-be authors, plus:

– The tough princess & Russell Brand’s harsh words for a harsh news anchor
– Audiobook recommendations (plus, see ‘listen’ below!)
– And the paperback of ‘Hawaiian Retreat’ is finally here – find out the date!
– Go to to find out more including about all my steamy romance novels, short stories and weight loss book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’! Click here to read all about them.



Sandra Bullock, Back To You QuoteBodyblade fans unite! Bruce joined us on Monday’s live Facebook hub (people posting questions and replies in livetime 8-9 Mondays) – he was particularly helpful with… (read more here)

And he should be back on September 8/9th, on week 2 of our new second series of QVC’s Back to You well-being show!

Also over on my Back to You Monday blog on my website –
– Will you join me on the August Challenge?

– How 2 minutes a week exercise could help over 60’s

– 13 signs that you need to work on yourself!

– And recipe for non-dairy creamy ice lollies!

Go here to read it all! (sign up for regular updates including about all my books!)

Back to You returns to QVC in September – see below to find out how to join the Facebook groups

P.S – they’ve changed the date of the Back to You voxpop recordings – will keep you informed if I hear in time!



Debbie and LeeSneaky Peek – lovely Lee Hohbein joins us next Saturday 8th for a new 15” Acer laptop – if you need a new one, get a good one – from us! BTW, Butler and Wilson Vintage 19th anni shows are on-air next weekend too! (7/8/9th – check TV guide for info!)


Shhhh! – No No! Lovely guest Amy Anzel returns with one of the hot ways to solve your summer hair removal problems on Sunday 10th August with a new No No! TSV. But only till 8pm, so ‘one show only type bargains’ after that – and 10pm is an Ultrasun hour! Snap it up fast!


Dyson teaserDyson Alert! Nice to be launching next Wednesday night’s new cordless animal vac – specially made in red for QVC. Remember if you want powerful vacuum action in a hand-held, a Today’s Special Value is one of the best prices you can buy it at. Join me midnight Wed!


BLOOPER – Well, it was a funny half hour with Charlie – he’s getting more and more cheeky lately! This was during Summer Sale when I did my tease for next hour! He’s a bad influence that boy! Lol.



– Weekend bargains – Saturday’s Today’s Special Value is the Revitalash lash and brow and Sunday’s is a fabulous All Weather three-tier garden fountain!

Revitalash TSV 206132
All Weather 3 Tier Fountain 504529

Percy and Reed, Super Softening Discovery Kit 204532– Plus join me Sunday 3rd August at 10pm for Percy and Reed haircare including some amazing special packs to sort out your barnet!

Ottoman Bench w Divider 803216Sunday night midnight – Ottoman Storage TSV – Fancy this?! Join me and Akos – his last one sold out fast, so don’t miss it!

Australian Bodycare set 206458Australian Bodycare skincare pack is on Wed – I hope it lasts ’till my 10pm show! James Read (tanning expert) will also appear.

Prai, Beauty Pick of the Month 203662Non-Live channels –  From Monday, next week a daily highlights hour at 11pm starts on QVC Extra, and during August, as well as a focus on our Beauty Pick of the Month, Prai Supersize Ageless Throat & Decolletage creme. The Beauty channel will also have an hour a day dedicated to Alpha H! Whoop!

For more info check out the TV guide here.


– Summer socialising 3 brad n lolly jovial sailorSummer socialising: 1) Brad and Lauren
On Monday night, I had a lovely supper with my two gorgeous kids – hard to believe they’re now 27 and nearly 25. We had dinner in the Jovial Sailor in Ripley and Brad gave me and Lolly a little Japanese fan from his recent hol!

Summer socialising Woodcote lunch Summer socialising: 2) Lunch at Woodcote

Here’s my sister Linda, nice Jodie and her mum Nicky and myself having lunch. At least we found a cool spot considering how warm the day was!

Lara and Izzy have found a new storytellerSummer socialising: 3) Nick the Storyteller
My nieces Izzy and Lara got some new books from me, and Lolly’s bf Nick became their new best friend – he was rather good actually! #VisionsOfTheFuture!

We’re all off to the museums next week whilst they’re on summer hols – that’ll bring back memories – mainly of the 90 foot blue whale and Stephenson’s Rocket! Wonder if the Neanderthal exhibition is still there?

Debbie tea rooms– BFF pal L.J. Have Tea for Two and a lovely session of gossip and catch up, after a chair massage in Kingly Court near Carnaby St.

Watch this video as we sat down to eat at a Japanese restaurant – LJ even spoke a little of the language too! How amazing was the evening atmosphere in the middle of London?

12 places you’d never believe were in the UK – and talking of special venues, how about this? Add some on your list – or do you have your own picturesque places which are your own secret enclave? Click here to see the beautiful locations and all in the UK!


Back rub Must-Have Massage If there’s one thing I’ve learned about me, it’s that I do love a good back massage! I think whoever I end up with, that’ll be a deal-breaker!

I once went out with someone once who just prodded annoyingly like he was trying to make my back shake – grrr! But Kelly at Kingly Court top floor was fantastic!

Facebook Funny – one I posted myself this week! Just watch my hilarious, mad, spaniel Baloo react to what happens when the ball goes the wrong way! Ouch! Lol. Maybe I should send it to You’ve Been Framed – what do you think? Leave me a comment below! Hehe!


A ‘Listen of the Week’ this week,is ‘BackLash’ by Lynda La Plante. I met her PA once, when I was selling Penta Water in the early 2000’s, as Lynda’s office loved it and had some deliveries.

I’ve liked her since ‘Widows,’ which was ground-breaking, in its day (do you remember it? If not, it’s well worth a rental – ‘Dolly! I can’t hit ‘im, Dolly!’) Well this abridged version of her novel sees DCI Anna Travis back on the case of a serial killer in another ‘how they got the baddie’ story.

The abridged version was weird as it was very much a summary – a bit like someone describing to you the film version of the story. Plus it was only 4 hours – and I’ve just finished it and it was fab!

Interesting that it sounds like a first draft in the way it summarises the goings on, much like my first drafts always appear! (In fact, I’ve added some bonus material to the new paperback version of Hawaiian Retreat since I wrote the eBook upload, go here to find out more about it.)


NEXT WEEK – my monthly competition will be to win a super Decleor Hydrating and Smoothing Face & Body collection collection containing £150 of products! Don’t miss it next week!

Plus, a trip to the museums with the nieces! And a summer wedding in Bath this Saturday – plus, my paperback will finally be out! Busy week! Have a good one!

Best wishes

P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Sharon harvey August 1, 2014 at 9:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie! As you are asking I would like a house by the sea please lol! So pleased you all had great time on the IOW! Thoroughly enjoyed having Bodyblade Bruce as a guest on the BACK TO YOU PAGE on Monday! Those live hubs are such fun! Looking forward to next weeks xx

  2. twinkle August 1, 2014 at 10:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs 🙂 Lovely blog as always
    Its great seeing Such happy pics of you with your family and friends 🙂 love it xx
    Great video clips as well, the video with Baloo and the ball did make me chuckle, U must love having her around she is so entertaining 🙂
    Happy August!!

  3. Karen G August 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Another Fab blog, loved your pics of the Isle of Wight!! It’s been such an amazing Summer to enjoy our beautiful UK!!
    Well done for taking off your make-up live, you looked great but was amazed at how quickly you put it back on…WOW!?!
    How cute is Baloo…want one, lol??
    You make QVC very enjoyable with your quirky sense of humour!!
    Have a great week!!
    Karen xx

  4. debs f August 5, 2014 at 5:09 am -  Reply

    Sharon –
    yes me too! Perhaps we can retire to one to write novels…! lol
    Hope you enjoyed Keeley too! For anyone else, details of how to join in live facebook chat with guests is on blog above!

  5. debs f August 5, 2014 at 5:09 am -  Reply

    Twinkle –
    Happy august to you too hon. Yes Baloo is a delight!

  6. debs f August 5, 2014 at 5:11 am -  Reply

    Karen –
    v kind of you to say! Yes, I’m renowned for my speed of applying makeup! But really one of the secrets is the spouncer applicator i use – an old Philosophy one called Airbrushed flawless canvas i think, in bronze!
    ta for leaving a comment hon – always appreciated!

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