Ireland and The Weekend Kitchen!! A food special


Outside of QVC

Hi everyone, I’m back from holiday and ready to get back to work! It’s always nice having some time off but I have to admit I missed QVC. We had a lovely time in Ireland with my parents even though we had pretty terrible weather. We never go to West Cork for the weather, but even though the sideways rain got a little tedious after a while. We got a few sunny afternoons and we made sure to get out to the beach and also out on the water.

I even swam in the sea off the boat which is something I usually avoid, but the girls were desperate to go in so that meant braving the cold water. I can’t lie, it hurt but after a few minutes your skin went so numb you couldn’t feel it any more, I should really get myself a wetsuit like the girls!

I managed to get in a few great walks too, there’s nothing like it for clearing your head and filling your lungs. The rugged backdrop of the coastline here is breath-taking and each time I paused for a few minutes just to sit and have a moment of head space. Taking the kids away on my own, even though my parents were there, was hard work. Where does the energy come from in them?! It reminds you what all the single parents are doing all year round. We missed Fred a lot but still managed to have fun with friends and cooking and singing in the pub along to the bands and locals who just love to have an impromptu sing-a-long.

We were so glad to see Fred when we got back over the Bank Holiday and got in some well-needed family time. Fred had been working hard while we were away but I know he missed having us around and the girls climbing all over him! We headed to Honeybrook Farm for the day which the girls loved and then all went to fill up on pizza with some friends. We have one more full week of school holidays left when Tilda will go into Year 2 and Ivy will start nursery for the first time. It’s going to be so strange having a quiet house during the week!

What I’m wearing

On Monday when we went for pizza I teamed one of my new favourite skirts from QVC which is from Helene Berman. It’s so different to all the pleated silk skirts that have been around simply because of the brilliant print! It’s covered in Zebras!! There was a time when women would probably only have worn a smart skirt like this for ‘best’ but I love that this fashion has become something that you can do at any time, anywhere just by styling it down with trainers and jumpers. Can you believe the jumpers are back out again?! Bring back the heat wave! What do you think of the skirt, have you tried wearing orange?

The Weekend Kitchen

Well here we go, this is what I’ve been dying to talk about!!! It’s brand new and coming to QVC this weekend. On Saturday 1st Sept at 12pm, it’s The Weekend Kitchen!!! I’m so excited to tell you that I will be bringing you this new segment for four weeks in September and I won’t be alone! I will be joined by the incredibly talented chefs Dean Edwards and Marcus Bean.

They will do two shows each and will be cooking up their own delicious recipes for us using all the wonderful food brands that we have at QVC. Not only that but the guests from the food brands will be joining in at the tasting table along with our own Will Gowing who will be doing the social media side of things throughout the hour show. So if you have recipe ideas or you want some cooking tips from Dean or Marcus then you need to get in contact during the show. Use the hashtag #theweekendkitchen on Twitter so we can find you all easily.


We had a brilliant, fun rehearsal on Wednesday with Dean which went so well. As you can imagine a food show like this takes a lot of prep and work behind the scenes, particularly when it’s a different style show to what we normally do so it was great to have a run-through to get a feel for how it will go on the day. Fingers crossed, I hope you will tune in and support us, we really want you to love it!!

I’ve been getting stuck in with my own recipes using QVC foods too, to give an idea of what we will be doing in the show.


First up using H. Forman and Son’s beautiful smoked salmon. Now you may already know that I have never really liked smoked salmon. I always found it a bit slimy and didn’t like the texture or taste. That was until I tried the really good stuff! I first tried this salmon live on air and worried that my face would say it all. I couldn’t believe it, it tasted so fresh, so clean, so NOT slimy! I realised what I had been missing out on. This is genuinely the only smoked salmon that I will eat. So what did I do with mine?

I was lucky enough to have some of the salmon sent over with me to Ireland along with some of their incredible goujons. So we had to have ourselves a bit of a party didn’t we?! For the smoked salmon we obviously had to save some to have it classically done on Irish soda bread with a squeeze of lemon but I wanted to see what else I could whip up. So inspired by something I saw Marcus Dean do when he came into QVC a while back I decided to try making a similar salmon pate to have as a dip or a lunch with more Irish bread or crackers. It was simple to do too.

I took two of the 100g sleeves that came in the 500g box plus…
2 tbs Creme Fraiche
2 tbs Cream Cheese
Half a Lemon, squeezed
Chopped fresh chives

I put all of this into a food processor, a blender works too, and gave it a blitz. I didn’t blend until completely smooth as I wanted it a little rustic so that you could still see pieces of salmon. The result was the freshest tasting, creamy lemony zesty yummy pate. A great party pleaser as a dip but also a beautiful treat for lunch or a light dinner spread over toasted bread. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

For the goujons I had a little fun displaying them and wrapped them up in newspaper cones like an old fashioned chip wrapper! It was easy to do and makes your food table look even more exciting!


Next I had some fun with the Gower Cottage Brownies, these however I saved for back home in Poole to have with Fred and the girls. Is that bad? I just couldn’t bear to share them because they are just too blooming good!!

The brownies, like the salmon are simply beautiful on their own but also fun to create show-stopping desserts with. Brownies funnily enough are a bit of a nemesis for me in the kitchen. I have never mastered them. They either turn out too dry, too sloppy or too floury. So I leave this perfection to Kate from Gower Cottage! If you need gluten-free, you are in luck too as they do both and I swear you would never know that they are ‘free from’!

So for this dessert I got some meringue nests, double cream, rich chocolate sauce and of course the brownies. I whipped the double cream until it was lovely and thick and then folded in a big dollop of chocolate sauce. I then built the dessert by putting a big spoon of the chocolate cream on each meringue with added chunks of brownie. I then drizzled more chocolate sauce on the top of each one. Disgustingly delicious, horrible for the waistline but the best treat ever!!! Just make sure to get out and go for a walk, run or gym session to make up for it!

Rotisserie chicken

Now this week has most definitely turned into a bit of a food special so it was perfect timing that I was asked to try out the Power Air Fryer Cooker with Rotisserie & Dehydrator Function! It’s the Today’s Special Value on Friday 31st. I don’t know about you but I just love a rotisserie chicken so to be able to make it home, I was very happy to try this out. It’s not just about chicken though, this has got loads of accessories to be able to cook shelves of different meats and vegetables and basically anything you might want to do in the oven but ‘air fried’ so that you use far less fat but still get that amazing crispy fried taste.

You can even ‘dehydrate’ food so you can make your own vegetable crisps or fruit rolls, even crispy bacon strips!! So far I’ve just tried the rotisserie, which had me squealing with delight once it got going but I plan to try every setting on this brilliant little oven. It’s so simple to use too with touch control and pre-settings so you just press a button and go.

For my chicken I kept it simple and rubbed a little olive oil on the chicken so that I could then cover it in garlic granules and dried herbs. It was gorgeous!! So succulent and juicy. Next time I think I might try sticking a lemon inside it and squeeze some over the chicken along with a shake of paprika for a different flavour. There are so many possibilities and you get three great recipe books to help you.

So that’s your fill of food for this week! I will make sure to get back to more fashion and beauty again soon but for now it’s all about The Weekend Kitchen. I can’t wait for Saturday, please set up your reminders and join in the fun. I will make sure to do lots of behind the scenes pics and videos on my Instagram so make sure to be following me over there.

Lots of love

Katy x x


  1. Susan August 30, 2018 at 5:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy,
    Glad you had a nice trip but Shane about the weather. Makes you feel lucky to live in the SE! Bet you were glad to have another pair of hands with Fred again as you say. Enjoy your last week with both of them x

    • Katy Pullinger September 20, 2018 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

      Thanks Susan, we had a fab time in Ireland even though the weather was rubbish but yes I was very happy to have Fred around for the kids! It’s been such a busy month since I got back with The Weekend Kitchen so sorry for the slow response. I’m catching up now xx

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