Inspirational Women: who inspires you?


On March 8th, we are celebrating Inspirational Women’s Day at QVC, by placing the focus on women who have contributed to the brilliant brands and products we stock. We decided to sit down with three well-known names at QVC – Jilly Halliday, Catherine Huntley and Jackie Kabler – to find out who inspires them, and who they like to emulate in their everyday lives. We would love to know who inspires you; comment below to share the love and inspiration!

Jilly Halliday on her inspiring mum:

I have to say the woman I most admire is my mum, who sadly passed away many years ago when I was in my twenties. I think that that admiration has grown over the years as I’ve brought up my own family.

My mum was a true matriarch of the family and although she didn’t have an easy family life herself, she was determined that her own children would come first no matter what – and I think that’s something that can become so easily compromised today with everything that life throws at us. So those of us who are mothers should never underestimate ourselves as we have the most important job in world!




Catherine Huntley on her inspiring daughter:

The woman who inspires me the most is my remarkable daughter. I admire her hard working ethic, her kindness to others, her ability to just ‘do life’. What I mean by that is how very well balanced she is. She is very level headed and knows her own mind. Chrissie is very talented and creative. I always look forward to her gifts on special occasions as she takes great care and time to really put thought into what she is gifting.

I’m not talking about monetary gifts, either. It can be a handmade necklace, photo collage or, as with Valentine’s Day this year, a surprise bunch of daffodils and a kitty cat card given as a ‘Galentine’ (this one was a joint gift with her brother). I can’t decide what I love most but a few words are; talking, listening, laughing, dancing, playing games, going out, pyjama days, singing, make-up, dress up, cooking and friendship. I feel truly blessed and, if I ever do grow up, I want to grow up to be Chrissie.


Jackie Kabler on her inspiring role models:

As a woman who turned 50 last year, I’m increasingly inspired by older women who are still doing their thing well into their sixties, seventies and beyond. Here at QVC we have so many fabulous older women who I really respect and admire, like fashion guest Lesley Ebbetts, for example, who has been in the business for over 50 years, and still looks incredible and works amazingly hard with no thoughts of retirement; and Lulu, who in her late sixties is still touring, promoting her beauty range and is full of energy and attitude.

Outside work I admire Dinah Jefferies, who became a global bestselling author in her sixties, and Mary Berry, who is just amazing – 81 and still writing, presenting, touring and baking! I want to be like these women when I grow up, if I ever do. They make me realise that it’s never too late to do something if you have the passion and the will. Older women rock!

Make sure to watch our video featuring some more QVC famous faces talking about the women who inspire them, too.

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Don’t forget to share a comment below with the lady in your life who inspires you.


  1. Michelle Irvine March 3, 2017 at 10:33 pm -  Reply

    Ahhh Catherine what a lovely thing to say about your daughter. You are such fun and a truly incredible woman, don’t grow up, stay just as you are.❤️❤️Michelle.

  2. Sue Knight March 6, 2017 at 2:43 pm -  Reply

    Angela Pugh inspires me, a teacher all her life in a tough school and a woman that lives life to the full. She is in her mid 70’s and they should do a reality show on her just so other pensioners could see how a full life is possible. One comment about her was if there was a trip to Hell going she would put her name down just for the experience. She goes out most nights to Bridge or Golf Club dos, meals with friends, looks after grand children in the holidays, takes foreign students under her wing and helps out an elderly relative – probably knows most people in the Cardiff region. She is a poster girl for the elderly (term does not really fit her) her life is busy busy busy, fun fun fun.

  3. Carolyn March 8, 2017 at 9:26 am -  Reply

    The women I have most admired and try to emulate are those such as Marie Curie, Edith Cavell, and some inspiring teachers that helped me.
    I have sponsored many girls in the developing world Iin order that they might survive and avoid child marriage and FGM.
    I have always supported the rights of women and stood up and been counted in the campaigns over the years ( I am now 70) both in my professional career and in my personal life. It has been a rocky road and equality for all women in the world is not yet in sight.

  4. Christine March 8, 2017 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jilly woman inspired me was my mum but I was fourteen when she died the is when you need your mum.

  5. Helen Downing March 8, 2017 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    The woman that has inspired me through my life is Olive Osmond, mother of The Osmonds singing group ( came to fame in the 70’s), in all, mother of nine children. The first two being deaf, one with slight hearing. Mother Osmond, refused to place them in a special boarding institution (the done thing in early 50’s) but home taught them, including also playing instruments like the saxophone. Later in life she started The Olive Osmond Hearing Foundation. She also spread her love of her Mormon Faith far and wide, and instilled in her children, a continual life long ethic of work, knowledge and learning, and generosity and compassion to all. This has carried on with all her children, but notably, to her only daughter, Marie Osmond, a singer/entertainer and co founder of Children’s Miracle Network, who champions so many good causes. Both mother and daughter were and are, remarkable and strong women. Olive Osmond, affectionaly known as ‘Mother Osmond’ to Osmond fans, was my guiding light and I had adopted her as my mother, when, my own mother died when I was in my late teens, as did my father.when I was thirteen. Olive and Marie Osmond I salute you and God Bless for passing on your strength to me!.

  6. Kate Jobes March 7, 2018 at 1:49 pm -  Reply

    Carla one beautiful lady

  7. Kate Jones March 7, 2018 at 1:52 pm -  Reply

    Carla your just beautiful.
    One beautiful lady.
    And inspires me.
    I wrote this again as my surname is Jones and not Jones as in first post.

  8. Kate Jones March 7, 2018 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    Sorry my phone not working properly as dropped.
    Again meant not Jobes it’s Jones my surnames.
    Carla beautiful and inspires me

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