Ingrid meets Mummy and Juice Yourself Healthier!


Since I moved into my new bijoux cottage, I’ve been planning a proper ‘ladies who lunch’ schedule, as it’s sooo pretty on my patio by the French doors to my dining room where I do my writing. Having made a list of the lunches and the ladies I’d like to invite, this week I got cracking!  Lovely Emma from Imedeen who goes to Pfizer in Tadworth every Tuesday, popped by for a nice catch up (she’s got some fab new lower priced 40+ supplements soon.) Then my old mate Denise from school came for a cuppa and a country walk and suffered a visit from CrazyDog next door!

Plus my ‘almost neighbour,’ Ingrid Tarrant, our Yong Kim guest, came over for a long-awaited lunch. And met my mum. (see top pic)

They got on famously. Little did Mum know, but Ingrid had been aiming to do a dress-up session with her for quite a while, and Mum only narrowly escaped being subject to ‘styling by Ingrid’ because she would have missed her lift home. We all sat outside and had a nice banter, discussing men (kind of) and clothes and life and all kinds of things. Mum was asking Ingrid all about what she does for a living, and didn’t realise Ingrid’s surname was Tarrant till quite far in – probably just as well, since my mother sometimes gets a little shy. But she was on good form and both ladies thought the other one was ‘really nice’ or ‘a scream.’ Can you guess which was which?!



Richard’s Coming Over…


If you can see it in the pic above, Richard Jackson’s big exotic tree fern is thriving in my new garden. And as you may have heard him say on air, he’s booked to come to help me sort out my massive plant-filled garden in October, most of which I have no idea what to do with! I’ve got some wicked bunches of flowers out of it so far though!

 Back to You Update this week we had no less than FOUR fab webchats –

  • Laura Geller herself with pics of her fab view from her 41st floor flat in New York
  • Bruce from Bodyblade – does the BB help trim neck and jawline?!
  • Andrew Gatineau in advance of his Today’s Special Value this Saturday (26th)
  • And the special QPage webchat on Monday at 7pm was Marie Francoise from Kipling who posted a whole host of pics and inside news on what’s to come from our fave bag range.

Click this link to reach all of the above and have a good read – do go see it,:

Join me next Monday at 7pm-8pm for my final Facebook web chat on the  QVC UK Facebook page with Richard from Skechers! Then afterwards, go over to Back to You QVC group at 8-9pm – to chat with Nikki Gewirtz from Lola Rose!


Till the Fat Lady Slims Update Yes, I’ve been losing weight and toning again lately and yes, it’s mainly due to exercise incl bodyblade and following my Freedom Eating method in TTFLS. I also heard from Natalie Hollern, who was very happy to have lost another 3 lbs this week by using it. I’m so proud how many people are reading my semi-autobiographical weight loss book (it was item 704285 on QVC with an aqua cover in hardback but waitlist only now as it sold out of the limited run. It is, though, still available in purple version on Amazon.) It makes me very happy to know others are benefiting the same way I do from the basic body-truths that make it easier to be around food and to lose weight without stressing. It rescued me this week to be honest. See why below.

Go here to find out more about Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When diet’

My method is all about Freedom, might be for you IF you’re someone who cannot diet. However, if you do have problems losing weight but LIKE to follow a plan, make sure you join us on Sunday for the new Today’s Special Value from Jason Vale the Juicemaster who brings his fab Retro Slow-Juicer to QVC with a great saving. I’ve been trialing it and finding my body really wants to have juice sometimes – it’s quite enlightening. Vegetable juice mainly. His system offers many types of weight loss diet using his regimes, all online or on Youtube – see more info about it all here on my last blog. Thank you to everyone who entered my flash competition (it was just Tuesdau-Thu, won by lucky Katrina Gunasekera .) I’m looking forward to my show with him on Sunday (27th) at 8pm.

Jason Vale

I found doing just juice a bit too restricting for me, but as many of you know, I love my greens and kale and soups and fish so I just mixed up my meals a bit, resorting to my tried and tested guidelines. I like to share, so I’ve listed them all for free on the ‘look inside’ section available if you look up the purple cover eBook or paperback on Amazon. But – NEWS – don’t forget I will be releasing a new updated version in January! ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire’. It will include comments like this from Dawn Homer who has now lost ten and a half stone, five of them since January, using my Freedom Eating techniques, she says.

Dawn Homer


And similarly we’ve been hearing on the Facebook group about holiday stories – I was so proud of Sue Stewart, one of our Facebook regulars, too, for this –


Do come join us on my Facebook groups, some listed below, or find the groups and my book links and info via my website – it’d be nice to have you there. Sometimes, we just need supportive feedback and a bit of determination to keep you there. And chocolate. Not really – haha!


Watch – Super Juice Me, with Jason Vale on YouTube. In advance of Sunday, watch his ‘Super Juice Me!’ documentary. I’m saying nothing else. But if you have issues with your body at the moment, do put aside an hour or so to yourself to give it a gander…

Slankets for Santa This made me laugh from Facebook this week, when we had our final Countdown to Christmas and the Slanket made its welcome return. Thanks Mat Trim for taking the picture.  Did my first Christmas shopping! Guess how many I bought? Am v excited ‘cos Gill Gauntlett (pictured) and I are off for a special jaunt next week! (more below)


Dog Goalie Or for a funny vid circulating online this week, and if you like the Guinness Book of Records’  quirky claims to fame … and dogs… go here for a talented pooch vid! Click here to watch it.

Blooper OR take a few minutes to feast on this montage of our Alison Young being daft with Will on their beauty shows! Funny! Her Beauty Night In has its final show till 2016, 2 hours 8pm Mon 30th too. Awww! Click here

Doggy Update Very glad that I’m doggy-sitting these two at the weekend – and little Maggie next door the night after! Lots of puppy love for me! And little Luna is growing up so fast – and learning tricks – seems you can teach a new dog…


ReviverBook of the Week This week is a revisit of one of my Books of the Year – ‘Reviver’ from Jan 2013, by the talented Seth Patrick. I’m listening to the audiobook again because his new one, ‘Lost Souls’, is now out. ‘Reviver’ is a superb supernatural crime thriller – yes really – and keeps me on the edge of my seat – well, metaphorically given that I’m driving when I listen! Lol. Here’s the opening line – ‘sometimes Jonah Miller hated talking to the dead…’ Wow – what a way to start! More here.




Facebook Funny And how about this – bless him! Put this alongside finding out ‘who’s that’ and ‘what’s this’!

Facebook  funny

This week on QVC – We’re sorting your skin out on Saturday (26th ) too – you’ll maybe have seen the fab Gatineau Today’s Special Value,previewed on Will’s blog, well, don’t miss it Saturday ‘specially if you’ve got slackening skin – Defilift is fab. And my fave throat gel too! Yay! I’m not working as I’m off to a party to be a hippy (!) on Saturday night, but in October I’m doing two of the brand new Saturday Night Shows, so stay tuned for more about that.

As I said, Sunday is Jason’s super Juicer – more on QGossip blog here. Sneaky peeks now then, of upcoming deals – Monday’s 8pc OPI Starlight Collection, Tuesday’s Together printed Jersey tunic with embellished neckline, Thursday’s silver Links of London triple pendant and Fridays Diamond Velvet Drape Neck Tunic from Kim & Co. Put them in your diary!


Next week – I’m sooooo excited – a big trip back up to my charity HQ, Medical Detection Dogs in Milton Keynes, with a couple of well-known QVC-faces who expressed a keen interest to come see these amazing dogs in action. (If you don’t know about them go here.) Plus a catch-up with my publisher Choc-Lit, and a Hippy-Themed Evening Out! Plus a bumper beauty giveaway!

Have a great week!



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  1. Janie September 25, 2015 at 8:17 pm -  Reply

    So pleased that jason vale works predominantly with veg. Like you i loooooove my greens do looking forward to seeing this. Enjoy the parteeeee! Xxxx

  2. Jane Dunkley September 26, 2015 at 4:20 pm -  Reply

    Great blog as always Debbie, I really don’t know where you find the time!

  3. Sue Stewart September 26, 2015 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Another interesting blog Debbie
    Strange seeing me in writing. Everyone who is in the dieting jungle should read your book. It would all make perfect sense to them then.

  4. stacey Gardiner September 26, 2015 at 5:25 pm -  Reply

    Does the bodyblade slim the neck and jawline too???!!! Xxx

  5. stacey Gardiner September 26, 2015 at 5:26 pm -  Reply

    Can see the likeness between you and your mum debs xx

  6. Catherine Harrod September 26, 2015 at 8:26 pm -  Reply

    I’m giving The Reviver a go on my audible book subscription! ps Enjoyed your blog. ☺️

  7. Debs f September 28, 2015 at 3:12 pm -  Reply

    Stacey – yes it does, I have found! Neck deco looking trimmer!
    Sue – you’re a star!
    Jane and Janie – hope u enjoyed it! Glad u like blog.
    Catherine – Oo Oo! Let me know what u think! Am reading/listening to Seth Patrick’s next one now, ‘Lost Souls’ – this week’s bk of week! X

  8. Sue Cope September 28, 2015 at 5:37 pm -  Reply

    Another busy week for you catching up with people. It’s good to be busy though isn’t it I prefer life that way. Your dog’s are great they must make you smile a lot. I like the opi starlight collection very good value. There nail varnish is good it lasts without chipping. Hope you enjoyed your party sounds fun. Have a good week and take care Sue xx

  9. Margaret Nottage September 28, 2015 at 11:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi – always read your blog – wish I could be as committed to slimming. Luv that you preview TSVs but pic of Kims is a together top !

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