I’m off to China! Back 4th May!


This week –

  • Funny bloopers – ft Chloe, Charlie, Kathy and Craig!
  • Find out who won my comp!
  • Presenters Lindy-hopping… ?
  • Fun with family at Easter and beyond
  • Remember White Horses, Robinson Crusoe and The Mysterons…
  • And I’m off to China!

First the winner of last week’s bumper bundle of Easter goodies – Liquid gold, Flora Mare and a signed copy of my weight loss book (704285) Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0. Well done Martina Sheils from Surrey! Another comp when I come back from China, in May!


Easter Events

How was your Easter? Mine was nice – quite calm relatively speaking! Have been doing lots of preparing for China – Powerpoint docs etc to help my training schedules for the QVC China presenters, but happily still managed to celebrate with family as usual – and having last week gone to Lee’s for a fab ‘Debbie does Dinner’ he created this special Easter jib jab. Click on the link to see a bit of QVC Presenter-Jiving – just for us, courtesy of Lee Hohbein – so funny! Can you see which presenters he’s included this time, and posted on Facebook!? Very amusing – specially Charlie’s solo!  More funny clips below.

Easter Catch Ups

mum me and brad

Earlier this week I had lunch with my son Brad and my mum in his new place this week – with all the lovely weather we managed to sit outside Cote in Fulham – it’s all going according to plan and it’s very satisfying to see him settled. I remember my first house – it was a little semi in Wincham near Northwich, Cheshire, when I worked for Piccadilly Radio in Manchester. Ahhh bless. Bought for £23,000, sold for £29,000 18 months later. Gosh – price of a car now, that is, right?!

LJ and me

Also had a lovely evening with LJ we went to Camelia’s again (tea rooms off Carnaby Street) which does the most heavenly tea of all kinds. Then had supper in Ethos veggie restaurant. They even did that coffee with butter/fat in – like the one mentioned on the ‘Truth about Fat’ show last week. BUT – it was NOT nice. Even though it was made with almond milk, it tasted burnt and bitter. Nice night though! Watch out for LJ appearing in the Independent and the Telegraph about her clever IT projects…



And the Flints lunched in style again – en masse – at Chessington Garden Centre this week – boy did we need a big table! Well the gardens are getting nicer and nicer – I think early summer is one of the nicest times of year for flowers etc. Anyway mum, ex sisters in law, sister Linda fresh from her appearance on QVC with the Cinderella Red Carpet Manicure set, and the kids, took over… I mean sat in, the restaurant and had a good post Easter chin wag – perfect for just before I leave for China!



Debbie Does Dinner #5 – Fennel and Olive Fettuccine


Was another good one this week – and yes, it does taste licquorice’y! Not sure it was my fave. Not necessarily gonna do it again. But handy to see how to do a sauce like that from scratch. That’s the best thing about this HelloFresh delivery lark – if you’re not a good cook you get to learn the basics! Maybe one day I’ll go a bit ‘freestyle’ but for now, they give-a me the ingredients, I cook-a-da recipe!


Back to You – Keeley, Renee, Bruce and TTFLS update!

Renee Greenstein, our lovely New York Fashionista was on the Web chat this week – chatting amongst other things about this Friday’s fab Today’s Special Value! (Friday 10th) You can read her Q&A on the latest Back to You QVC blog on my website.


Our lovely guest Keeley from Elemis was also in attendance on our Back to You QVC group on Monday night (8-9pm – we do it weekly if you weren’t aware.) She talks about this Saturday’s mega TSV bundle! (11th) too. Go here to read the whole Q&A. Next week, our Tiana coconut guest, Caroline Sandry will be showing us her coconut inspirations and Linda Bignell (my sis), talking about the long-lasting gel manicures we all love!


Plus Bodyblade Bruce did a web chat on his group at the same time and had some interesting thoughts about how his device is, by definition, H.I.I.T. type exercise – in demand following the ‘Truth about Fat’ programme. Somewhat anyway. Nonetheless do read his Q&A too on the link above!


Also on my Back to You blog – how to get motivated to do something you don’t want to; and these fab Three Month Challenge updates :

Three Month Challenge – as the three-month challenge reaches over half way through (it ends May 16th) here’s another lovely bit of feedback on Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook –

  • Joan Dickinson “As well as inches off usual places, I’ve had to have links taken out of my watch, and my bra goes two notches tighter…”
  • Elaine Daniel “I Lost 5lbs and 10 inches which is pretty damn good as i struggle to lose weight with my under active thyroid I’m really really happy xx”
  • Amy Wall “Another NSV (non-scales victory.) I just put my Vionic sandals on that I haven’t worn since last summer and couldn’t believe how chubby my feet must have been because I had to tighten ALL the Velcro straps at least an inch and more on a couple of them. Never thought to measure round my feet lol xx”

These are from people following my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book (item 704285 on QVC) and/or exercising, most using Bodyblade (item 432954 on QVC) – it makes me feel really proud to read comments like this. Not too late to join us if you want to! Just join one of the groups below.

Click here to read the whole of the Back to You blog for this week to see all of the above!


RiWiSi – My weekly look at all things book

Over on my RiWiSi blog on my website this week – OMG, my novel Take a Chance on Me went up to number 41 in the whole of the UK kindle chart! It was via being an Amazon Daily Deal. Go here to read more about what happened and see links on how to get it.

Book of the Week
Book of the week

An interesting romantic supernatural book also features on my website writing blog. ‘Dance Until Dawn’ has had a really interesting new reality, and some really good write-ups. A fledgeling dancer wakes up in a 300 yr old vampire’s leaky cellar and finds herself not ony very much dead but also on course to be a trainee vampire herself, but she hates the dark… and blood. Go here to read all about it. Also – tips for wannabe writers – stuck on first draft – beginners’ guide.


WATCH – like Poldark? Try Outlander! I must tell you I am totally in love with Jamie Frazer in the new TV version of one of my favourite novels, by Diana Gabaldon. Now it’s eventually made it to the small screen, (Amazon Prime) here’s another little video clip – he’s REALLY good!


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Now I hope you’re quick enough for Poldark – some of the earliest episodes on catch-up will be too old to see soon! I loved it – love everything about that era. I thought it was Regency period. Didn’t realise how short it was though! Apparently The Regency in the United Kingdom is the period between 1811 and 1820, when King George III was deemed unfit to rule and his son, the Prince of Wales, ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent. Who knew?! Well Poldark is set before that, in the late 1700s. Still time to see most of it on catch up! Find out more here! Poldark returns after war to his beloved Cornwall, to find it changed forever. I’m hoping to download some later episodes to take with me to watch in China!



Nostalgic Kids TV #3

And talking of watching things, here’s more retro kids telly! In the years before mobiles, and the internet, kids disappeared all day just to play outside. Did you?

Robinson Crusoe – 1964 – gosh such nostalgia – but I remember this being repeated as a regular thing through the 70’s as well, wasn’t it? Listen to the start and those memories will come flooding back! Also listen about 7’20 in too, for one of the other main themes throughout the series! Awful dubbing of English – like the next one – but part of the fabric of our childhood.


White Horses – A Jackie Lee special – she did so many. Remember Rupert the Bear too?

Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Stingray (Aqua Marina anyone?) and of course, indestructible Captain Scarlett – 1967-8 We all did it – ‘Thisss is the voiccce of the Mysteronnns!’ Which angel were you? Melody? Harmony? Rhapsody or Symphony? Aqua Marina herself?




Beauty Bloggers on Set in the Ultrasun evening show this week. The lovely ladies have some super blogs to read – and thanks to them for chipping in during the live show with Ali.


They are –

Lulu Goes on Tour Just as I’ve booked a couple of evenings at Hampton Court to go see two of their summer concerts, (Burt Bacharach music plus Peter Andre!), I noticed this and thought I’d give our lovely skincare guru Lulu a quick plug – these dates are in May!

lulu tour

China Cover Up!  Loads of people have warned me about the smog so I took their advice and got these mask to wear. Apparently these ones don’t even let the smell of paint through so this will be interesting…

Debbie in mask

Daisy Droops again! My Labrador has been getting an extra work out of late, as I up the level of walking I do in the run up to the Moonwalk on 16th may. She was so tired she didn’t stir even when I vacuumed right near her – she’d usually be off!
Droopy Daisy


Facebook funny – talking of vintage kids tv! Here’s a corny one this week! But I bet you started making the clanger noises when you read it! lol!


Sneaky peek – bareMinerals have a new Complexion Rescue foundation/moisturiser with an amazing demo – here’s what’s in the set – just wait till you see Lee’s clever way of demonstrating why their tinted moisturiser is different to other BB or CC creams – Kathy is one of the first to air it, this week, it’s gonna fly out!


Shhh! If you love Bare Minerals, btw, don’t miss 10pm on Thursday 16th with Alison, Lee and SJ! #OTO!


BLOOPERS!  Lots of funnies over the last week, including from –

Charlie and Chloe during his chocolate show – OMG – yes it was April 1st!

Talking of which, here’s Kathy Tayler’s own April Fools Day classic on Craig about going into space!

THIS WEEK ON QVC – and did I mention, perchance, I’m off to China on Saturday? Well before i go, here’s a little round up here’s a round up!

Friday – Today’s Special Value is the lovely Renee’s Today’s Special Value as above. (Watch Will’s QCam chat showing all the colour choices here.) Saturday sees the return of Tignanello with a lovely new cross body bag. And Sunday is all about Elemis with Keeley – again see above for all the info! And here’s Will’s chat detailing exactly what you’ll get!

Diamonique Day is on Tuesday – with this lovely entwined open work 0.66ct ring a TSV. Well, whilst stocks last.

Next week – shorter blogs whilst I’m away but come back to see first pic of my big China adventure!






PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Susan April 10, 2015 at 1:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Gosh £29k for a car lol?! Eh not for me my dear! A few thousand perhaps for a second hand is more like it! I hear that in London you’re talking £300k for a teeny flat? Is that right? I can’t imagine what the salaries must have to be! It’s just madness!!
    Hope you have a good trip and journeys.
    Susan x

  2. christine Brown April 10, 2015 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, congratulations on being selected to train the Chinese QVC presenters I fully understand why you were selected. I love you on QVC one of my favourite presenters so very professional but down to earth. Have read your books loved them!! Keep entertaining us…….love it when Antthony is on with you so funny. Enjoy your trip, hurry back with loads of stories. Your blog is exceptional so interesting and informative. Take care on the journey.

  3. Pearl April 12, 2015 at 7:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Hope you have an Amazing time in China
    Love reading yr blogs so informative and interesting and great to have the heads up
    Re oto and tsvs.
    Take care
    Regards Pearl frm London

  4. Rachel Hunter April 24, 2015 at 12:08 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Hope your trip to China is going well – and that you are coping not too badly with the dreadful smog !!! 🙁
    Reading about it made me appreciate my clean Scottish Highland air – there are surely going to be huge repercussions with health problems for the poor people having to live amongst all that air pollution
    I remember vividly the programmes – like Robinson Crusoe and The White Horses that were on EVERY summer school holiday for about 20 years !!!
    I drove my parents mad singing the theme tune to White Horses repeatedly
    Also remember The Flashing Blade ( badly dubbed swashbuckling ) The Double Deckers , The Banana Splits, Adventures of Tin Tin and Belle and Sebastian – to name but a few :))
    Ahh the good old days !
    Enjoyed the bloopers – Charlie’s face haha – and Kathy trying her hardest to sell the idea of space travel on QVC !!! – only if it was a TSV or a OTO – and on MAXIMUM easy pay methinks
    Enjoy your adventure at QVC China and I look forward to seeing you back on our screens when you return safe
    Kind regards,
    Rachel ( Inverness )

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