I’m melting…! Fab instant facial and a big scent deal


Sorry, I couldn’t resist this. Had a super show featuring the wonderful Supersize of the Month, from Gatineau – the amazing anti-ageing Gommage in 200ml size. This must be on my top 10 as one of the best, if not the best, instant facial treatments. The very next day after I had used it, allowing it to dry for 20 minutes and peeling it off (super satisfying! – see short clip below!) my make-up lady Claire asked me what I had been doing to my skin as it looked really hydrated. I didn’t even think about it until later on but that was why. Great value as 75ml is usually around £40, and I think you would see after the very first use how well it works for you. There are a few products I would absolutely rave about, and this is one of them. Go here to see the boomerang of the removal stage. 🙂

So pleased it is on offer as Supersize of the Month. But only until the end of July. And check out the fabulous Gatineau range here.


Also at the beginning of the week, I had an afternoon looking after my oldest grandbaby, Blake. She is now around 17-months-old and starting to say lovely little words. Wow-wa, for flower. How does the train go, choo-choo; how does the cow go, moo. That sort of thing 🙂 – very satisfying and absolutely adorable. This is a pic of when I wore a new, clean dress to get her, and ended up with her yoghurt all down my front! She thought it was very funny.

I can’t wait for the coming weekend however, I am off on annual leave, and will be looking after her for three days on the trot! Plus my daughter Lauren is coming down from Wales with Blake’s 9-month-old cousin Phoebe. Two days of the babies together, it will be great fun. And I will be totally shattered by the end of it ha ha.

This weekend

If you liked the little tea holders tea-light candle holders in the shape of a lotus flower from JM by Julien Macdonald, then do click here to see the brand new one which holds a bigger flower and is still really good value! Only till midnight today, 19th July!

Saturday Gtech return with their smaller hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner, this time with the big pole, different heads and excellent vacuum power, to get into nooks and crannies. It goes really well with the AirRam upright model. Don’t miss it while it’s a Today’s Special Value. Does a mean job of carpets as well. Very nice to see Russell back with this. 🙂 I have been plugging it all week, and I am really impressed with the way it beats the carpet and removes the dust. I used it all around the tearooms this week after a very busy Wednesday afternoon. Getting underneath all of the chairs and tables was a doddle. Plus, it did not suck all the rugs up either 🙂 highly recommended.

Sunday – it’s huge!! It’s here! And it has been on sale all week, so you can go here to see it and get it now, the Elemis six-piece Peptide 24/7 and Pro-Collegen Face and Body collection. Wow!! What a way to stock up and get well over £100 worth of products, in fact, it’s probably closer to £200! Check out this video from Will with a sneaky peek of the collection:


Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

Vionic Orthotic Chill Bibiana loafer with FMT technology

Anna Griffin Empress electronic die cutting and embossing machine with accessories

Doll10 four-piece Hydragel collection

JML Arctic Air personal space cooler and humidifier with extra filter

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Sunday/Monday at midnight

Kim & Co printed Brazil jersey crossover tulip sleeve jumpsuit with pockets, Regular and Petite

Yankee Candle set of two white scent plugs with ten refills

My Perfect Cosmetics Perfect Facial with ten treatments

Spotlight one hour Express teeth whitening strips, pack of 28 with whitening toothpaste

Also for more sneaky peeks of next week’s deals, see below to check them out, so you know what to expect 🙂


Cute cat cuddles

I was on ‘Oreo-watch’ last weekend at my brothers, and while I was outside doing my Bodyblade, Oreo the kitten, now a cat, came out for some affection. He is so funny because he rolls over on his back like a dog! I gave his tummy a rub for a few minutes and he seemed very happy. Sadly I still sneezed for a while later, but he is very hard to resist. 🙂 Talking of pets, Daisy the dog may go and provide a few hours of affection to one of my lovely friends down in Devon, who recently sadly lost her own little terrier. Daisy will be good company, and hopefully help fill a gap in a small but important way.

Bek and the firepit

This week Becky came back, while she is still on tour in Plymouth with Kinky Boots doing hair and make-up. And we lit the fire pit for the first time! My funny niece sat there singing ‘I’m a Firestarter’, very appropriate due to the namesake singer! Went in the hot tub again, really enjoyed it. And I set up my latest acquisition…

Bigger Buddha, better garden

… My lovely big Buddha fountain, which is mains powered. It has the most wonderful calming effect and because it is so huge, it makes the garden look lovely.

My Vlog of the Week over on my QVC Facebook page is here – showing you the new look fountain!

I need to find a longer power lead so I can position it elsewhere, plus I will be putting all the bark chippings underneath the trees so maybe it can nestle in the middle of them, amid a trail of white pebbles possibly… Zen garden here I come. Love it. Also love the rest of our Buddha items on QVC!

Book of the week – Sky’s the Limit – by Janie Millman. If you are looking for a super summer read, this one is smashing. It takes you from leafy Britain to spicy Marrakesh and off to sultry vineyards in France. I love the feisty characters, exploring complex relationships among several plot-lines and the punchy way of writing. I like Sky, the eponymous heroine, and her predicament kept me listening. Janie runs Chez Castillon, my favourite writing retreat in France. Finally her second book is out on audio, and I’m really, really enjoying it! Great accents and good narration by Carolyn Bonnyman. Well done Janie.

Watch – apart from being the week we get a new prime minister, next week is the week when I am excited to see the brand new movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Nicholas Holt, ‘The Current War’, about the early days of electricity in the 1800s. Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse engage in a battle to determine whose electrical system will go forward into the upcoming century. Backed by J.P. Morgan, Edison lights up Manhattan. But Westinghouse, helped by Nikola Tesla, sees fatal flaws in the design. I will be one of the first to see this, it excites me, as for some reason I have always been fascinated by the early days of electricity. (Ahem…geek)  If you look at the history of it, there was a time when the country did not even use the same type of electricity. For instance, there were hundreds of authorised suppliers of electricity in the UK in the 1920s, generating and supplying electricity at a variety of voltages and frequencies until the Electricity Act of 1926 came in to bring a national system. So a film about these even earlier days will intrigue me. In cinemas from the 26th of July, the day after I go back to QVC after my break. 🙂

Next week on QVC

Monday brings us another orthotic trainer from Vionic, the Brisk Devra. Great support for underneath fallen arches so if you’ve never tried it, try this one.

On Tuesday, Hairfix is back with a two-piece supersize Follicle Max collection for advanced volume. The Follicle Max treatments help bring caffeine to the hair follicle, helping to stimulate growth. I have found really good results by using it on part of my hairline so it will be good to see this supersize.

WednesdayPerricone – the five-piece Firming Summer skincare collection from this premium range.

ThursdayThe Camouflage Company sisters are here, not only creating very funny watchable television but also presenting the new three-piece storage set TSV. And as usual, it is Christmas in July! And a mince pie will be had by all.

Plus – I return from annual leave and that night I will bring you the 9pm pre-launch of…
Friday – … a comfy new TSV denim jacket, which is an extremely good price. And I mean extremely! This from one of our own brands, Denim & Co.

Friday 26th July 9pm – prelaunch of Shay & Blue fragrance TSV deal. Do join me for a two hour beauty special 9 pm till 11 pm. Not only will we have a huge array of beauty experts with the wonderful products like Mally with make-up, Margaret Dabbs with foot care, and Ariane Poole, but I will also be previewing the four-piece collection from this gorgeous fragrance brand. Small sprays, four of them, in four of the key hero fragrances, plus an auto-delivery that brings you a winter shipment with another four. Here is a photograph of the summer shipment, together with the winter shipment below it.

This looks like being very popular, especially for stocking up on little gifts to people you care about and have about an £8 to £10 budget to spend. Or you just want to try these wonderful fragrances. Looking forward to this one. I also have the Molton Brown hour at 9 pm and the beauty day finale the next night, as you will see from the TV Guide, which looks three weeks ahead. 🙂 Lots of lovely beauty to look forward to.

Next week – will I survive three days with both grandbabies? And afternoon tea for six, taking my ladies out to a beautiful place in Devon.

Have a great week

Best wishes


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  1. Soggysox July 19, 2019 at 10:21 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. I always look forward to your blog with the sneak previews and demos. Love hearing what you’ve been up to and the pics – especially Oreo. Have a great weekend x

  2. Ruth Mansfield July 19, 2019 at 1:17 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, you need to carry a packet of Wet Ones from Boots with you when grand baby sitting! The Be Fresh antibacterial wipes are great for removing stains from food/drink off clothing if you wipe off immediately. You will have a wet mark for a little while but when it dries the stain will have gone. Hope I am not stating the obvious or “telling granny how to suck eggs” etc but it really does works.
    Enjoy you time with your granddaughters, they grow up so quickly.

  3. Antoinette Browne July 20, 2019 at 7:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, thank you for your lovely blogs. I always look forward to reading them. I so love your attitude to life. You always seem to so happy. Enjoy every moment you have with your lovely family. God bless you. Antoinette x

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