I’m in love… with my bin!


In our household there is a bit of a traditional dealing out of the household chores… I do everything and Scott does the bins! I’m sure ours is not the only household like this. However even with this small responsibility, getting him to do it is a real effort! So we play the game of ‘how high can we stack the bin?’ I refuse to take it out, so it can get pretty high! We also do the game of ‘how much can I push in?’ Where you reach in and shove everything down to gain a few inches.

So when I was pottering about backstage, I mean working hard if the boss is reading this, and I saw this bin. It was like a beacon of light shone down on it and the angels sang! ‘What Gods have gifted us this piece of wonderment into our lives?’ I thought. I’ve been binge watching Vikings at the moment so I’m talking like this a lot in my head these days.

Of course I knew the answer. The only people who could’ve invented this are the brothers at Joseph Joseph, who constantly come up with ideas to solve the niggling issues we have in our home. They invented a whisk that folds flat, a stirring spoon that doesn’t rest on your worktop, and a draining board that ACTUALLY drains!

Not only do their products deliver but they also look beautiful too! I had to have one of these magical beasts, sorry, Vikings again. Since having this bin in our lives the games have stopped and we are down to one bin liner a week! I’m so happy! So let’s go through the things I thought would happen – it would smell, the rubbish is in there for longer, it’s gonna get pongy!

The guys have thought of this and you get odour filters to combat this. But to be honest, in our borough we compost food and recycle what we can, so bins are less smelly these days. The bags will rip with all that pushing down, after all that can happen when you push everything down by hand – they give you 20 strong bin liners to get you started, but you can use your own bin liners. We’ve used both and the only time we had a split was when I had put a bunch of long stem roses in there and I should’ve cut them in half, but I was being lazy, and the length and the thorns on the stems tore the bag.

They say you get three times the amount of storage, no way – errr yes way! We are on one bag a week now, and the mechanism to compact is so easy even the kids do it!

And finally I love the look of a stainless steel bin but they can get covered in fingerprints – you don’t really need to touch this bin! The pedal opens it and then it soft-closes itself, but just in case you have little people that like to touch it, it has fingerprint proof stainless steel! Plus you get a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. If taking the bins out is a battle in your house, you need this. If you live in an upstairs flat and hate taking the bins out, you need this. If your bin has seen better days and you’re looking for a thing of beauty, you need this!

So, as we know there has been a distinct lack of sun so far this year, and I am sooooooo pastey! Here is an actual photo of me as I’m so pale!

Urgh! I hate it. But the other day I had a show with the lovely James Read, a king of tanning amongst my friends and I. We love the colour his range gives you, the technology means it works with your own skin tones, so no orange, and that it hydrates the skin at the same time. My legs especially need hydration.. they look a bit lizard like! Yuk! Now, the thing is with tanning, which is why I’ve put it off, is initially you have to get yourself organised. The ‘slap it on’ technique will end in disaster!

Shave or wax 24 hours in advance. Thoroughly exfoliate, then moisturise, especially areas like your knees, elbows, ankles and feet, and always use a mitt! Then decide whether you want to see the tan going on, this way can mean less streaks or missed bits as you can see what you’ve done or missed. This is the James Read Foolproof Dark collection – it won’t make you dark, it’s called that as you can see where the tan is going on.

Or if you really want to hydrate your skin while you tan the Dry Oil Tan might be the right choice for you, full of vitamin E, it dries quickly, doesn’t transfer and smells gorgeous, will take about six hours to develop, and will last you up to five days. The oil means it blends easily, and the soft sheen of the oil should mean that you can see where you’ve been or where you’ve missed so you don’t get any patches. Expect to see me looking bronzed from now on!

And finally, I just have to let you know the hallway floor is done! Hurray! I’m very happy with how it’s turned out. I just need to get some new pendant lights. I’m thinking perhaps turquoise lampshades but to be honest I don’t know! All suggestions welcome!

The Big Deals!

Here are the brilliant Big Deals we are running this week – a gorgeous Pia Rossini Scarf, a fabulous four-piece set from A’kin, an award-winning Australian company that create beautiful products without harming the environment and that are all certified Vegan, animal-testing free and free from parabens, sulphates, toxins and harsh chemicals. Plus these Bose Wireless Headphones.

You can find out more about the A’kin collection here…


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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, happy shopping!

See you all soon.

Much love, Alex xx


  1. Dianne Smith May 7, 2018 at 6:27 am -  Reply

    Gosh! I love that bin. I think I may have to get one. We’ve been looking around for one and they all seem to dent easily due to being very thin

  2. Alex Kramer May 8, 2018 at 4:14 pm -  Reply

    Hi dianne! This is very sturdy. I love it ? Xx

  3. Jan Bexfield May 10, 2018 at 8:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alex, I’m trying desperately to find the red dress ur model is wearing in ur ‘The Big Deal’ section I just love the dress! Any ideas where I can find it? Xx

    • Alex Kramer May 15, 2018 at 7:15 am -  Reply

      Hi Jan! I can’t see a red dress. Can you take a pic on your phone and tweet it to me? @alexkramer or instagram @alexkramertv and I’ll try and help xx

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