How to tackle Christmas cleaning


Festive hosting and celebrations bring a big clean-up, so we’ve pulled together our top brands and products to help you tackle the aftermath. Head to our cleaning event online to see the full line-up, and read on to find out expert Russell Bristow’s top Christmas cleaning essentials.

The most wonderful time of the year…

Well, I can’t believe Christmas has come around again; the year has really flown! I’m lucky enough to live in the same town as my – rather large – family and we’ll be having our Christmas Day at my parents’ house, which is great as my Mum makes the best roast potatoes and gravy.

So, how do we keep a clean home over the holiday? Well, my advice would be to have your Christmas celebrations in the home of a close friend or relative, therefore keeping your own home clean and clutter-free! But, as that’s not always possible, here are my top tips for stress-free hosting.

1. Be prepared
Have a good look in your cleaning cupboard to make sure you have plenty of the basics, as accidents will happen (and the shops might be closed). Also, make sure your vacuum is ready for the tinsel, glitter, and many needles that will fall from your tree. Clean or change your vacuum filters, and check your vacuum pipes for blockages.

2. Drains
Not something we would normally think of, but at this time of year especially, lots of fat from food and other waste is poured into the kitchen sink. Add that to the cold weather we’re experiencing, and you’re left with hard fat and protein deposits that will not only make your kitchen smell, but can also cause a blockage.

To help prevent blocked drains and bad odours, arm yourself with Ecozone’s Enymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks. Each stick boasts a simple and effective enzyme body which you drop down the drain to help dissolve fatty foods. You get one stick to use each month for a year, to keep you well-stocked.

3. Protect your furniture
Lifting a glass off your lovely wooden table to find a ring or liquid mark is annoying to say the least, so oil or wax your wooden furniture for protection from water damage. Personally, at Christmas I love to use a product with the smell of oranges as it reminds me of the clove oranges we made in the Bristow household, happy days.

4. Kitchen smells
At this time of year, it’s never pleasant to have a smelly kitchen, especially when it manages to share its bad-smelling bounty with the rest of your home, so here are a few top tips:

  • Combat cooking fumes  add three tablespoons of white vinegar to a cup of water and boil in a saucepan for seven minutes, the acidic vinegar will neutralise the offending odour
  • Bag the trash – nothing causes more ripe smells in your home than the bins, so empty them more often and wipe them inside and out with an antibacterial wipe. Also, keep the smell of the bin itself under control by adding a scented laundry sheet between the bag and the bin
  • Deodorise your dishwasher – as always, it’s good practice to give your appliance a clean, but it’s a great idea to give it a deep clean before the big day arrives. For one, it will give a fresh smell to your kitchen, and it also means your dishwasher will be fighting fit for lots of pots and pans
  • Freshen your fridge – get a used plastic butter container, fill with two tablespoons of baking soda, make a few holes in the lid, and put it in the bottom of your appliance. It’s so simple and really effective

5. The toilet of terror
There’s nothing worse than having guests walk into your bathroom only to be met with a wall of odour, so let’s save our loved ones from embarrassment with a few simple items.

Firstly – ditch that old brush.

Guests will always see your toilet brush, but it doesn’t have to be the old-fashioned, large bristled design we’ve been using for 50 years. The Ecoegg Live Clever Hy-Brush has a sleek and soft silicone head designed to mould to the contours of your loo, reach much further than your average brush, and barely drip to help prevent all of that dirty water gathering in the storage pot. It also offers superb antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, with an antibacterial handle and silver ions impregnated into the head.

Secondly – stop smells in their tracks.

Picture this, you’ve used the toilet at a friend’s house, and there’s a smell, but you can’t find anything to tackle it. Plus, nightmare, someone’s waiting for you to exit – it can be so embarrassing!

QVC stock a great brand called Poo Pourri that use essential oils to block the odours in the toilet bowl. Your guests simply spray into the toilet pan, use the toilet, and leave with the sweet smell of a successful visit to your bathroom.

Which of these top tips will you be testing out this festive season?

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