Hot tub and times way


Well, what a beautiful morning it is and I am just heading into work. I know it sounds crazy but I’m talking to myself as I drive, recording my chatter, which I will attempt to decipher later (I’m now at home trying to do just that!).

Actually, its not crazy – I think it’s rather normal! Certainly with the advent of mobile phones, we all look as if we are doing it. Although, I remember when I was younger I used to walk to the bus stop chatting away to myself (I obviously had a inkling my career was going to involve a lot of conversation and I needed to practice). I would start conversations with pretend people and I would practice speeches! All well and good until you realise someone is watching you.

Even in the early days of mobiles, sitting in your car talking to yourself was a tad embarrassing, wasn’t it..? Luckily now we’re all at it and sometimes it can actually be most productive. I remember writing my speech for my wedding and going over it in the car and I couldn’t do it without tears. And guess what on the day… yup, it was exactly the same. It doesn’t seem that far away, yet Dan and I will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary soon.

Today I had yet another ‘oops’ Claire moment as I arrived at work two hours early. Hmm, note to self: always check the schedule before you head to bed (which I usually always do). Thank goodness I was early and not two hours late! I’m rather partial to muddle ups at the moment, aren’t I…

Now, let’s get down to business and see how we are all doing? Hoping for ‘perky, great and yes all is good’ responses from you all. I’m feeling all of the above and a meal out with friends tonight is a lovely thought, too. Yesterday was a very busy day, I actually managed to film a video for Elasticizer from Philip Kingsley, which is brilliant and on a great offer at QVC this month with no P&P charge.

In fact, following my videos (which you can watch below) I had three messages in five minutes from the three of my friends, saying: “…is it really that good and is it worth it?”. Yes and Yes were my simple answers. If you are yet to have tried it, the offer lasts for the remainder of July and by my reckoning there’s not long left, so what have you got to lose? Oh, and the purple WetBrush I mention in the video is coming up towards the end of July.

I have to share with you a brilliant audiobook, which you can also buy as a hard copy. I do love to listen to things when I’m driving (once I’ve finished chatting). It’s called Period Power by Maisie Hill. I wish I had read it years ago and without a shadow of doubt I shall pass it onto Maddie, for her to appreciate some amazing and enlightening information.

One of the things Hill explains is that our cycle falls into spring, summer, autumn and winter, which makes the greatest of sense. It’s truly fascinating with some brilliant facts, including the suggestion to track ones cycle.

Whilst I am in the beginnings of ‘the change’, I am still able to track my cycle, my mood and therefore my needs. Hill suggests we do not over-commit ourselves at certain times when our energies are naturally higher, as we will need to conserve some for the more difficult times in the cycle. Having this knowledge can help us better prepare to get the best out of ourselves in every aspect of life, as well as for those around us to better understand it/us a little more! If you’ve got some time, do investigate it.

We have a little addition in the garden in the form of a hot tub! It’s actually great fun. We hired one some years ago for a birthday party for Maddie, which was brilliant, but I thought it was a one-hit wonder that we will never use again. Yet, recently we just thought: ‘do you know what? Let’s just do it!’. I couldn’t stop myself humming Victoria Wood in that moment… if you don’t know her fabulous song, that’s lost on you! We are very much enjoying basking in the bubbles and relaxing. I must remember that our voices may obviously be quite loud above the bubbles, so we must pay attention to our discussions in the hot tub.

Right, what’s new in the world of QVC, I hear you cry? In fact, it’s perpetually bubbling with newness and excitement, as I was when I happened upon the very talented and beautiful (he really is a beautiful man) Julien Macdonald’s super candle holder, which is Today’s Special Value.

I was so surprised at the size of it. It makes quite a statement. I thought it could be a gorgeous gift for a person/wedding/brand-new home that already has everything. There are so many facets in the layers, all vying for attention and sparkling crazily when I popped it on my windowsill. Maddie then said how lovely it would be as a jewellery holder and popped it in front of her canvas of pictures. It looked super. Imagine it as a holder for cotton wool or for bits and bobs if you have a dressing table. Let’s not forget how it will look with the flame flickering from the candle.

I loved a little escape with Dan the other day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Aldeburgh is good for the soul!

With our busy lives, I feel it important to make the time for each other. Sometimes the days just fly by and the everyday boring bits are just as important to discuss as the big bits. Us girls need to talk about things in order to feel heard, appreciated and understood, don’t we? Particularly in my current state of mind (which, I have to say, has improved vastly so far with the addition of my gels and tablets).

In the photo I am sporting one of the lovely Ghost dresses. Although it was too big, as my size M had sold out… but I needed it! So I bought the large, but I will have it altered as fabulously swishy and chilled. But I LOVE it.

Holidays are arriving and Maddie breaks up in a matter of moments. She is launching herself into a summer of fun and I suspect the summer of boys!! OMG she’s my baby, what’s happening! Joe, meanwhile, is all loved up – it’s been a long relationship in the teen world! And all seems well in his world. He has some gigs in the diary with his band and has started doing some work serving at weddings.

I think that a job serving the public is even more important for our youngsters today. He comes home buzzing and when the money was put in his bank account, so was I!!! Especially as he will be learning to drive and becoming independent next, so it will be so good for him to start saving for important things. Dan says I mustn’t take away the joy of him earning, but I’ve said he needs to learn now and start recognising that some of his wage should be set aside. Am I mean… or realistic!!

I’ll leave you with some lovely things I spotted this week at QVC that are well worth a peek at…

I’m loving all the brights at the moment, so these amazing bags by Lulu Guinness and Amanda Wakeley, plus these shoes by Moda in Pelle and these Nails Inc shades have caught my eye. I also LOVED these shoes from Peter Kaiser… such unusual colours! And these zingy wedges from Marc Fisher have found its way onto my feet a fair few times these last few weeks! Oh, and I love this crystal tiger brooch from Butler and Wilson. Don’t forget it’s their big 50 coming up. We are going to start celebrating from the 23rd July, with Julia and Simon bringing you a special show on 1st August.

Have a happy week! You’ll find me in the hot tub…
Lots of love,

Claire! xxx

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