Hello to you all…


Inside Gypsy Not quite festive greetings but it sure feels like we're on the way as Christmas at QVC has officially started now. It's promising to be an all encompassing one so we all have no excuses to be sorted, happy and organised and therefore ENJOY it all! That's sounds a plan.

In the meantime, how the devil is everyone?

Here is a girl who is oh so pleased when Friday comes around. I do feel sometimes the weekends fly by waaaaaay too swiftly don't you? I've worked out that a social engagement on a Friday evening (oh how posh does that sound) sets the weekend up well and somehow makes it seem longer – a three-day weekend would be the answer wouldn't it?

For us the weekends are a welcome respite from the logistics of each week, luckily I’ve just heard Joe and Maddie's school are upping their after school clubs, so archery, street dance and choir are on the cards, whether they like it or not! It’s either that or sitting an hour each way in the car as we collect Tom…poor little ones.

I'm trying to summon up the strength to battle against the County Council for transport help – it'll be a tough one and I'm not sure if the outcome will be in our favour though I will do my utmost as it is unjust.

Thank you for your generous donations

I would like to say thank you to you all for such a magnificent evening on the 17th Oct where we, with your superb generosity, ensured again that Breast Cancer Care can continue their wonderful and vital work supporting those who are going through the horrors of breast cancer.

I was blown away by Ali Keenan on the catwalk at the Grosvenor Hotel, where it was a pleasure to spend the evening with my lovely colleagues in a non-work capacity as we were all there to show our support and love for Ali.

As always I was struck by the utter courage, determination and spirit displayed by all the sensational models and their families that evening. Certainly our three hour event the following week, where I was in the call centre taking calls for our auctions, showed once again how completely fantastic you all are in your dedication to helping Breast Cancer Care be brilliant. THANK YOU x

As I write the rain seems relentless….poor Dan!

I'm looking over at Gypsy and thought a little pic or two may be just the thing. So here she is thus far. We all slept in her as summer came to a close – yes I know but it seemed a good idea at the time.

Have you ever tried sleeping when five people are all breathing at different speeds…aaaargh, it was so hard and I was getting super anxious hearing the realities of Tom's semi snoring and his total wriggling and manoeuvring on the bunk.

Maddie had unsurprisingly the best place and filled her bunk with duvets throws and soft toys. I do wonder how she fits in to her bed sometimes with her menagerie of stuff around her! Joe meanwhile was under her – yes she has him firmly in place! He was very happy and was in a bundle of duvet with a puppy cuddle all night long. We figured it was ok in that situation and Gus was allowed!

Gypsy 2 Sleepover in Gypsy

Talking of the delicious Gus…

Gus runningHe’s a trainee gun dog in the making – he had his first session and met up with three of his siblings, you know I'm convinced he knew them, is that mad? I was such a proud mummy as Dan manoeuvred him around the field and have since tried to do what he learnt when we have been out on our walks.

The change of direction which we learnt was one cool thing as dogs don’t walk in a straight line, so if we about turn they think, oh ok what's going on? Then they're more inclined to pay attention, that’s the plan apparently! Early days I say, but showing great promise. Here's the gorgeous Gus racing back to me on our walk yesterday.

Dan meanwhile is still midway around the garden as Gus keeps escaping. To be fair it's not difficult as half the hedge is missing on one section so in order to keep him safe and stop heart attacks as he runs out to the front, work must be done . That's Dan’s weekend mission, however after a trip to buy bits it seems he has been waylaid by fixing up blinds in his office and a security light for the side of the house. " Is that to illuminate Gus as we see him escape?" I asked. ****$€*+>$^#*** was the response!!

A trip this weekend to the cinema should be renamed bankruptcy…

Honestly it's dreadful isn't it? On this occasion though I allowed the children plus two of Joe’s friends (a belated birthday treat) to have the popcorn, slush puppies, chocolate ice cream , with my pick and mix thrown in for good measure. Maybe I'm just Scrooge in disguise but the total bill for cinema and sundrieswas £72.00!

I guess they make up their money on the food section as sometimes there's only four or five people in the cinema, but oh my goodness. Still they all played so happily in the garden afterwards and Joe was so excited waiting for the moment his friends were coming , it is lovely to be able to do that every now and then isn't it?

Oh and SSSSSHHHH don't tell the children, but Father Christmas will be meeting them in Lapland! I've only gone and done it, booked a day trip only though as school and my pattern at QVC couldn't allow more, but I feel really excited and truly hope its a magical moment for them all, not to mention Dan and I seeing them experience it all. 

Ordinarily to take an 11 year old would be a little late but Tom is my total believer and in fact today Maddie informed me the Fairies, Tinkerbell and Father Christmas are real don't you know…so it's all looking good!!! Just Joe to convince. Any tips? Perhaps it's the cost of this that made me Scrooge-like with the cinema…

Sundays in this family seem to be a catch up and sort out day

And as I sit here now at the end of another one I'm struck by how much time we spend sorting. Does that balance with the doing? There's a thought, I wonder?

A good day though, in that the homework for all was completed with not too much upset. Though having had a conversation with a friend who teaches and who commented on how she's noticed the attention span and sentence construction of our children is so changed since she last was in a classroom, I admit to feeling rather concerned as I sat with the children to settle down and work I wondered if the art of words and love of words will be lacking in their future.

That said Joe's homework was 'super sentences’. I won't bore you but I was reassured his words were delightful and true testament to his mad imagination! Attention span though? The jury's still out!

Hoping that you ALL are well and happy and as ever I love hearing from you, so I shall check back soon.

With lots of love

Claire xxxx


  1. Michele October 22, 2012 at 7:01 pm -  Reply

    What a lovely family you have Claire. I have only just started watching QVC and especially loved the Frontcover make-up show today – couldn’t believe the value. The Gypsy looks so pretty – will it be decorated for Christmas? Best Wishes Michele.

  2. D Morris October 22, 2012 at 8:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gorgeous!!
    What a busy life you lead with so many things going on even at weekends it seems. Glad the family are all ok and ‘Gypsy’ looks amazing. Like my sister who is also an ‘Aries’ she tries to do lots of different things & then worries how they will all pan out & if they will get done to the right standard. Usually everything is ok & good but i guess it’s in the blood & no use telling you to not worry.
    Caught you on a jewellery show with charlie the other week, so funny together and then you talked about tights & stockings. ‘No Stockings’ you said, good grief, you don’t know what your missing!! LOL. I shall have to educate you (tee! hee!) but its true the ones with seams are very glamourous & elegant and yes can be sexy (and not to be confused with sex). Today on ‘Front Cover’ make-up you said about some ‘girlfriends’ letting you do make up on them. I’m quite willing to let you use your skills on this fizzog!! That’ll test you!! Mind, it would also test Ali Young!!
    I did buy something during the BCC show last wednesday and thought you all looked very glam and loved your outfit on the show with Trinny & Susannah.
    Hope you get some transport sorted for Tom.
    Best Wishes
    Davina Morris xxx

  3. Linda October 23, 2012 at 12:00 am -  Reply

    Hi Claire, How quick the year is going, glad that QVC brings Christmas early, number eight grandchild is due on the 12th December. Hope you get the transport sorted out for Tom, my sister had a battle for a while to get her son to his centre and because of his condition he now needs to be escorted in a taxi. See Gus is growing fast, Radley is too, such a chewer though, no matter how many toys we buy him. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it. Love to you and your lovely family.xx Love Linda

  4. claire sutton October 23, 2012 at 1:43 pm -  Reply

    You are funny…my recent experience with stockings was a couple of new years eves ago…fancy dress as CHER!!!!Maybe I should give them a whirl again. The Frontcover show you were tuned into was fab and so good for experimenting with brilliant value…were you tempted? It’s the foundation I always think makes or breaks the look…which one do you find works for you?
    Hey maybe Miss Young and I could do you a makeover??!! There’s a thought..
    Pearls with Ralph await me, so I shall say farewell for now,
    Lots of love,
    Claire xxxx

  5. claire sutton October 23, 2012 at 1:47 pm -  Reply

    Hello Michelle, thank you ever so much for taking the time to reply, it’s lovely hearing from you and …i know….re the frontcover show! I want it all. My daughter’s friend said oooooh pretty make-up to me as I picked them up from dance class at 7, so had staying power too, as it went on at 10 and taken off at a sleepy 11.50pm….
    lots of love
    Claire x

  6. claire sutton October 23, 2012 at 1:51 pm -  Reply

    Oh Linda how thrilling to be awaiting an 8th grandchild. Maddie was my Mummy’s 8th grandchild and she soooo wished for more…how about you? I hope all goes so well and I look forward to the news of the safe arrival.
    Hopefully Master Radley’s chewing will settle, it’s funny how different they all are. that said a Lego snake from Joe’s new set fell victim to Gus yesterday….tears…..!!! Ooops, but I’ve said so many times to be careful of things..luckily i’ts not ruined totally, just now undulating.
    Lots of love Linda, Claire x

  7. Susan October 23, 2012 at 6:21 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    I so look forward to your monthly blog. It is just lovely. I love your way with words and your interesting life! Gypsy is stunning. You should be so proud! A lot of hard work there! And you all look stunning as well on your sleepover! Naked face suits you! I love the photo of Gus too. I’m taking our little one out too so report back to me on how he does and vice versa! I thought you looked gorgeous on the BCC night and also at Dickie’s wedding. Julia had a photo. I also hope you get transport sorted. Notfair is it. Talking of not fair…cinema costs…well ANYthing costs now. Madness. And they wonder why depression etc is high!!
    See you soon,
    Susan x

  8. Joanna Downey October 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire, Children, Gus and Gypsy – all gorgeous and obviously keeping you very busy. It seems a long time since we had to juggle all the activities in and out of school for our two girlies and I can remember cinema visits being quite a considered “purchase” even then. I totally agree with your idea of a three day weekend because, as from this term, I’ve been allowed to work from Monday to Thursday, it’s bliss and has truly given me a better work/life balance. However, September started really badly when we lost our beautiful cat, Kizzy. She was 17 and we’d had her since I found her, tatty and hungry, outside the office where I worked. She had a wonderful life and only started to fade away this Summer. I’ve used up all my logic trying to come to terms with her death but I miss her more than I can say. On a happier note I love, love, love Christmas and hope to get the remainder of the gifts next week – half-term holiday for mine and Ellie’s schools. I’m one of those who shops throughout the year getting things when I see them. I try to enjoy the Autumn rather than rush through it thinking of December but the QVC Christmas film and what’s appearing in the shops makes that difficult… Lapland sounds wonderful and the magic of believing is one of the most precious aspects of childhood. Lovely to hear from you. Love from Jo x

  9. Jan Burnley October 24, 2012 at 3:37 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire!
    In one of my most generous phases, ie, when I could afford it, I paid for my son, daughter in law and grand daughter,(she was about five a the time) to go to Lapland to see Father Christmas.They all thoroughly enjoyed it. The problem came a few years later when Jasmine was wavering about (whisper) if a certain old gentleman was real!She’s made up her mind now, well, she is nearly thirteen !!
    Best Wishes, Jan Burnley x

  10. D Morris October 25, 2012 at 9:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    A makeover by you & Ali Young? Sounds wonderful as i’m not 100% happy with concealer & foundation using at moment. it’s by ‘Mii’ which isn’t a cheap brand but it’s always the concern of a dark shadow showing after a few hours!! I have got some bare minerals but was advised a cream foundation might be better, hence the Mii as thats what the salon where i go for hair removal (waxing) and somtimes a manicure suggested. You always look so glamourous as does Ali Y no matter your demonstrating, so would really love some tips. Maybe some before & after pics (arrghh) did i really suggest that. i’ve got a big party on Saturday 24th November in London so hoping to look my best.
    Have recently bought the bare minerals Naturalizing primer to see if that helps at all as i have large pores on my nose & some broken capiliaries on my cheeks.
    Do hope you get some transport sorted for Tom and getting ready for christmas yet?? I’ve got all my presents (just showing off now!!)
    Davina xx

  11. PAULA joy WILLIAMS October 26, 2012 at 6:01 am -  Reply


  12. Sylvia October 29, 2012 at 1:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    I love to read your blog as always. What a treat for the kids and Dan and yourself of course to be going to Lapland !!!! Wow wee I hope you all have a terrific time. I’m sure you will take some photos—–looking forward to seeing them. Bye the way Gypsy is looking good and it looks great fun for the kids. Love as always Claire to you all x Sylvia

  13. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen October 29, 2012 at 6:40 pm -  Reply

    hi claire how are you i am not bad

  14. jeanette October 30, 2012 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    lovely to see your blog. Loved the pics of gypsy kiddies and Gus it makes me wish i had a bigger garden and to do something similar. I agree about the prices of sweets and drinks at the cinema its so expensive one of my friends buys sweets elsewhere and just buys drinks at the cinema i know its a bit naughty !!! I bet Gus enjoys the gun dog training i used to do a bit with my previous retriever and yes changing direction when walking keeps their attention on you. I dont know if you remember a couple of blogs ago i asked about what colour you use as i am similar colouring to you sorry to ask again its just with christmas coming i want it to look nice i am still trying to grow it but its at that difficult stage so keep trying it up ! Sorry to ask i know you are busy
    Love Jeanette x

  15. Kristina Moore October 31, 2012 at 3:23 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire and family, well done on Gypsy. Well worth waiting for and all the hard work in my opinion and you can decorate her in so many ways too. Brilliant.
    I hope that Tom’s transport gets sorted out by you and Paula if you contact her. Keep plugging away at them if necessary.
    Say hello to Santa for me when you all go to Lapland. Lucky people. Sounds like heaven. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and I am certain it is a day that will be remembered for the rest of Tom, Joe and Maddie’s lives – if not yours and Dan’s.
    I am extremely jealous of anyone with pets as I have never been able to have any. When I had the money I didn’t have the time and now I have the time I don’t have the money. So pats to Gus from me too please. Sympathy to all those, like you, who have lost a beloved furry friend.
    When I was able to work weekends were spent trying to get the house ready for the next week. They went way to quickly and I never managed it and now the house is even worse because of the CFS. Oh well. It is there for a reason although I don’t know why yet.
    Have fun!

  16. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:00 pm -  Reply

    Lovely hearing from you, as always.
    Sunshine streaming through my…oh my word filthy windows! As I write this…is it any wonder I don’t complete tasks…toooo much to do always!
    Have a super sunny crisp Wednesday,

  17. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:01 pm -  Reply

    Been on hols for a …wet week! Let me speak with miss young, I’d love to help…the primer is great, I have that one on the go right now….
    Be back with info as soon as,

  18. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:04 pm -  Reply

    So glad you like gypsy, I’ll never forget all the little comments helping me get her that you sent to me….a quick hello and then I must take Gus for some sunny fun today before Tom’s early collection from school…eye appt….again! I’ll pat Gus for you, Charlie’s next on the puppy list…he’s soooo excited, check in to his blog soon and hopefully we’ll see a pup! Xxx

  19. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:05 pm -  Reply

    Martin, Hello to you today, I hope this sunshine is cheery for you, good as ever to hear from you,
    take care,
    C x

  20. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm -  Reply

    Jan, what a kind grandma you are! Count down to meeting the big man has started, though the children are unaware so far…I need to get their letters written, so anything Madd’s asks for, I jot down and say Christmas wish list Maddie…….exciting huh?
    Love to you, Claire x

  21. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm -  Reply

    Paula Joy,
    How very kind you are to offer to help, sadly though all counties vary and seemingly mine…is not very kind!
    I have one more avenue to pursue…I’ll keep you in touch,
    Love Claire x

  22. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:10 pm -  Reply

    Sylvia, photos…I promise! That’s if we remember to charge up before hand!!!!

  23. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:18 pm -  Reply

    Oh I was so sad for you all when I read about Kizzy….. I still miss Bramble, my cat from growing up and Liquorice is still chatted to by us all so much…up there…..poor you, I hope you are ok..
    I thought of you the other day as I was tidying and wiping cupboards…not like you placing them in order, but as I kept my haricot beans and tomatoes in lines……you flew to mind. I , as always envy the organised bits of you…the Xmas shopping???!!! I just think it’ll never happen for me…but, stranger things have happened.
    So pleased you’re balanced better and have the 4 day week now, fabulous. I feel weird as I’ve had time off…Tom starting school, now half term ….I worry QVC will manage oh so we’ll without me and I Lloyd be turfed out……there’s insecurity for you ! Hopefully all will be fine. I’m in next week and back in my pattern, so sure I’ll settle down again and the scales will even up.
    sending my love as I dash out with Gus,
    C x

  24. Claire Sutton November 7, 2012 at 1:22 pm -  Reply

    Hello, lovely to hear from you…Master Gus has leapt into puppy mode…so…the behavior is definitely changing! I’ll keep you updated, though he retrieved well on Saturday, he wouldn’t walk to heel with me, and raced around the room with a manky old cabbage head spewing mud and stuff everywhere!!!!!!! Perisher!
    All forgiven in a whisker though…
    Love C x

  25. Claire Sutton November 12, 2012 at 10:20 am -  Reply

    Hair dye on and box here at my side…so I use Loreal excellence blonde supreme number 01 lightest natural blonde . Lady on front has a fringe less bob…blonde! And writing is in blue and gold colours …I’m a warm brunette with grey now!!!! And works well for me, though Catherine’s new colour is gorgeous…. Im envious as she’s so much braver than me!
    Lots of love xxxxxx

  26. Davina Morris November 13, 2012 at 12:05 pm -  Reply

    Lets forget the grey!! ‘Warm Brunette’ sounds wonderful and would make you look very sexy & sultry i’m sure. Yes, Catherines colour looks marvellous. My colour is similar to warm brunette with a hint of light chocolate. Have yo ugot a pic of you with your original colour?? Just for comparison with toadys look. Take care
    Davina xx

  27. Karen Meadows November 16, 2012 at 12:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire, Lapland is amazing, me and my husband went on our own!! Don’t forget ur hats, scarves and gloves!! It is cold, and a long day, but fantastic! Oh, and we had a photograph taken with Santa and his elf! Hope u all av a fab time xxxx

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