Spring haircuts!


Spring sunsetHello!

I've been trying to decide what to write about in my next blog, and struggling to come up with a theme as I haven't really done anything exciting lately. That's my excuse for not having written for a while – that and being pretty full on at work. Actually, I realised that sometimes we need a while when not much happens. My batteries feel well and truly run down at the moment and a few weeks without filling every day to the brim with things to do and places to go has been what I've needed.

Beautiful country viewI asked Simon Biagi the other day whether it was normal to have to stop on my drive home for fear of falling asleep (in the middle of the afternoon!) He said it happens to him too, sometimes, so maybe it's just a symptom of our early starts, but he suggested I take some vitamin B12, which can help with feelings of tiredness. Tova, his wife, has a health and wellbeing shop and Simon knows about these things!

Next day he turned up with a small brown bottle full of fluid to drop under my tongue, and I have to say only a couple of days later and I was certainly feeling a bit livelier.

Countryside at duskI do try to look after myself, and I'm eating healthily at the moment, losing weight with Slim-Be helping me follow the two-day diet plan (both available on QVC, although the book has sold out twice on the Morning Show.) I'm not doing much exercise as I'm seeing the physio at the moment for a couple of niggling injuries, but I do manage to take Barney for his walks. Now the sun is making the occasional appearance it will help replenish vitamin D stores in our bodies – something else we all need to feel our best, but many of us are probably rather low in after the long dark winter we have now hopefully left behind us.

Barney's spring haircut!Getting out into our local countryside is a sure way of lifting my spirits, and good weather helps, of course. This last weekend was beautiful, and I was able to enjoy some of it with Ali Keenan. Now that she lives so much closer to me we can meet up more often and we had a lovely Sunday afternoon walk together with Barney along the River Thames, ending up in a pub for a coffee together. I love to take photos as Iwalk, and have a few here for you – you may not recognise Barney as he has had his spring haircut! He must be weighed down by his heavy coat when it's long – he always has so much energy when he's just been shorn, and I don't think it's just to keep warm! For a dog who is almost 14 he is still very lively. Maybe I should try a severe haircut rather than the vitamins!

I hope you are feeling well and enjoying life. I must get off to bed – it's late and I'm up early tomorrow for the Morning Show. Hope to see you there!

Take care

Kathy x


  1. Christine Jones April 25, 2013 at 11:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    I wanted to write after having a quick chat this morning with you on the Pomodoro show. It was lovely to speak to you and when you asked if the wedding I wore Pomodoro to was my son s who d had the grandaughter I was minding today I said no, but actually, when I thought about it later,it was!! Although we had a lovley wedding sadly the marriage didnt last but 2 years ago he met a lovely girl and in November baby Isabella arrived to warm all our hearts.. So yes you were right.
    I was just looking at your beautiful photos and the one of the sunset brought tears to my eyes, after I spoke to you, my beautiful cavalier spaniel William who s 12 became quite ill, he s not been well for a wk now and I needed to take him to the vet, he broke the news that William was seriously ill with heart failure. I knew I was losing my little shadow who followed me everywhere, I have diabetes and he knew when I was having a low blood sugar moment never leaving my side,when I did my morning quiet time prayers he was there, usually sitting beside me and as i opened my eyes he would be looking at me as if he understood.. When i was singing, usually in the kitchen, I would turn round and there he d be wagging his tail at me.. Everyone who met him was won over, so gentle and friendly and loving.. 12 years of ups and downs he s shared them all.. Tonight, as I held him, heartbroken, I said Goodbye to my faithful friend and when I saw your sunset photo Kathy, and Barney I shed more tears but yet it made me feel warm inside, friends said he was blessed to have a lovely “mum” and “dad” and we were going on holiday next wk to his favourite place.. Conway, there will be sunsets there too.. He loved the beach walks and it always did him good.. I am giving thanks for his long and happy life but Oh, I am missing him so..
    It is late, so ill finish now but Thank you Kathy for the Sunset photo, it has given me such comfort and seeing lovely Barney XX Give him a hug from me .
    The sky here tonight is red and pink and it calmed me, then seeing your sky, well, it moved me to reflect though the tears flowed.. The sun setting on a beautiful friendship,and companionship I will never forget and seeing sunsets i will always remember.. how timely was your blog and you thought you did nt have much to say, it spoke volumes to me!!!!
    Speaking with you today was so lovely,little did I know what was to come.. Take care Kathy, and all your family
    God bless and thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Christine xxx

  2. Susan April 26, 2013 at 8:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy,
    That was a lovely blog..so normal lol! We all need ‘down time’ where we have no pressing commitments and social engagements. Goodness you’re up at the crack of dawn so I am not surprised you get tired!! Don’t be hard on yourself. I think it can be hormonal as well as weather related and busy life related too. So maybe you’re just a bit hormonal too. I hope the vitamins help. Didn’t know Simon’s wife was called Tova or that she had a health shop!! So kind of him to give you the vits.
    You take it easy and chat soon,
    Susan x
    PS No I didn’t recognise Barney!! Very svelte!!!

  3. Christine Jones April 26, 2013 at 10:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    it was lovely to have a chat with you this morning on the Pomodoro show, albeit for a short time…
    Seeing your lovely photos of the sunsets really touched me today as I had the sadness of having our beloved cavalier dog William put to sleep today not long after I d spoken to you and tonight, there was a pink sunset in our sky as we came home after saying our goodbyes… The sunsetting on 12 years of a most precious friendship… So you thought you d not much to share, but what you did put on your blog really lifted me and was a blessing.
    Thank you so much Kathy.. seeing Barney too, reminded me of our William, he was a very special dog who everyone warmed to and your Barney looks the same..
    Much love to you and all your family, and thank you again Kathy for the Sunsets.. Stunning..
    Take care
    Christine xxx

  4. Susanne Fitzpatrick April 29, 2013 at 12:07 am -  Reply

    Hello Kathy
    Just wondered how your poorly pussycat is getting along?
    I lost mine last week – suddenly, no notice – and am heartbroken. Not eaten for two weeks …. Weight loss is handy but what I wouldn’t give to have him back. Animals break your heart, don’t they?
    Fingers crossed yours is well and happy.
    Susanne x

  5. martin forbes April 30, 2013 at 6:15 pm -  Reply

    hi Kathy.hope you are well iam not bad

  6. kathy tayler May 7, 2013 at 12:44 pm -  Reply

    Hello Christine.
    I’m so sorry to hear about William – you must be heartbroken as it sounds as though he was the most perfect friend for you. (And you the perfect ‘mum’!) We become so attached to our pets, don’t we? They are really part of the family and there is a huge gap in our lives when we lose them. I’m sorry that the sunset photo caused more bitter-sweet tears, but it’s better to shed them thean hold them in. And of course, it’s important to remember all those happy times when he was with you.
    Barney will be 14 in July so we are aware that he’s an old boy now. We will be taking him with us on holiday to France this year. We are going in our motorhome, which he loves, and I’ll put a picture of him in it up on my next blog to give you a smile.
    I hope you managed to enjoy your break in Conway, and didn’t miss him too much. And make the most of Isabella – I bet you’re a brilliant Gran!
    Take care
    Kathy x

  7. kathy tayler May 7, 2013 at 12:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi again Susan!
    If there’s one thing you can be fairly sure about with me, it’s that I’m normal!It’s just that there is this feeling that a blog should be about something special or exciting, but that’s not real life, is it?
    And yes, Simon’s wife is Norwegian and called Tove, although I spelt it the way we say it as Tova. I’m feeling better – a bit less wiped out – so whether it’s the sunshine, a few early nights or the vitamins, I’m not taking any chances and will keep with the tablets!
    Talk to you soon, take care
    Kathy x

  8. kathy tayler May 7, 2013 at 1:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Susanne
    Thanks for asking about Buddy, he’s doing really well. He needs his blood pressure tablets, but is finding his way around the house really well, and has been venturing out into the garden now the weather is better. He loves lying on the wooden decking soaking up the sunshine, like any self-respecting cat!
    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat – you’re right about our pets breaking our hearts. But as the saying goes, it is so much better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
    I hope you begin to feel better soon – might you consider having another aty any point?
    With my best wishes to you
    Kathy x

  9. kathy tayler May 7, 2013 at 1:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Martin.
    Good to hear from you – glad you’re doing ok – and I’m pleased to say that I am too!
    Best wishes
    Kathy x

  10. hema June 9, 2013 at 11:30 am -  Reply

    hi kathy
    i have noticed that your hair has regrown a lot than before and it looks lovely. may i know what you are using

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