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So this week I braved a Facebook live with no make-up on! I know this isn’t exactly an impressive achievement but it’s one of those things that I do feel self conscious about. I don’t generally even do the school run without a little CC Cream to balance out my face, particularly if I have a puffy-looking tired face, which in all honesty is most mornings! The reason for it was to show me using the Today’s Special Value from Tarte which was over the weekend. If you bought yours then you’ll be looking forward to it arriving any day and if you want a reminder of what’s in it or how to use the new Shape Tape Foundation, then you can catch up with my Facebook live here. I’m wearing a Kim & Co jumpsuit in the video.

Outside of QVC

As we are nearing the end of school term Tilda’s ballet class allowed the parents to come and watch. I love this so much as it’s ridiculously cute to see all of them in their ballet outfits and leaping about pretending to be fairies and animals along with them starting out with the basics of ballet at the barre. They will be doing a show next term and so showed us a little of their routine, it brought a tear to my eye. Ivy was desperate to join in and was trying to copy the moves while next to me. When she turns three she will be able to start classes too but I’m not sure what the teacher will be letting herself in for!

What I’m using in beauty

I’m quite excited about my beauty post this week because I’ve discovered a brand that I have never tried before and I’m really loving it. It’s called Julep and they bring us a Korean-inspired range of make-up and skincare. As many of you already know, the beauty world is following Korean beauty in every aspect as they are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone in their knowledge of all things beauty. So what were my favourites? Well I want to give a big shout out to the Matte Lip Mousse. I love creating a strong lip and these colours do just that, whether you go for a neutral or a really vibrant pop of colour. They are formulated with extra fine, milled pigments so they last a long time and also they feel really silky on application so feel really comfortable to wear.

I am wearing from top left, clockwise, XOXO, Bisou, Pillow Talk and Ooh La La. I have been wearing them all in rotation pretty much every day since I got them and they are my new favourites.

I also want to give a mention to the rather gorgeous Blush Sticks. Big, chunky sticks of colour that you just swipe straight onto the skin. The Desert Rose colour is perfect for the apples of the cheek. Just dab on and then blend with your fingers and voila. I then used the shade of Sheer Glow as a highlighter which I swiped across the cheekbones and up next to my eyes. So quick, and a beautiful finish. There is so much more in the range but those were definitely my favourites so do please check it out. I believe that Julep will have a show this coming Thursday.

What I’m wearing

Well thank goodness sequins are now acceptable at any time of day!! There was a time they were just for evening wear and discos but now we can wear sequins whenever we like, particularly when there are now slightly less wild, matt finish sequins. That’s what my Rino & Pelle bomber jacket is absolutely covered in. It’s two-tone in pewter and gold and an almost petrol-like blue. The sequins are double-sided so that in one direction they are gold and if you swipe over them they show the blue side. It’s just blooming fabulous!! I love it and will be wearing this out for weekend drinks and even day time lunches if I’m going somewhere trendy. I appreciate it might not be for everyone but if you like something a bit quirky and funky then give this a whirl.

What I’m cooking

Tarragon Pork Belly & Orzo

You’ll need:
One pack of pork belly (try tofu for veggie)
Orzo pasta
Purple sprouting broccoli
Stock cubes
Dried tarragon
Olive oil

This is a corker if I do say so myself. It’s super cheap and incredibly yummy. If you haven’t used orzo before, it’s simply a pasta that looks like large grains of rice and you can find it in the pasta section at the supermarket.

Pork belly is about £2.50 for a pack that makes enough for two, so it’s a nice cheap mid-week meal. Pour in a good slug of olive oil into a deep pan and add a clove of chopped garlic to simmer on a medium heat. Sprinkle in a good shake of dried tarragon to infuse into the oil. Meanwhile chop up each strip of pork belly into small chunks and add to the pan and cook until crispy, you may need to turn the heat up to get a good crisp on them. I then added chopped up purple sprouting broccoli but you can also use a dark cabbage or even spinach. I then added another shake of tarragon for more flavour.

In another pot, pour in enough orzo pasta for each person, roughly 75g each. Then take a jug and melt a vegetable or chicken stock cube (I did one of each) into a jug of boiling water and mix. About 600ml (that was for enough pasta for two people so add more as required). Pour over the Orzo in the pan and then put on the hob to boil the pasta. You only need to cook it for about 8 mins but make sure to keep stirring as like rice it can burn to the bottom.

Once this is done, ladle about three scoops of the stock to transfer to the pan of pork and broccoli. Then drain the orzo and add it to the pan as well. Add salt and pepper and give it a stir and that’s you done! If you taste it and find the tarragon isn’t coming through enough add a little more and stir through. If you’re naughty like me add some grated parmesan!

I really love this meal, it’s hearty and filling, cheap and easy! So that’s it for another week, this year is flying already isn’t it?!

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Katy x


  1. dee March 29, 2018 at 12:43 pm -  Reply

    I never use Korean beauty stuff as I had always assumed it was tested on animals do you happen to know Katy? it might have been mentioned but I rarely get to watch and do most of my shopping browsing online

  2. Elizabeth keenan April 1, 2018 at 2:07 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Katy
    You would have enjoyed going to Tilda’s ballet to watch! Its always special doing that.
    ivy will be raring to go when she is old enough as well.
    When my two daughters were young they did dancing classes and always enjoyed going to see the shows that were put on,
    The shows were always put on in the theatre and they thought they were stars with the lights around the mirror stuff he he.
    Happy Easter Katy.
    Much love
    Elizabeth ???

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