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We’re very excited about the Nutri Ninja Today’s Special Value offer this Friday 10th July – and we’re looking forward to seeing how to make lots of delicious creations with our guest on the day, Caroline Sandry. Having spent many years in the health and wellbeing industry, Caroline has written three books and has 14 health and fitness DVDs to her name.

As a personal trainer and Pilates teacher, Caroline’s clients have included, actors and actresses, pop stars and royalty, as well as many other people wishing to improve their lives by improving their health. Caroline has worked with QVC since back in 1994 when she started out as one of QVC’s first house models! However since 2001 Caroline’s been a regular health and fitness expert guest and says that it is her favourite of all jobs! We asked her to tell us a little more about Friday’s Ninja offer and share a few great recipes with us…

Caroline: “I’ve always been passionate about health, fitness and diet, and am truly grateful that I get to make my passion my career! My goal is to motivate people to lead a healthier life because I have seen the joy that small changes can bring! You only get one amazing body in this life, so why not treat it with grace and respect and make it the best that it can possibly be for the journey…

Nutri Ninja 900W Nutritional Blender 804206- pd

I’m so excited about this Friday’s TSV featuring the Nutri Ninja because I have been raving about the amazing benefits of smoothies for the last couple of years! Smoothies and juices are hot right now and there’s good reason why; one glass can quickly provide you with your 5-a-day and so much more!

Breakfast on the goSo many people are time-stressed and healthy eating can seem like another chore to add to the ‘to-do’ list, but with the Nutri Ninja Nutrient Extractor you can fill yourself up with a super healthy, delicious and nutritious meal-in-a-glass within minutes.

The Nutri Ninja Nutrient Extractor features a powerful 900W motor that literally pulverizes whole fruits and vegetables (including the nutritious skins) to a super smooth consistency in a matter of seconds. Nuts and seeds are no problem for the blades and will add some quality protein to your drinks. Ice will be crushed in seconds, making your drinks thick and creamy without any added calories!

My little girl came into the world two years ago, and these last two years have been a crazy, rushed juggle of being Mummy and running my own business with very little sleep! I am absolutely convinced that my daily green smoothie enabled me to keep going with surprisingly high energy levels throughout that time. I call my daily smoothie The Green Goddess (pictured below left), it takes just minutes to prepare each morning but contains fibre, protein, iron, calcium, essential fats and a wide array of other vitamins and minerals. So much better for you than grabbing some toast and jam!

The Green Goddess
¼ avocado
½ banana
3 chunky slices cucumber
1 dessertspoon Raw Coconut Goodness
Almond milk or water (to achieve your desired consistency)
1 tbsp vanilla protein powder
1 cup spinach leaves (or kale if it’s in the fridge)

Blend for 45 seconds and sprinkle with bee pollen for added nutrients and energy. I like mine really thick, but you are in control! (Sub in any extras that need eating up in the fridge such as ripe pears, celery and parsley for extra nutrients and to save food waste!)

Green Goddes and Strawberry Sinsation

Here is one of my favourite summer recipes -Strawberry Sin-sation which is from the recipe inspiration guide which comes with the Nutri Ninja (pictured above right and below before and after blending) Simply blend strawberries, sunflower seeds, pomegranate juice, coconut water with a little ginger and fresh mint for a heavenly, healthy concoction that’s sure to impress your taste buds and your friends!

Strawberry Sinsation before and after blending

Strawberry Sin-sation – full of antioxidants and digestive herbs, this nutrient rich juice is super refreshing
200g strawberries quartered
1 tbsp fresh mint leaves
3g fresh ginger
10g unsalted sunflower seeds
175ml pomegranate juice
125ml coconut water
125g ice

Place the ingredients into the 650ml cup in the order shown and blend for 25 seconds

Another  vitamin packed veggie and fruit combo that I love is the Ninja 9 – pictured below

Ninja 9
90g cucumber cut into chunks
1/2 stalk of celery
1/4 Granny Smith apple cut into chunks
1 small carrot in quarters
8g red onion
1/4 green chilli (seeded)
55g beetroot (peeled)
10g red cabbage, shredded
pinch of salt
125g ice
170g tomato cut into quarters

Place the ingredients in the order above into the 650ml cup and blend for 25 seconds

Ninja 9 with ingredients

Smoothies can be taken as a meal replacement if you are in a rush (the Sip & Seal lids mean you don’t even have to bother with a glass) or as a delicious snack. I even recommend that some of my clients simply add a smoothie into their day for extra nutrition at anytime if their diets are lacking in fresh foods (and thereby all the goodness that they deliver). Remember; you are what you eat, so grab some fruit and veg and get blending!

Join us and Caroline on Friday 10th July for more, until then, take a look at the full range from Nutri Ninja.


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