Healthy eating competition, Les Mis and funny festive dog pics


Debbie wearing her Ronni Nicole dressThis week…
A one-day competition – enter now! Anti-ageing health talk in Dorking – ticket to win!
'Les Mis' movie review – big screen, big drama.
And family fun in Bath (no, not 'in the bath' – in the city of Bath! Lol)

Don't miss the wonderful film review from my trip to an early screening of the big winter blockbuster, Cameron Macintosh's film of 'Les Misérables'. Plus some really funny doggy pics to make you smile…

Winter weightloss – and a one-day competition – enter by THURSDAY 6TH 5PM!
But first, here's the fast-track competition I promised you last week – you have to leave a comment below by 5pm on THURSDAY 6TH – that's TOMORROW (or TODAY if you're reading it on Thursday! Hehe).

I managed to persuade Marlene to allow a single place – worth £135 – for the workshop and Friday evening talk, to go up for this competition. Why? Well many people have commented over the last seven months or so, about how well I'm looking. And it's choosing my diet more carefully that's helped me get here. I've still a way to go, sure. But for me, post-50, it's all about being healthier too. Therefore I needed to discover some REASONS to eat more plants, salads, veg, spring greens, and what to avoid… and more importantly – WHY.

Now it turns out, it's also an anti-ageing diet! Hey that's good news! And can help with all sorts of health issues. SO if you can:-
Get yourself to Dorking (Wotton) 10am-4pm, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December – that's THIS weekend!
Can also, if you like, add the optional Friday night 7pm-9pm talk
Would really value coming along, and perhaps fancy meeting Craigy and myself too!

Then leave a comment at the bottom, by 5pm Thursday 6th – that's Thursday SIXTH December – it's a one-day-only competition! And I look forward to seeing the winner at the weekend! How exciting!

NB. Please add your telephone number to your comment- this is because the competition running time is so short, my blog lady Sally will ring you to let you know you've won! Don't worry, it's only for the purposes of getting in touch, and absolutely won't be published online. You can read the full terms and conditions here.

Macrobiotics for All Seasons bookAnd if anyone has been following this lifestyle, and getting great results, do add your comments below – even if it was only for a little while!

The main thing for me, in keeping to this, is that it's a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. And the info Marlene teaches on this workshop is designed to help you stick to it – not rigidly – that's important for me too – but about 80/20. So it works!

If you don't win the competition, but still fancy dropping by, here are the details of the venue and times and prices. Good luck and maybe see you there!

Wotton Hall, behind the Wotton Hatch pub, RH5 6QQ – the Hall is in car park behind the pub. £35 for the Friday talk, including a free copy of 'Macrobiotics for All Seasons' book (rrp £14), arrive 6.45pm, finishes around 9pm. And the Saturday/Sunday workshop is £135 including food! Email for more info in advance.

Family fun at Bath market
Debbie with Lauren and her mum at Bath abbeyAlso this week…
Yes it was time for the annual trip to Bath Market – with mummy this time – and to go see lovely daughter and catch up with grandpog Baloo! (LOVE that puppy!) We trawled around the picturesque city centre picking up a couple of quirky (albeit expensive) handmade present ideas, had a fab dinner, and went to see relatives.

The only hitch was suddenly on the Tuesday afternoon, I was asked to cover an early show as poor Alison was still ill. Then having rearranged everything, got stuck in a horrendous jam on the A4 back into Chiswick and made it on air for the 7pm BareMinerals show with minutes to spare. Phew! Fate was on my side for sure!
Lauren, Debbie's mum and Debbie
Anyway it's always worth going down there, always lovely to see my girl, and as this may be the last Christmas she's in Bath (fingers crossed she'll be nearer London next year!), well worth the trip!

And mummy was hilarious as usual – including asking if my friend who eats gluten-free was a 'celeriac'! Haha! Now you know where Linda and I get it from!

WATCH – 'Les Misérables', the movie
Les Miserables logoOK, so it's not often that I get to go to an early screening, but on Tuesday, the day before the official premiere, I had a lovely invite to go along to the Empire Leicester Square to see the long-awaited film of the long-running theatre production of 'Les Misérables'!

Cameron Macintosh spoke on stage, and said he'd waited many years to allow it to be made, as he wanted it to be made in a specific way. And that way has resulted in a breathtaking, big screen spectacle with some mind-blowing performances.

Sasha Baron CohenFor the performances alone by Anne Hathaway – yes really – and Hugh Jackman, who really can sing – it's worth seeing. But there's a proviso. Some of you will hate it – as a stand alone film. But if you've seen the theatre production (as I have twice) and loved the soundtrack, you will absolutely adore it. Yes I cried, at the obvious bits. Yes I laughed – mainly at the Sasha Baron Cohen bits (he's soooo funny as the crooked inn keeper Thénardier).

And yes I also in my geeky analytical-brain way, picked up some major flaws in the plot. Of a film. 'Cos what you can get away with on stage, you can't on film, 'cos there's no reason why some of the holes can't be filled when it's a movie, free from the restrictions of performing in linear fashion in a few hours on a stage. But I'll tell you now, I loved it anyway, shed a lot of tears, and give it a very high 9 out of ten (my scoring rarely gets above 8.5!)

It's a weird thing – 'cos although I enjoyed it, it could be better. But unless you're a director or a technical wizard, you'll probably fall into the 'loved it' category too, mainly for the performances. OMG Anne Hathaway has gone up several levels in my estimation, and I liked her anyway. Respect! WHAT a performance as Fantine, the destitute single mother, cast out into poverty in early 1800s France.

And Hugh Jackman as the ex-con-made-good Jean Valjean has a great voice – it's not amazing in the top registers, but he carries it off with aplomb. Why? Well the most impressive thing of all is this – what you hear, is apparently what they actually SANG – on set – and what a difference it made. Compared to the voices being added in a studio afterwards, you get all the raw emotion of the original acting performance. And that's why I gave it 9. And will probably see it again. Sound track for Christmas, please, family!

Anyway, do go see – I could write another thousand words on it, but all I can say is watch this trailer, see what you think, and if you're a light opera buff (please note it's almost all sung, hardly any spoken words) then go see it and tell me what you think! It premieres tonight (5th) and is out on Christmas Day! Book those tickets now!


(P.S. Now, I want to go watch the 1998 film – spoken – of the original Victor Hugo story… Anyone seen it? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you thought!)

The family with Uncle Jeff One last pic from my family trip to Bath – this is Uncle Jeff's angels! Auntie Christine, as well as us three. Nice to see them. And lots more reminiscing about years gone by too – and how hard up people used to be in the 'old days'.

Mum recalls when she and dad first had me (married at 17, had me 18 months later), they got a tiny flat in Streatham and had only two cups! Makes you realise how good things are now, eh. Any of our older readers got similar memories?

Rumi sayingWhich leads me on to this lovely saying, doing the rounds on Facebook this week. Just lovely. Love the image too, and my favourite colour – very calming.

So don't forget in the rush of Yuletide, to take time out for yourself to gather your thoughts and just 'be'.

I tend to relax using my lovely Yankee Candles, in fact. Well this week, I was being rather lazy and had to snip off the top of the black wick in my COLD large jar candle. Cold, note. And did this – serve me right for not Debbie's hand has a run in with a Yankee Candle jar!fetching the scissors! Several people on my Facebook (ping me a friend request if you like – info below) said that I should use the Yankee trimmer (currently on Waitlist) – guess I should, to avoid soot on my hands! Lol. NB. some thought I'd burnt it, but I hadn't, it was just red from jamming my big mit into the cold jar! Silly Debbie!

As promised, here are the social media contacts for Jenny and the Together Fashion gang – if you heard us say on air during her show this week that I'd give you their contacts, do follow them and Facebook them – they're a fab bunch! And see below for news of next week's bloopers! @TogetherLtd or QVC presenter advent calendar

Have you seen our presenter advent calendar on our homepage? If not, here it is, and here's the link directly to it so you can see what's under each window every day in the run up to the big day! Nice pic – very festive – and a good fun day when we filmed it all, I can tell you!

And finally as promised last week, here's what's got to be one of the absolute funniest pics of all time circulating on Pinterest – makes me laugh out loud (LOL) every time! OMG so funny. Poor little pug. (If it had a puppy it would be a pug pog! Lol). Yoda dog

– QVC – this week a faaaabulous Today's Special Value from the lovely Laura Geller throughout Saturday (if it lasts!) Plus – Dale's got the 'Saturday Night Gifts' show this week; we swapped 'cos of course I'm off to Marlene's macrobiotic workshop, so do join him and Will for some fun and great gift ideas.

But an early heads-up – the week after (15th ) we'll have our grand Saturday Night finale – three whole hours with last minute Christmas shopping filled with fun!

I'll see you back on air on Tuesday 11th, including a lovely new faux furry Basso coat, just in time for the the snowy Christmas we're going to be having in many parts of the country! Then a lovely Lulu Guinness cross body bag as TSV – I've got a late afternoon show, to make a change, on the Thursday 13th, plus a fun Yong Kim with lovely Ingrid Tarrant same evening.

Also join me here for next week's blog, when I'll bring you some clips of the funniest moments on air recently with bloopers from Jenny from Together! Just what DID she do to Charlie?! Lol.

Best wishes and big hugs

Puppies in Santa hatsFollow me on Twitter – @debbieflint
Facebook me on –

P.S. Debbie's doggy advent calendar! Another two to go… bleeesssss these little Santa pups!


  1. Carole Adcock December 5, 2012 at 7:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs – thanks so much for the gorgeous Liz Earle prize you sent me from your blog competition – I love it….Liz Earle is always so great!!! I hope you and Craig have a great time this weekend. Looking forward to the bloopers in the next blog – although I expect you already heard about Craig with Trinny and Suzanne – that one is already get hit after hit on youtube – poor Craig!!!
    Great blog – and once again, thanks so much.
    Carole xx

  2. Susan December 5, 2012 at 8:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Lovely photos. I wonder if you’ve been watching I’m a Celeb? I just had to say I think it’s so sad that people have been soo nasty about Helen. I can’t believe people still think they know and can judge someone they DON’T know at all. A TV show is edited for goodness sake. I am watching the Coming Out show now and it’s so very sad to see Helen, her Mum and Dad so upset at the really hurtful articles. She has suffered such bad anxiety and depression and having been there myself I think she has done amazingly well. She should be proud of herself and I know you are into mental health yourself so I just thought I’d write. Needed to say that. Everyone’s different for goodness sake. Good on you Helen I say! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Debs,
    Susan x

  3. Susan December 5, 2012 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Oh and Debs,
    Totally agree with taking time out…as you may guess! Lovely picture. And interesting about your mum and dad just having 2 cups! Yes we live in better times but gosh it’s still so hard for a lot of us. Think it’s a lot of peer pressure that a lot of peopl feel they have to ‘keep up with the Jones’ but really is it worth it?! No.
    See ya on TV,
    Susan x

  4. Jill Dowding-Walker December 5, 2012 at 11:29 pm -  Reply

    Funny and lovely blog Debbie! Have you been reading my Facebook blogs on my training with Canine Partners? I posted pix and a video too.
    I cannot wait to see Les Mis. This version is the one I have been waiting for. The older version you ask about was quite a drama and dragged in parts, but the music in the new version will lift what can be a rather dreary story!
    Love your Yuletide message, thanks!
    Short response this time, but I am still on the course until Friday and I am dropping! Had 2 hours in the park, then filming with ITV Central about the need for puppy parents and desperate need for funding, so I was on Central news tonight with Nesta! It is on Facebook. Please ‘share’? The training in a town, working in a busy shop, obedience work then back to watch our TV appearance! Late dinner, busy evening, now to bed!
    Are you going to be at the Beauty Bash on the morning of 24th Jan? It would be lovely to meet up there! Today I met up with another BBC former colleague, Jenny Moir, Light Entertainment – do you remember her? Anyway she is now Canine Partners PR manager!

  5. Claire Driver December 6, 2012 at 5:17 am -  Reply

    i don’t know if i’m leaving this comment in the right place, as i can’t see any others!
    but basically i would love to be a part of this. i’m 44 (next week…), and have struggled with my weight since i was 18, and have only managed to ADD 10 stone, on the diet treadmill. i have tried them all.
    six years ago i was diagnosed with high blood pressure, 18 months ago diabetes type 2 and, this year, hypothyroidism (i’m yet to be on the right level of meds, and suspect i’ve had this for, at the very least, 15 years). so now i’m stuck in a vicious circle of my health effecting my weight and my weight effecting my health.
    i have an obese long-time friend in her 60s who was recently hospitalised due to accompanying problems, and came out begging me to do something about my weight now. i lost my mother-in-law last year after a short illness and it really alerted me to the preciousness of life. because of my weight, i’ve had few boyfriends, no confidence, no success in my career and no children. i’ve probably left it too late now. at the moment i can’t work because of my health, and, in another vicious circle, that in itself effects my health.
    but i’d love a chance for a kick-start and re-education after this, especially after seeing and reading about debbie’s success. i know whoever wins this or is paying to attend will benefit from greatly from attending, and either way, i’m interested in hearing about that.
    anyway, not sure if you wanted an essay with my sob-story(!), but there it is anyway. good luck everyone :o)
    claire driver (aka “claire a bunda” on facebook)

  6. Nigel December 7, 2012 at 11:53 pm -  Reply

    Debs, that pug looks well happy with his lot as a stunt double – the geeky cat at
    also makes me laugh.
    Hope the macro meet went ok and u got a full house in the end, take care, Nige:))
    BTW those ‘Strandbeest’ I mentioned before were on QI the other night and there are plenty of clips on YouTube.

  7. Caroline Stewart December 11, 2012 at 9:39 pm -  Reply

    Hey debs, wanted to tell you i fair enjoyed your blog! Have tried to send you a few tweets but i’m new to twitter & facebook & dont think i’m getting it right. I loved the pics especially daniel craig ( big thanks for that, yum! Haha!) And just want to give baloo a big cuddle!
    Thought you gave all the models a run for their money when you took your make-up off as your skin looked great ( a bit sickening actually, haha!) Lucky girl!
    I enjoy watchng your shows as think you have a hillarious sense of humour, if in need of a cheer up your show is better than watching a comedy stand up show. I appreciate that as i have various health & pain issues & good telly & entertaining hosts lift your spirits quickly!
    As you are Lindas sis can i ask for your help with RCM? I have narrow curved nails with v short nailbed and therefore cuticles close & high next to nail and although i have followed prep instructions & moved cuticles away frm edge & cleaned them of gel products, they still seem to move back when curing under LED lights & therefore lift at side of some of them. Can you help as my nails are pretty thin & wont grow or look good without RCM. could you also advise whether i can use nail glue either on the top or underside of nail before using RCM as have a break a 3rd of way across right at the quick of nailbed and dreading the discomfort if this breaks all the way, not to mention the stubby mess it’l be for xmas.
    Sorry if i’ve written this in wrong place but was getting nowhere with twitter, haha!
    Keep up the great job you’re doing as i fair enjoy it and hopefully i will conquer facebook & twitter & be able to tweet u back in future.

  8. debs f December 14, 2012 at 12:51 am -  Reply

    Carole – my pleasure! Liz Earle is one of the most accessible ranges, for all skin types – luv it! I’m going on the hunt for more bloopers of Craig for an end of year thang – if you can recall which bit of the show you meant, write here and I’ll see if I can get a copy on youtube to show you all!

  9. debs f December 14, 2012 at 12:52 am -  Reply

    Susan – thanks so much for your comprehensive comments hon as ever! It warms me cockles to see there are lots of blog replies from you guys!
    best wishes
    ps didn’t watch I’m a Celeb this year, but read the papers – tough going eh!

  10. debs f December 14, 2012 at 12:55 am -  Reply

    Jill – I do love your comments about Nesta your new training pog! Glad it seems to be all going well and that she’s settling down at night – albeit not as fast as you’d like! lol. Don’t remember a Jenny Moir – I met a Jim Moir once. Get you on the telly! If you get a link to a youtube clip of it, post it for me on here? Am sure others would love to see it!
    best wishes

  11. debs f December 14, 2012 at 12:56 am -  Reply

    Claire (a Bunda!) –
    so sorry you couldnt make the weekend, but I know Anita was very glad to step in. Thanks so much for keeping in touch about it all.
    Don’t hesitate to try the system out anyway tho – you hear some amazing stories and info about how your diet can affect health.
    Keep in touch!

  12. debs f December 14, 2012 at 1:00 am -  Reply

    Nige – haha – funny links. gosh I get so many on facebook, if I started looking at other sites I’d get even less done! Hope you’re not too frosty in the cold patch we’ve had lately! You can’t do much in landscaping in the winter right?

  13. debs f December 14, 2012 at 1:03 am -  Reply

    Caroline – hello my lovely! Welcome on here! Actually your tweets were ok, and as you’ll know by now, I asked you to ‘friend’ my sis on facebook so she can address your issue directly! If she types something to me, I’ll post it here too!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments – it’s always nice to hear from you guys and know what YOU’RE up to, too! Do come back regularly!
    best wishes

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