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Outside of QVC

Hi there, thank you for stopping by to read my latest blog. As you’re reading this I am already over in the Emerald Isle on holiday with my family in West Cork. Unfortunately Fred had to stay behind to work which is such a shame but as Fred has now gone freelance it’s really important for him to go full steam ahead this year and August is a busy month for him. We will all miss him but we did get to have a lovely weekend off together filled with lovely lunches and walks.

The latest craze that the kids in our area, and across the country, is painting rocks. You paint a picture or write a message and then you hide the rock outside in your local community. You can add any hashtags or names of Facebook Groups that you want so that the person who finds it can then take a picture and post it in the group. You then re hide the rock for someone else to find it.

It’s a really sweet idea and the kids love it. It’s also a really nice activity to do with the kids and we’ve been painting lots of them too. On Sunday we found one while walking in the park and the girls were so excited to find it! Nice way to end the weekend before we went home to pack our suitcases!

What I’m wearing

Last week I had a really fun show with Simon Wilson of Butler & Wilson over on the Style Channel. I have always loved his jewellery, it’s fun, fearless and exciting. I have a picture of me wearing my mum’s clip-on Butler & Wilson earrings when I was a little girl. You know whatever you wear from the collection will cause lots of conversation. In the show he brought us a mermaid skeleton which would most certainly get people talking.

Admittedly it wouldn’t be everyone’s taste but then that’s what is so great about it. I chose to wear the Tiger Brooch, the 7 stone bracelet and the matching chunky stone drop earrings. During the show we had a lot of calls about the rest of my outfit so I thought I better include it this week. I wore a white shirt which is by MarlaWynne and paired it with one of her brand new mix stitch boat neck pop-over jumpers. I love this look, it’s an easy way to do the current cropped top trend without having to show any tummy at all! It’s already proving very popular so you will have to be quick to get your size, some sizes are already in Waitlist. I wore it in Citron.

The next thing I wanted to share with you is something that I treated myself to. I did the recent World of Turquoise show with Lee Clark and I found myself completely falling in love with a beautiful bracelet. I wore it through the show and knew that I didn’t want to take it off, so I bought it! It’s so hard working at QVC not to buy something from every show that you do but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

It’s already sold out but is on Waitlist, so if you love it like I do then put your name down for it. I love the story of the Sleeping Beauty mine in Mexico, where the turquoise comes from. The mountain where the mine is looks like a woman who has laid down to sleep. It’s no longer open so it makes the turqouise even more special as no more will be able to be mined from there.

What I’m using

One other thing I did over the weekend was to give myself half an hour to get myself holiday ready. I did my nails, washed my hair and took a moment to try the new balancing gel face mask from Liz Earle which has just launched! It’s a lightweight gel and you only need five minutes to use it. It’s designed for soothing, refreshing and re-balancing the skin.

This was the perfect treat for my skin after all this hot weather, which has left my skin feeling a little all over the place. It’s got naturally active ingredients like elderflower, plus meadowsweet and lime flower which is really calming and balancing. I felt a nice warmth with this gel after five minutes when I went to rub the gel around my face a little which was a nice feeling.

You get a cotton cloth to help rinse it off and my skin definitely looked refreshed and happy to have been given a little extra love! (Thank you Fred for taking pictures even when I make you take 20 to make sure we get a good one, haha!)

In the Kitchen

I hope you will forgive me but with trying to get ready for going away I didn’t do a new recipe this week. Instead however I am letting you in on a little secret which is still cooking related. When I get back at the end of August I will be getting ready to bring you something a little different on QVC. I can’t spill all the beans yet of exactly what it will be in our new kitchen show and who will be joining me, but let’s just say you haven’t seen them on QVC before but you will probably know their faces. So for now, here’s a little teaser in this picture and I promise I will tell all in my return blog. I really hope you are going to love what’s coming.

I am going to take next week off from posting my weekly blog so that I can have a proper work break but I will make sure to stay active on my social media so if you want to see what we are getting up to in the wilds of the west coast of Ireland then keep up with me on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Back Soon! Let me know what you’re getting up to too in the comments!

Lots of love

Katy x x


  1. Eileen Mahoney August 14, 2018 at 2:26 pm -  Reply

    Just so you know Katie, the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine is in Arizona (not Mexico!). Love your bracelet…..might have to go on waitlist to get one myself!! Enjoy West Cork….sooo fab…..third only to Galway (my first true love) and Kerry……no place like any of them on a good day – hope the weather keeps up for you.

    • Katy Pullinger September 20, 2018 at 4:33 pm -  Reply

      Gosh sorry for such a slow reply, I don’t know where the weeks are going! You are absolutely right, I don’t know why I said Mexico, I must get that edited. Thanks for the heads up. I must get to Galway and Kerry! x

  2. Susan August 14, 2018 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy,
    Hope you have a lovely time in Ireland. Not quite the weather you’ll be used to on London! How on earth did you do all your getting ready in 30min by the way? Nails alone take a while! You’re quick! Hope you’re well x

    • Katy PUllinger September 20, 2018 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

      Haha, well I probably do take more than half an hour but I can be very speedy getting ready. I do try to go and get my nails done sometimes too so that ticks one thing off, but that’s only if I have someone to look after the kids. ps sorry for the slow reply, I missed the comments on this blog x x

  3. Hazel Edington August 29, 2018 at 7:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy , first how cute are your kids ! Second just watched your Togerther show with Jenny . Big pat on your back for the way you handled her awfull coment about the sylist . Think she needs to change her hrt patch . I actualy shouted go on katiy at the tv . You were great though . Please tell the sylist not to listen to her I thought they did a great job . Think we all know who needs sacking for *itchyness . 😉 x

    • katy Pullinger September 20, 2018 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

      Hi Hazel, firstly sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m catching up with these lovely comments now. Thanks for saying that there was definitely a difference in style opinions wasn’t there? I think our stylists are fab xx

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