Hawaiian Retreat launch – on Amazon from Sunday 29th – and on stage with ‘Happy Days’!


Hawaiian RetreatThis week – 

– At last – it’s here! From Sunday 29th June on Amazon – my new steamy novel!

– Special offer pricing on my eBooks – but not for long! Links below.

– Come say hi at book launch/Back to You group 'do' near Dorking – 2 – 4pm!

– An on-stage cameo in the 'Happy Days' musical in Milton Keynes with Gill

– 'The Gauntlett' is on the Elemis bed – and loving it! Plus funny blooper!

– And finally, sneak peeks at upcoming HP laptop, Vax, and CACI – plus Links of London, Eyeko and Gatineau bargains!

After months in planning, and weeks and weeks of writing, my new steamy novel is finally available as of Sunday 29th June on Amazon.co.uk. Just click this link to see it.

You’ll also see all my other books, via the Read it Write it Sell it page on my website! From there, go to Amazon once it’s available. (And do feel free to sign up to the regular newsletters with updates, funnies, comps, freebies – and some steamy extras!)

More exciting romantic comedy with intrigue, mystery and a twist in the tale; 'Hawaiian Retreat' is Helen’s story, and the third book in the Hawaiian trilogy.

A disastrous break up kicks off a year of self-discovery for internationally renowned columnist Helen Parker, as she travels the world in search of ever more exciting thrills. But when her deepest secrets suddenly catch up with her, how long can Helen stay on course to win the ground-breaking Try it For The First Time Club challenge?

As romance blooms, Italian passion meets tantric sensuality in a luxurious retreat deep in the Himalayas – but how long for, when a mystery man appears. Will he turn out to be the key to her future or a ghost from her past? With everything resting on the nail-biting grand finale in Hawaii, will her secret stay hidden, or will she risk losing her column, her identity – and her man – forever?”

Well if you get it, do let me know what you think! I’m full of anticipation – have had a fab response from the lovely beta readers on my Debbie’s Readers Facebook group. Some say it’s the best yet, out of the trilogy.

Which order?
To be clear, if you’d like to read them in order, it’s
Book One – Hawaiian Escape
Book Two – Hawaiian Affair
Book Three – Hawaiian Retreat.
(you can read Affair first, then Escape as a prequel)

More about the book – including a competition to win all three – in RiWiSi below! Plus, news of the bumper bundle of special offers on all the others, for July. Get your holiday reading sorted now, whilst the offers are on! As well as news of how to come along to my little book launch this Sunday near Dorking in the hall behind the Wotton Hatch pub 2-4pm!


Reviews from Beta Readers –
“a brilliant read, the characters and storyline leave me wanting to read more. I still have no idea where it's going… ” Jane Dunkley, beta group

“Debbie has a good balance in this story making it believable rather than just total fiction with the trip back home drinking tea and hob nob biscuits being a world away from butter tea and the luxurious spa – good contrasts giving the story highs and lows and keeping the readers interest piqued at all times…” Elizabeth Gray, beta group

“…steamy scene is spot on. Perfect description, kind of felt I was there (!)” Gemma, beta group

What will yours be?


Want to leave review? Please join in by leaving your review on Amazon – even if you’ve never done it before.

You just have to buy the book, for only £1.53 until the end of July (paperback coming soon), then click on the review section on Amazon and it’s done! (Click link here to Amazon page showing all my books)

It’s been a loooooong few months getting it done, but I’ve really enjoyed the journey and actually, since I’m a saddo, I will miss the characters! Does that ever happen to you with finishing a book you’ve been reading!? It’s worse when it’s one you’ve been writing!


What next? The next project will the update to 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' – including testimonials from the 24 year old who has used it to lose three stone since christmas! Also, there will be extra content from my sister Linda, who uses Freedom Eating in conjunction with her own rules and exercise. Have you seen her lately?

But first, I’m off on a well-earned holiday, a Mediterranean cruise with my mum – another TiFFT!



Debbie with GillOhhh what a jolly jape I had last week, with a fabulous TiFFT (Try it For the First Time) – just like my character Helen in my book, I try to make a point of doing new things – and this one was a goodie!

Our lovely guest, and my mate, Gill Gauntlett was there to support me and witness the nerves! What did I do?

Well, on stage in the touring musical 'Happy Days', there is one point where a ‘TV announcer’ comes on and announces the annual picnic – ‘Live From Franklin Park’ – well that was me on Thursday night last week in Milton Keynes Theatre! They let me film the rehearsal! Funneeee! #overactorsAnonymous! Lol.

Debbie in Ronnie Nicole

Debbie with Cheryl Baker










I wore my Ronnie Nicole dress, Ken Paves ponytail hair piece, and Marta Jonsson shoes! Oh, and Honora Pearls!

Cheryl Baker wished me luck beforehand – she plays the mother, Marion, the one The Fonz used to flirt with.

She’s very good and has one of the best scenes – if you go, you’ll know why! Anyway, Gill and I had a fab evening, a good old gossip, and made our joint TV husband Lee 'QVC' Hohbein jealous with a tweet live to him on his hols in LA!

Here’s the clip of the rehearsal – and remember – I did say acting was never my strong point! Thanks so much to co-producer, Amy Anzel (our No-No guest) for asking me along! Just got to top that, now with another TiFFT later this year – I don’t think I’ll beat some of the ones in Hawaiian Retreat though – do you?

 [Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page


RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!



This month’s comp is to win all three of my signed paperback books – 1,2 and 3!

'Hawaiian Escape', 'Hawaiian Affair' (pics below) and 'Hawaiian Retreat' (pic above) may be yours, if you enter the comp by leaving me a comment saying what event or activity or experience you’d like to do which you’ve never done before – a TiFFT! (*)!

Winner randomly chosen in TWO WEEKS’ time, as I’m off on my hols next week, so it’s extended until Thursday 10th July, midday. Enter on this blog. Full T&Cs here.

BooksCan’t wait? Get ready for your summer reading with my 6 titles – all on Amazon!








Special offers for July
As promised, there’s a bumper bundle of special offers on many of my books this month. Just for July, they are all at the same launch price as 'Hawaiian Retreat'! Just £1.53! 

'Hawaiian Escape' – Book One – £1.53 till end July – introducing Sadie and sister Helen, their madcap family and the antics they get up to on a conference in breath-taking Tuscany – Italian passion galore!

Hawaiian Escape Steamy or Hawaiian Escape PG, click these links

'Hawaiian Affair' – Book Two – £1.53 till end July – 95 out of 113 5* reviews
Sadie follows an international opportunity to rescue her life forever with a fabulous business deal but she only has 30 days to find an investor and stay out of love – but gorgeous playboy Mac may have other ideas…

'Hawaiian Affair' Steamy or 'Hawaiian Affair' PG click these links.


Plus specials on 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' – my semi-autobiographical weight loss book – more on last week’s blog – click here

Plus, low pricing on 'Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter'- in Ebook or paperback

Over on my Read It Write It Sell It – Go-Large Friday fiction focus on my website, you can download the first chapter of Hawaiian Retreat for free! Click here to read it, especially if you’d like to self-publish or write a novel yourself.

Back to YouHow lovely is this pic? Julia would be pleased with her!

We were having a debate on a Facebook group recently about the value of buying a pilates machine – I thoroughly endorse it.

If you’ve got the space to leave it out, use it, and spend the time stretching and toning – I think there’s nothing better for flexibility!

However, if you love short intense bouts of exercise, then BodyBlade and Leg Master – are amongst the things I use most! (see below)


Weekend Get Togethers How exciting 'a weekend is this?! Not only do I have my lovely book launch people coming along on Sunday 2-4pm, to Wotton Hall but our little long-awaited get together of Back to You-ites too! And we’ve also got lovely Marlene Watson Tara giving a workshop on Saturday – I will report back next week – it’s going to be fantastic!


Facebook commentTTFLS Plus – with the project now on to write the 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' updated version, I’m seeking testimonials from those who have used it, particularly people who don’t mind giving me photos!

Here’s an amazing story from Debbie Sinclair Bunn – one of our best pals from the Back to You Facebook groups – she’s done so well! This is what she told me about how she feels now.



Over on B2U blog on debbieflint.com – my weekly Monday Update
Walking to lose weight, Business Barbie! And the magic of Umami-fulfilling, pro-biotic pickled veg! As well as more from our lovely girls on facebook. Go here to read it all!

Back to You returns to QVC in September. See below for links to join the Facebook groups.


Sneaky peek Eyeko fans! Join Julia Thursday 3rd July midnight TSV launch of super six-piece ultimate eye collection in the Confessions of a Beauty Addict show. Plus, I will miss the lovely Gatineau TSV all-day Sunday (6th) – their four-piece Renew and Reveal collection – with something different – can you spot it?

Eyeko TSV Gatineau TSV








AntthonyShhh!!! Date for the diary if you love my fabulous pal, fashion guest Antthony! Midnight on Sunday 13th July, and thru the day 14th! Guess why…?!

P.S. – doesn’t he look handsome without his moustache?








Gill Gauntlett modeling for ElemisGuest surprises – Gill Gauntlett just loved being on the bed with Keeley during our 19th Anniversary hour! Take a look at some of what happened – we couldn’t get her off again! Lol!








Links of London TSVLinks of London TSV TiFFT! How excited is Charlie Brook?! He caught me in the corridor (he’s like that!) and raved about the upcoming first for QVC – a beautiful Links of London linked silver necklace Today’s Special Value he’s launching on Monday night at midnight (30th) and thru day Tues – don’t miss it!

Here’s his write up about it too – do go read!






This Week on QVC –

HP TSVWeekend TSVs etc – Saturday – new HP laptop , Sunday – Vax air life cordless upright vac – it’s dinky! And Monday – the CACI special that could change your face forever.
















BodyBlade - 432954–  Body blade is back! On Sunday at 3pm with Catherine and 9pm with Dale, it's one of the best – if not THE best – compact pieces of equipment you’ll ever buy.

I'd say it's one of the most impactful you’ll ever use – it’s genius – and so is Bruce. Highly recommended – see it and you’ll be convinced.






– Find out what else is on on our TV Guide on our home page.


OMG this was a funny moment during Fashion Clearance Day – on a Ronan Chen show – put your teeth in girl! Next week – the hilarious Chloe and Keeley show!




Russell Grant’s News Another of us treading the boards soon will be our lovely guest Russell Grant – with no Flavia in tow but what a lovely role to be offered! Good luck Russell!

Russell Grant









10 habits dreams10 Habits of People who Follow Their Dreams – are you one of them? I do like this list! How many are you? And if you’ve achieved yours, what are they/were they? Click here to see them all.







TrampolineTrampoline Tricks What have you got in your garden? Do you have one of these? I’m sure many of you do – but do you use it!

This is my Lauren. Like the mini version, the urban rebounder, it really gets you whacked! I used to do trampolining when I was at school and I could do a one and half front somersault for years after – not sure now tho! Perhaps I should try, what do you think?!





Singing bowlsTibetan Singing Bowls Just in case you look on the back of my paperback (when it’s out shortly) and see this, just to let you know, it’s a Tibetan singing bowl – they make some lovely sounds! You listen on YouTube – I had them playing for hours when I was writing my luxurious spa and Tibetan village scenes!





Fruit loopsFacebook funny specially if you read the above TTFLS testimonial in the Back to You section from Debbie Sinclair Bunn!

Deb, we salute you and shake our tic tacs! We look forward to your return to the groups after your daughter has had her baby and all is well – tell her good luck from us!




So did you watch my Hawaii based film recommendation, 'The Descendants' last week, with gorgeous George? He could be my 'Hawaiian Affair' any day of the week! So in keeping with the Hawaii theme, since we can’t go there except in our minds (well most of us!) I found this fab travel video guide to get us in the mood to read the novels! Hope it’s as wonderful in your head when you read the grand finale from my new novel!


And do feel the fear by watching this one – I mention that she does this in the book – ooer!

P.S she also does tantra massage but if you Google it, you’ll see why there are no video links on here! Lol!

Next week – a round up of our fab weekend of get togethers, plus a teaser of my cruise news!
Have a fab week!


P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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'TFFLS' revised version – coming Autumn 2014.

'The How to Find a Husband Manual' – hehe – more info in the summer. A spin off from the Hawaiian trilogy's character Kate, Helen's friend in New York.

'Diary of a Rookie Shopping Channel Presenter' – sequel – early 2015.


  1. Jacqui Hand June 28, 2014 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Please can you enter me into the TIFFT Comp.
    To try for the first time would be to win a competition that Debbie Flint has set.
    Have a fantastic cruise.
    Looking forward to seeing you on screen when you get back.
    Love Jacqui XX

  2. Tanya White June 29, 2014 at 12:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie – please enter me for the comp to win your books. TiFFT – I’ve just bought athe Bodyblade. I need to start exercising having lost weight recently, and this seems to fit the bill in my busy life as it’s not a big time commitment each day and won’t take up a lot of room in my house. Can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  3. Zoe July 1, 2014 at 7:41 pm -  Reply

    lovecto enter the comp please

  4. Anita July 4, 2014 at 11:39 pm -  Reply

    Enter me please Debs, as a TiFFT, have been wanting to visit Tuscany for a very long time! And if I win, it will be another TiFFT as I haven’t read any of your books yet!!

  5. Jan July 5, 2014 at 12:14 am -  Reply

    love to enter for the books
    would also like to walk on the moon one day, bit ambitious!!

  6. Jill Booth July 5, 2014 at 7:38 am -  Reply

    Please enter me into tifft comp would be lovely to read these on my holidays in september

  7. Jane Knowles July 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie please enter me In the competition please , And oh yes antthony from antthony fashions looks lovely and younger moustache less , love his designs too xx

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