Quick fire questions with Will Gowing


Will GowingThe lovely Will captured me yesterday and we had a little chat, or that's what he said… then came the questions.

He does make me laugh, brings out the naughty side of me I think, though think he edited it a little as you know me I cannot have just one answer nor can I be succinct!

I couldn't for the life of me think exactly where Southwold was! Oh dear the brain cells are a worry, mind you I've had the Mickey taken mercilessly about my sense of direction for my entire life so it seems only right to allow my ignorance to be fully displayed for you all! 

I also had a sweet chat with Joe and Maddie following on from my pride in Tom (you'll see when you watch). I explained what I meant and they understood that I wasn't loving Tom more than them, as I worried after that I shouldn't have said it in case that was their interpretation – luckily they 'get' what I meant and are equally as proud.

And yes, the kitchen WAS ordered yesterday AND the lantern from which to hang the chandelier (which I jolly well hope is still safe and undamaged in Dan's barn thing) so we're on for a Christmas in splendid gorgeousness… soooo thrilling.

As I write this I'm also very very happy to say Alison Keenan will be on air with Charlie at 7pm tonight for the Diamonique show. We chatted last night about her dress choice and she can't wait.

I know you'll all love to see her in her rightful position as much as me.

Lots of love from me xx


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  1. kay salisbury November 8, 2011 at 6:03 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire-enjoyed the interview-glad someone else is rubbish about directions and places-i’m always daydreaming so never notice where I am or how I got there-hubby usually drives.Just remembered when he was my boyfriend from teacher training college-as they then were-I wanted to show him my favourite beach in The Gower(South Wales)and I could not direct him to it-very embarrased as we drove home again. So glad Ali is back on T.V.today-love her voice and missed her this year. I would like to see both of you in an hour show together-would be a good laugh and atmosphere. Hope you have lots of pleasure from your new kitchen and many scrummy meals. Love K.X. P.S.hope you feel better about Mungo now.XXX

  2. Steven November 8, 2011 at 6:52 pm -  Reply

    Love the motto Claire. Brilliant interview and I think it came across just how much you care for ALL of your children. It seems like you are a brilliant Mother.
    I never realised Ali K was due back until I read this blog – very informative Ms Sutton. I might tune in now!
    Great blog and wonderful to see Ali back
    Take care and keep having fun as you always seem to do

  3. Sue November 9, 2011 at 4:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    Great interview. I am so glad that I am not the only one rubbish at directions. I always say I have Directional Dyslexia because I really am very bad with it. Glad you are so happy in your home. I had my kitchen done 18 months ago & still really pleased with it. Your children are so lucky to have a Mum like you.
    Great to see Ali back last night & looking so divine.
    Sue xxxx

  4. Joanna Downey November 9, 2011 at 6:41 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire, What a super little interview; a snapshot of Claire! My wonderful grandmother, my girls call her ‘mum’s magical grandmother’, also used to say “Can’t isn’t a word, knock off the T and say can”. My motto/saying/life philosophy is ‘Blue skies and sunshine’. It’s always so lovely to hear you talk about your children and how proud you are of them and their achievements. My two are now in their twenties, lots of interests, fantastic academic results, both in ‘good’ jobs but I’m most proud of the fact that they’re both really kind and caring. A kitchen in time for Christmas and THE chandelier… how exciting. Love from Jo x

  5. claire sutton November 10, 2011 at 1:08 pm -  Reply

    Kay, I’ve done pretty much the same as you and drove Dan endlessly round West Sussex in search of the cutest pub i had spotted…..could we find it? much like you, still, lovely country side, and oh the heady days of love when you’re forgiven for everything huh?!!! I loved hearing Ali too, she intro’d the bargain hunter promo before her hour and that just felt perfect knowing she was up next! I kept running in on all the breaks to say hello and give her smiles, not needed as she was so happy and comfy to be back. We would be outrageous together wouldn’t we! think we’d be in trouble for laughing and being saucy!!
    Anyway, lovely to hear from you and thank you for my Mungo thought, …slowly…is my answer,
    All love C x

  6. claire sutton November 10, 2011 at 1:13 pm -  Reply

    Thank you for your reply. I’m unbelievably excited…delivery date is nov 28th…..oooooh then the template for quartz ….then the wait for that and the doors in my chosen colour!! looking like Christmas Eve may be frought. Still, I have faith. I just pray after all this time it lives up to my thoughts… though you still being pleased gives me hope i will!
    I bet you I get recipie books for Christmas, when actually I could do with lessons!!!!
    Lots of love Claire x

  7. Kristina Moore November 12, 2011 at 10:01 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire, no I can’t do directions either. I get lost in the town centre which is a worry! Anyway just so long as you can drive to Southwold and have some fun there that’s all that matters. I love Buckenham House cafe there. You go down some steep steps to a cellar and it is wonderful with lots of teas and coffees and glorious food. I think I feel the need for a visit myself.
    Well done on the house and all the hard work that has and is going into it. It will end and it will be wonderful too.
    And well done Maddie, Joseph and Tom too.
    Tina X0X0X0X0X0

  8. Kristina Moore November 16, 2011 at 2:56 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire, this may be of interest to you. We bought a DVD called A Dip Into Making Waves which is a film about artists in Southwold. It is based on the book Making Waves by Ian Collins and shows the development of Southwold through artists eyes. It also has film of Southwold in 2007 when the film was made. See ArgusVideo.co.uk if interested. I know you have much more important things going on but I thought it would be worth mentioning it.
    Hope all is going well.
    Tina X0X0

  9. Kristina Moore November 16, 2011 at 3:06 pm -  Reply

    I forgot a bit – we bought our copy in a bookshop in Southwold. I don’t know if they still have copies or if the website is still functioning. I hope so if you want a DVD though. It is a good reminder of Southwold I think.

  10. claire@perennialgardens.co.uk November 26, 2011 at 8:06 am -  Reply

    Tina, thankyou, you are thoughtful, I’ll investigate that, hope all is well with you? just getting sorted for our big christmas weekend here at qvc so a quick response, but xxxx’s to you! C x

  11. Gail December 21, 2011 at 5:39 pm -  Reply

    Happy Christmas Claire to you and your family. A healthy, happy New Year wished for you all xx

  12. karen June 14, 2012 at 11:03 am -  Reply

    i had to laugh, but i had two young guys from my local tv supplier in setting up my new Flat screen tv and i was in the kitchen, apparently they happened to tune into your presentation, and all i could hear from the loving room where they were, these two guys commenting on your legs, i will spare the exact terminology, but you can take it your legs were appreciated,lol
    love the shows

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