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‘Have baggage, will travel’, or at least that’s what the old adage says. However, what it should say is, ‘have great quality, well-made baggage with excellent organisation and you will travel far and with ease!’ Well, that’s been my experience recently.

I’ve been on-the-go a lot this summer what with a good friend’s wedding both here in the UK and also in Spain, a fitness boot-camp holiday abroad and a visit to an old friend who has now relocated to Scotland. The one thing that all of these trips have in common is a great set from Heys Luggage that I took with me on all of them and that we have coming up as a Today’s Special Value offer on Monday 8th August.

Miceal luggage 4 edited

If I am honest, I am a bit of an anxious traveller. I love travel, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t stop me from getting anxious about it! My anxiety lies more in the run-up to whatever trip it is, more so than the actual holiday itself. Once I am on the plane, train, coach or whatever mode of transport it is, I am fine. It’s everything that comes before that is the problem, and that includes my packing.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to many destinations in my life so far but I never did any of it lightly, by that I mean I have never packed light! I never know what to take and I end up just cramming everything into my case. When I get to my destination I hardly ever wear everything that I have brought with me, mostly because its all crammed into a ball and I can’t find anything so I end up just wearing the same 3 things over and over. Anyone else recognise this scenario?

Worse than that, I have in the past stuffed so much into my bags and cases that I’ve ended up with busted zips, broken handles and wonky wheels. It doesn’t look classy and it’s a total pain!

Well, not any more. Now I have a set of luggage that allows me to be organised, pack in a structured way that allows me to be able to find things, and as well as all of that is strong and durable, all whilst looking good! No more will my luggage be lost in a sea of black and grey suitcases on the luggage carousel. I was able to spot mine immediately when they emerged at the airport. The strong structure meant that, unlike other trips I didn’t have any broken handles or bits hanging off, and when I got to my hotel and opened my cases I could find everything quickly and easily!

Miceal luggage 5 edited

I genuinely hadn’t realised what a huge difference a well-packed bag can make to a trip – if only I lived in the world of personal valets and butlers to do all of that for me, but unfortunately I don’t!

Our Today’s Special Value offer comes with a set of organiser bags which I have found invaluable. Coming in three different sizes I have used them in lots of different ways on my various trips.

The small organiser bag has been used variously for my toiletries, sun-creams, underwear or laundry, dependent on whether I am packing to go on holiday or return. For my fitness bootcamp, I used the largest organiser bag to fit all of my gym gear into. Bearing in mind I was going to be working out 3 times a day for 7 days, that was a lot of gym gear! better still when I reached my destination for my bootcamp, for example, there were no drawers in my bedroom in the villa I was staying in, so I simply lifted the organiser bag out of my case and placed it on a shelf in the wardrobe with all my gym gear still in it – instant unpacking and organising!

Miceal luggage 3

When I had finished unpacking the two cases nested easily inside each other and sat neatly in the bottom of the wardrobe – job done.

Aesthetics are important too, and let’s face it, we all want to sail through the airport departure lounge and rock up to the check-in desk looking cool and well-travelled. I love that this set of luggage even deliveries in that department too. The four multi-directional wheels glide seamlessly across the airport concourse and the curved lines of the case add a touch of elegance, creating a designer look that gives a nod to the luxurious streamlining of a racing car. Yes, you will look good arriving and leaving!

Speaking of which, I feel the need for another trip coming on, this time however I can spend more time booking the holiday than I need to packing for it. With our Today’s Special Value offer, it’s a breeze!

Until next time,

Miceal x

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  1. Jill August 13, 2016 at 5:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Miceal loving the updates on your travels, I totally agree with you on the inner travel bags, so organised and if you are unsure of the space there will be at your destination of if your room sharing, it just keeps everything neat and organised. I used them for the first time this year and wished I had them when the kids were younger, would have been so much easier! I bet you breezed in a very stylish swish dash as you entered the airport!!

    I share your anxiety of the planning, travel thing. On one hand looking forward to getting to your destination meeting new/old friends or just seeing something new. For me I think it’s wanting everything to go as you planned it but sometimes you have to accept something will probably change, or not as planned once you figure this out you just take a deep breath and move forward.
    My daughter was married last year, and being a total perfectionist everything was planned with the military precision of an Army Major! Down to the last detail we woke to the realisation that the weather had a different plan! minor details were not as planned but what mattered was the day and the people who we will never forget. Sometimes planning has to be flexible!
    Have fun in Scotland and I hope the sun shines on you.

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