Happy Chinese New Year! Massage, vintage tea rooms with LJ, and Meryl Streep reads a ‘sexy’ recipe!


Debbie and TovaThis week –

– “Kung Hei Fat Choi”! Welcome year of the horse!

– Me and BFF time! Treats with LJ ‘up Laaandan’!

– Watch the final Back to You here

– Mr Selfridge book of the week!

– And highlights, bloopers and sneaky peeks from the week ahead on QVC!



Yong Kim TSVFirstly – stop press! If you’re a Friday reader of this blog, you may still be in time for this fab Yong Kim Friday Today’s Special Value tunic, which I launched Thursday night midnight – if it’s still available!

And how lovely did Tova Borgnine look – again? (Her fab fragrance set sold out early, but lots more is online, click here to see her range, great for Valentine’s Day or Mothers’ Day!) And don’t forget today’s (31st) final January TSV!



Debbie and LJSo what did you get up to last week? I took some time out for one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a long while. LJ Rich, one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, treated me to a massage treatment at Walk In Backrub, which was just down the road from one of the most lovely tea rooms in London, where we simply HAD to go sup!

She knows so many interesting places to go in London, far more than I ever discovered even when I was at uni at LSE.

Plus, I perused the wonders of the Apple store, it had to be done. It was the 30th anniversary of Apple that day, I booked some workshops to help me learn how to be efficient on my new Macbook Air, which I treated myself to, on which to write my third novel (out in the summer on Amazon). 


Mac is 30The Mac is 30 Following last year’s intensive hard work – writing and publishing my two novels, which earned sufficient royalties to pay for a nice treat or two – and being an iPad/iPhone girl, it seemed logical to go the whole hog and get a Mac.

(Am loving the Macbook so far, but if you don’t have a laptop yet, see below about Saturday’s ChromeBook TSV with Lee Hohbein.)

My pal LJ is missus technology at BBC Click now, having left QVC four years ago as a guest. She’s such fun! And so was being pummelled…


MassageMarvellous massage. Ohhh it was heaven! I went in with a very tight neck and shoulders and within thirty minutes the skilled hands of the guy with the massage chair made them much more relaxed. Truly wonderful. One of my favourite things. (As and when I get another man, it’s a deal-breaker that he has to be good at that! #LiveInHope Lol)

It was a lovely afternoon/evening, topped off with a meal at a delicious sushi café called Kula Kula, have you been there? And lots of banter and gossiping of course!

Go here for more info about this lovely little venue Camellia's Teahouse and do go say hi from me! I bought some of their wonderful bespoke teas and revelled in the 50’s style décor and mood! Will definitely go back there again!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page

Well the January Monday night run of our ‘New Year, New You’ type show is now over, but I thought I’d continue with a little health item each week nonetheless. I’m told they will shortly discuss whether the show was worthy enough to bring back later in the year.

(And thanks to the several of you who have emailed asking for it to return. Do say why, if you send one – there’s still time – another two weeks to be precise – so email this address now! Just say why Back to You helped you or why you enjoyed it – email customer_careuk@qvc.com)

Juice Back to You










If you’d like to see the whole of show four last Monday, go here. And I apologise now for showing you my abs! Lol.


So here’s a great juice recipe! I’m a big fan of juicing,  vegetable juices mainly,  more than fruit alone as there's too much fructose. I think I put on half a stone in half a year drinking a well-known brand ‘with bits’ every morning a few years back! Then I watched 'Sugar: the Bitter Truth' and found out why!

Granddad BodybladeAnyway, this yummy recipe was posted on our Back to You Group on Facebook. And next to it, my effort using our Jack LaLanne juice machine. It did taste lovely (I left off one of the pears from the recipe stated) and I’m not even a fan of celery!

Much more just like that on our online support group. Jane Sargeant posted this pic of her pa, enjoying the one minute bodyblade challenge! How fabulous!


Keep in touch. Do go and join the ‘Back to You QVC’ group on Facebook – now with over 650 members – we’re a very supportive bunch, and you’ll be in good company! And on Saturday (1st) I’ll have a big announcement about something I’d like you to join me for, in the run up to Summer!

Plus on my own website, see the fabulous hints and tips from others, on a special Back to You blog page – there are four weeks’ worth of updates for you to look back on if you missed it all, with lots of info and links and pics and stories from others. That’s on www.debbieflint.co.uk where I’ll write a new post each Monday for the B2U gang!

P.S – well done to these winners of last week’s bumper competition:

Prize 1 to Lynne Sneddon

Prize 2 to Faye Billington

Prize 3 to Rebecca Gokmen

Prize 4 to Eileen Mitchell


Another comp at the end of next month.


Still to come… Clare and Charlie get the giggles … which of my fave fashion guys is back on air soon? … and super sneaky peeks!!




RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Book of the Week
Mr SelfridgeMr Selfridge is back on our screens and how much are we loving it! Well I thought I’d feature the book which the series is based on – ‘Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge’. It’s a fascinating, factual account of his beginnings in the USA, and how he transformed the whole department store shopping experience in the UK in the early 1900’s.

I didn’t realise – probably because the actor Jeremy Piven who plays him is so young – that Harry Gordon Selfridge was over 50 when he first came to London! Tons of fabulous info in this book about early retailing and his show-stopping publicity stunts – as well as his womanising!

But I think the series on ITV is even more fantastic. Do you? Here’s the ad for it – one of the most stunning trailers I’ve ever seen.



And as a special treat, here’s the link to the first series’ Jonathon Ross interview with Mr Piven/Selfridge himself! Phwoar! Lol!




Writing a book?
RiWiSiJust as I get close to finishing my steamy chapter (from Hawaiian Escape, my second novel, which will be available soon as a free download – I’m aiming for Valentine’s Day!), I find myself planning ahead to Book Three and thinking of characters.

I’ve realised that my mother is more than a little responsible for Grace, who is Sadie and Helen’s mum in my books (see bottom for links to Amazon for my novels).

So I thought I’d ask… which character in which of your favourite novel is like someone you know – or you?! Leave me a comment below, I’m curious.

And if you are a writer, make sure you check my regular Friday writing blog – RiWiSi-Go-Large. Read more on my own website www.debbieflint.co.uk including, for self-publishers, whether it's 'OK' to rewrite your early novels, how to write children’s books, plus Story, the famous scriptwriting seminar. All on the latest RiWiSi update just click here!



LampSneaky Peek! Join me next month for this fabulous Bethlehem Lights lamp launch – trust Gracie to get in the act! And lovely Laura Geller is back with a five piece Baked set on Sunday 9th Feb. I’m not in ‘cos I’m at a writing course that weekend, but it’ll be busy!





Trinny & Susannah

Shhh! Very excited to be doing a Trinny and Susannah Today’s Special dress launch very soon – fab if you need a bit of ‘shaping up’!








Ammolite ring - 608250

Stunning Ammolite Returns Whether you watch this fabulous fossil-jewellery range for the unusual stone, or for the guest Ken, ( 😉 ) he’s back with Jill on Thursday 13th at 10pm.








ScruncherScruncher Watch – Week 3. Talking of Jill, her beloved bulldog Scruncher is still missing from Windsor Tow path, opposite the Brown's restaurant, since January 16th. Keep an eye out pleeeeez. And spread the word. Contact info on this pic – make a poster if you feel kind. He has distinctive bald patches on his sides. Reward for return. #LiveInHope






TSV remindersNot a Lot of People Know This DID YOU KNOW that you can sign up for email alerts for TSVs coming up from your favourite departments. So if you don't want to miss the next fab Jewellery offer, sign up! Go here to sign in to your account (or create one) and go to 'My Account'. 




BLOOPER – Clare and Charlie in Monday’s three hour gems show – whether it was sitting next to Charlie that made Clare so giggly, or just sitting still for three hours I don’t know, but I thought we’d ‘Grabyo’ this priceless moment so you can enjoy it over again!…



Chinese new yearChinese New Year “Kung Hei Fat Choi” to everyone who celebrates and best wishes to all those born in the Year of the Horse, (1943, ’55, ’67, ’79, ’91, or 2003) the 15 day celebration starts today on Friday (31st). Go here to find out eight things you probably didn’t know!







ReadingFabulous Mind Bender! How about this! I love bringing you things like this. Can you do it? Isn’t it astounding?! Isn’t the brain an amazing thing? Mind-boggling to say the least! Lol.






CBBCCBBC flashbacks As you may know, I was the first girl in the Children’s BBC broom cupboard, standing in for Phillip Schofield in 1986. Well I got an interesting package this week… what was it? All will be revealed in next week’s blog…





Family mealBrother’s Birthday Bash Had a lovely get together with my ‘little’ bro Glenn, his family and friends, and sis Lin and co at the weekend. I had a delicious curry but what with lack of sleep last week, and probably a bit too much creamy sauce and so on, I ended up with a cough earlier this week! Serves me right.

The meal in Chipstead was enjoyable tho’. Only another year and he’s 40! Eeek!



Facebook Funny

Funny – 21st Century Parenting So true – I bet this is going on all over the UK – is it in your house? It would have been if mine were still small! Instead, I just sat them on the mat! Haha!







Facebook Funny 2Facebook Funny See, this shot is ALWAYS going to be funny! (Ta to Jason Manford’s facebook update for this one!)








WATCH – Well since CBB is over (well done Jim Davidson) and I’ve been tied up with admin and writing my steamy chapter this week, I haven’t seen any films.

I’m off to see the Wolf of Wall Street on Sunday, but I thought I’d just include a little ‘freebie treat’ for you to WATCH this week. On a recent Ellen show, Meryl Streep rose to the challenge to act out a recipe in a given style. And what did Ellen choose? Sexy of course! And the others are sheer brilliance too.

All bow to the Queen of dramatic arts, and do watch out for her in the brand new cinema release ‘August Osage County – trailer is below – a film I also hope to see soon too! Meanwhile, enjoy this clip – Meryl performing as you’ve never seen before! Lol Sheer genius!! RESPECT!



THIS WEEK – apart from the highlights above, join us for:

Acer TSVToday’s Special Value Saturday – Chromebook! – hope you haven’t missed it! Lee Hohbein’s beside himself he’s so excited about the brand new technology in this unusual laptop which may solve so many of our regular gripes with IT. Incl 8pm on 1st with me!





Tresonic FaceTresonics Tues Midnight Suuuuch a great product! I’m launching the new one as TSV on Tuesday night 4th, it’ll be very busy! It’s a wonderful cleansing/infusion hand held device which every premium face-cream person should try.





Debbie and AntthonyAntthony’s back! And finally, yes, our favourite LA Guy returns for more fab fashions don’t miss his shows from Wednesday next week, including my show, Thursday 6th at 6pm – yay! – And don’t forget you can find all your fave shows and hosts on our TV guide here.







NEXT WEEK – Wolf of Wall Street, what was in that CBBC package, and join me for my Break the Habit Challenge, big announcement next Friday…

Have a great week!


Debs x

*TiFFT = Try it for The First Time club! Shhhh – watch out for big news about TiFFT’s when Back to You is over!

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  1. louise January 31, 2014 at 5:40 pm -  Reply

    I’ve got two Sir Galahads, Oscar and his son, Caspar! Oo – er!
    Hope Gracie is still doing well. Cas’s eye seems to have healed up. Osc is still taking steroids. They are a marvellous drug, but can have unwanted side effects. I’ve got them on a semi holistic diet, no nasties. Have you tried pooch and mutt? Well, not you personally rather the dogs! They are tiny little treats, but two huge boxers chew them! Couldn’t believe it.
    My heart bleeds for Jill. The perpetrators of this vile crime should be locked up. Hopefully, she and Larry can welcome him home soon. Until then she will be spoiling Mr B rotten!
    Have you got a printer as a tsv any time soon? I’ll be looking out for the chromebook at midnight.
    Take care.

  2. susan January 31, 2014 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,just thought I’d say hi as been so busy recently! Massage caught my eye. Looks great. Glad you got eased. I always think you’re like me..hold yourself upright but can backfire I think making you too tense. Hope you’re over the cough x

  3. Lynne Sneddon February 1, 2014 at 1:34 pm -  Reply

    Thanks for the brilliant competition. Can’t wait for my prize to arrive 😀

  4. Sharon harvey February 1, 2014 at 1:36 pm -  Reply

    What a fantastic blog as always debbie! Wow you fit a lot into your week.
    The Tea House looks fantastic! Hope you are Enjoying your Mac x

  5. Ann Billings February 1, 2014 at 8:06 pm -  Reply

    Fantastic Blog Debbie as always and I did not know about getting notifications on TSV, so I have gone into My Account and ticked the items that I m interested in….Thank you so much for the info….Loved Meryl Streep clip and can not find the; And a claire sutton charlie brook blooper!that you wrote on your FB wall..!!! 🙁
    I am still not sure about TSV as I do have a great Lap Top and I did until recently have an IPad, but felt that everything that I could do on the IPad I had on my phone and missed the keyboard etc….Such a good product and really like the presenter who has been showing the Acer Google Chromebook, as he explains the product so well….
    I have an Acer 5750 that I purchased from QVCuk and considering I am on it most of the day, this Lap Top has been brilliant..
    Only down side is that the red colour has worn OFF the mouse pad on the machine and this happened early on soon after I bought it….
    Great to see Antthony is back, love seeing him and also love seeing you both working together…
    Hopefully I will hear from you regarding where the clip is for a Claire Sutton and Charlie Brook blooper…
    Ann 🙂

  6. Ann Billings February 1, 2014 at 8:14 pm -  Reply

    Sorry Debbie found the Blooper….x

  7. Linda Broadhead February 2, 2014 at 11:11 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    You looked great in the Yong Kim top I took your advice and ordered 2 can’t wait for them to come,do you know what brand the necklaces are that most of the models were wareing they were in silver and gold tonnes they lokked like flat pepples.
    Thanks L Broadhead

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 4, 2014 at 2:42 am -  Reply

    Louise –
    No printer soon, as far as I know hon. Do ask customer_careuk@qvc.com tho.
    Yes v glad Gracie is ok now, none too worse for having one eye!
    Happy to hear about yours too – big cuddles to them!
    And you.

  9. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 4, 2014 at 2:45 am -  Reply

    Susan –
    Yes, it took two days to get over the worst, and am ok now. Thank u! Yes I try hard to stand up straight! Had a good chiropractor’s treatment today too!
    Best wishes

  10. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 4, 2014 at 2:45 am -  Reply

    So glad! Don’t forget to email your address to Sarah!
    Well done you.

  11. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 4, 2014 at 2:46 am -  Reply

    Sharon –
    Yes, Mac is great…! 😉
    Will have to meet in the tea rooms again sometime! X

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 4, 2014 at 2:49 am -  Reply

    Ann –
    Glad you found the blooper! Lol.
    Yes Lee Hohbein is the most fabulous guest!
    And i’m also looking forward tremendously to Antthony’s visit! He’s a darling too! How lucky we are to have such wonderful people to work with.!
    Great that you also liked finding out about the TSV alerts too – that’s what it’s all about!
    Best wishes

  13. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 4, 2014 at 2:51 am -  Reply

    Linda –
    Yes those necklaces were fab huh? From Marla Wynne, designer, coming soon to QVC I think!
    glad you liked the Yong Kim top – am going to get so much use out of that design!

  14. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen watching via sky tv February 4, 2014 at 6:22 pm -  Reply

    hi debs hope you and family are well
    i am nae bad
    the show you and dale did february 2013 i think for 2months on asaturday night 8to 10pm was called anything goes will it return in the future

  15. debbs f February 7, 2014 at 4:13 am -  Reply

    Martin –
    Anything goes has no plans to return but glad you enjoyed it!

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