Handbags, Hair styles and a huge number of gift ideas!


As I write this, I can’t quite believe it’s a month to the day before Christmas day and if it ties in with the time, it means it’ll all be over bar the washing up!  A month ago I didn’t think I’d be even remotely looking forward to this time of year, but thanks to you and your kind and thoughtful comments, and also my colleagues here at QVC, I feel far stronger and able to move forwards. And I guess that’s just the way life is really, even when we are struggling and feel as though we standing in cement, life carries on moving around us and so eventually we move with it.  It was my sister’s birthday on the 14th of November and we went out to lunch together which was lovely. My brother has emailed us quite a few times since he returned to Sydney in Australia, and while we struggle with the greyness and pouring rain here in the UK, he has been coping with bush fires and heavy smoke!  Mercifully I think the worst of it is over now, and he will once again be enjoying blue skies and bright sunshine with a temperature closer to 30 degrees…. Jealous? Me?  You bet 🙂

I had a lovely time with Honey last weekend and arrived in time to pick her up from school.  She looks so grown-up in her black pinafore dress and it took me back to when I was five and attended Mrs Dovey’s nursery school on the Walton Road.  I used to wear a grey pinafore dress with little Scottie dog buttons on.   That was in 1965 and yet the memory is crystal clear.  Strange how these days I sometimes struggle to remember what I’ve had for breakfast! Honey writes and draws beautifully, and here we are posing with the picture she drew of her and I.

She insisted she put on the sparkly dress I bought for her as she loves sequins almost as much as I do!  Lucy and I broke the back of my Christmas shopping list and then I spent Sunday trying to remember whom I bought what for! I’d pretty much cracked it when I got a phone call from Lucy to say that Honey had come out in spots and it had been confirmed that she has chickenpox! Poor little scrap! She is now being given antihistamines and dobbled with calamine and I will be heading there on Wednesday to take over babysitting duties while Lucy works. I had another flashback – this time 30 years – when two days after I’d given birth to my second child Sam, Lucy – who was 3 1/2 years old then – broke out in spots and It transpired she too had chickenpox. So there I was with a brand-new baby, trying to breastfeed (which luckily gave Sam immunity) and coping with a little one who looked like a pink and white dalmation!  Lucy called the spots chicken pecks (which I’m sure you’ll agree sounds much nicer) and believed that a hen had pecked her and that’s why she had the spots bless her… She had 82 of them, I remember because we used to count them each time we dabbed them with calamine, but she was such a good girl and didn’t scratch and so luckily there were no scars.  I wasn’t quite so well behaved when I had it and ended up with a scar right in the middle of my forehead, which is why I keep my fringe long!

Talking of hair, I’m not sure if you saw the photograph of my slightly shorter style on my social media pages?  I got home after having it cut and coloured and found myself looking at this pencil drawing of my paternal grandmother that my grandfather had sketched in 1922.  I couldn’t believe how uncanny the likeness was.   What do you think?

Of course last weekend was all about hair with our amazing Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Today’s Special Value that sold out in record time.  It really was one heck of a deal, and, if you missed this hair tool, don’t worry because we’ll have a Babyliss offer later in December – details to follow, so watch this space!

If handbags are more your thing, we have this Ashwood Katie cross-body bag as one of our Big Deals until Sunday 1st. It’s leather, and comes in a choice of six colour options, is so stylish and would make a lovely gift.

You’ll also soon be seeing Doris Dalton the founder of Doll 10 cosmetics, as she will be back in the building this Sunday the 1st December with her pre-Christmas TSV – a five piece Hydralux Collection (239594).  No-one does foundation quite like Doris, and If you want a light yet full coverage then I would highly recommend you have a look at these products.  The shade I tend to wear is Medium although I have been known to sport Tan if I’ve been away somewhere sunny!  Doris is an absolute hoot to work with, and I’m delighted that we have the 2pm show together this Sunday. Do join us if you can.

Another one of my favourite female guests is Tova Borgnine, who brings to us her incredible collection of Diamonique jewellery.  It’s not just her stunning designs that make these pieces some of our most popular, but also the incredible stories that are attributed to each piece.  Many of these pieces are copies of Tova’s own jewellery that was gifted to her by her late and very great husband, Oscar winning actor Ernest Borgnine.   I’ll be with Tova on Friday 6th December at 10am (an early start for me!)  but if you want to find out more about her fascinating life before that, please do listen to our Inside QVC Podcast.  This is a relatively new area for us, but we’ve already featured some of your favourites, and I can share with you the very exciting news that I am to be interviewed by Will Gowing for a future podcast, so watch this space! I’m also getting involved in the filming of a brand new promotion for my regular Diamonique show and that will hopefully be ready to air at the beginning of next year.  It’s all go!   In readiness for this we are dedicating the entire hour on Tuesday the 10th December to Diamonique Glamour!  Some of the most gorgeous, showstopping, stunning and sensational pieces have been put together in an incredible line up of jewellery that you can order in time for Christmas.  It’s going to be fast and furious and I’d love you to be a part of it, so please do join me that Tuesday at 8pm.

And on that note, I had better go and sort out the photographs I’ve chosen to accompany this blog so that you can enjoy it and hopefully keep in touch with me.  Thinking of you and wishing you well.  With my love,

Ali xx

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