Halo – let it shine!


With our lives ever-dependent on rechargeable devices, such as phones, tablets and readers, there is an increasing chance that you will see that very frustrating ‘battery low’ symbol and start to worry if you have enough to get home/make that call/send that email/contact that taxi driver etc. I think we all seem to have dozens of charge cables at home and even one on the car, but what happens when you are walking the dog, or on a train or bus, or just out and about?

Well that’s where a Halo come in handy. They specialise in really high-quality, really nice-looking and really cost-effective portable charging systems. In their most simple form they are are rechargeable batteries (you charge them up the same way as you charge your phone) but then they keep the charge and as they are so small, you carry them with you wherever you go, and you whip it out and plug it into your ‘flat’ device and continue to use it whilst it’s charging.

We currently have a special offer for two halo shine 3000’s. I think they are the perfect present for anyone who is constantly running out of phone battery just before they get home (teenagers are a classic example here) and then you can’t get in touch with them. Each one will fully charge up a phone from flat so they make an excellent emergency power source. In addition to this they also have a torch, which at the moment, is a really useful thing just about every day…… It’s so gloomy!


Of course if it’s a completely new phone or tablet you are after we do stock a great range of Apple products with several special offers.

Halo have a variety of different battery packs that vary in power and therefore vary in how capable they are at charging the biggest devices (large tablets etc). But I just found out that they have the biggest daddy of them all! The Bolt Portable Car Charger is so powerful it will help to start your car if it had a flat battery – several times! Plus, you can plug two devices in to charge at the same time (a phone and a tablet) and it would full charge them both several times over.

But the real display of power is when you rock up to your car and the battery is flat. If this were in the boot you don’t need to find anyone with jump leads or try to manoeuvre a car next to yours so the jump leads will reach. You take this little unit to the car battery, clip on the mini jump leads and press a button – a few seconds later, after the Halo has run through some safety checks, your car will be ready to start.


As someone who is used to really big cables, battery packs and heavy duty kit, this really did surprise me. I tested it out on an old diesel tractor and it even started that when it had a flat battery. If you battery is faulty or has ‘died’ properly though (i.e. you haven’t just left the radio or lights on too long) I’m afraid the Halo won’t help…. Nothing will. Then you simply have to buy a new battery! But with this as an emergency standby, you would be off and going again in a few minutes as opposed to half an hour or more with the old methods or the several hours you might have to wait for one of the roadside assistance vans to catch up with you.

I like Halo, and their batteries have helped me out on several occasions now!

Simon X

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