Guess the seedling? And scary face mask for Beauty Day


Well she’s finally left me, my lovely helper Nicola, after spending nearly a year making cakes, at the retreat and tearooms, being my right-hand girl, when lovely Wendy and the others couldn’t do it and she filled in. But she left me a lovely present… See below for details.

Baby Bonanza

It’s been so nice spending lots of time with my children in the last week or so. Brad and Lauren – now around about 30, one older, one younger – are my pride and joy, as are the babies they have produced for me to love. Last weekend it was the turn of Blake to step into the spotlight as my son’s baby girl turned one. (NB they forbid me to put face photographs of the bubbas on the Internet! I don’t blame them.) Anyway it was a lovely gathering.

We had the most wonderful time amidst all the babies, their baby friends, relatives, and Brad’s friends. Lovely watching little Blake wandering around, gradually getting used to taking steps , making her way between people and toys and new presents. She loved the new ride-on woolly mammoth rocking horse – rocking mammoth – I bought her! She tore off most of the paper of herself 🙂 and when we put her on it, she screamed! Give it time…

Lolly was there with bubba Phoebe and when we put her near to Blake, the one year old reached out and touched Phoebe’s face and then laid her head in the baby’s lap. Awwwww So sweet. Kari my daughter in law did such an amazing job with the cake, which she home-made, and it was delicious. Everyone had a great time and it was lovely to see people together. More Blakey-sitting soon.

Leaving on a Sheepwash jet plane

My lovely helper has now left the building! She was here for a year and came to help me by being a right-hand woman, doing almost everything! Lawn, dogs, cooking, tearooms, looking after guests when I wasn’t here, and even helping me do my January accounts! She will be sorely missed. We had a girls’ get together to see her off on Wednesday. Now the race is on to find somebody else to help me out doing cakes etc. on Wednesdays and weekends before the tearooms opens again in the spring. I will have to put it out to the universe as when I did that last time Nicola turned up. You never know what happens if luck is on your side…

Nic’s cakes are to die for, including her spin on carrot cake, including apple and pineapple! She brought some along and they went down a treat. Nic brought me a leaving gift – an apple seedling she grew from seed. I will try hard not to kill it! How lovely. The close group of girls, minus Alix and Linda, all turned up and it was a super send off.

I have a truly lovely gang down in Devon and they make life enjoyable and fun, for both me and the Labradors!

This weekend’s highlights

Friday – Ashwood are back today (25th) with a leather flap over cross-body bag, go here to see and order it now.

Saturday – we kick off a whole weekend with £1.95 P&P on beauty products! A brilliant chance to try all the ones you’ve been wondering about for ages. Saturday’s Today’s Special Value is the Tweak’d Rhassoul Rise & Shine three-piece Hair Volumising Collection, available now to buy on this early bird link! Go here to see and buy it. Denis the guest brings us technology in his affective volumising hair care, and with P&P being just £1.95, isn’t it worth a go if you have fine here that needs volumising?

Sunday the LAB Life + Beauty girls are back with a face lifting and toning Pro Lift device with activator serum.

And look out for the two hour Discover Beauty finale with me 10pm till midnight Sunday, a last chance to see your beauty at £1.95 P&P.

See below for next week’s offers and sneaky peeks!

Big Deals ending Sunday…

Here are the special one week offers, which end this Sunday 27th at midnight. The four-piece Superfood Skincare Collection from Elemis is great for beauty fans, and for keep fit fanatics there are his and her trainers, the Men’s Skechers lace-up trainers are on offer and for her, the Moda in Pelle Alfrida trainers mix style and comfort. Go here to see and buy them all now.



You have heard of a cowslip but what about a cat slip! Little Oreo, growing by the day, has still not learnt his lesson regarding dicing with death on the edge of the bath! He seems to be a water pussycat! When I arrive home at my brother’s house in Croydon after working at QVC, I always hear him pad down the stairs to greet me and purr around my feet while I make myself a cup of tea to take to bed. He is such an affectionate little cat. They have been very lucky with morph and now Oreo. There aren’t many cats like them. Have you got one?

Are you a woman with control?

Enjoyed the jeans Today’s Special Value last week, which sold out almost completely, and I do love her wardrobe warriors’ headline photo on Facebook – a very good phrase and one I have always lived by all my life, from sticking up for my sister when she was being bullied at school, to not being afraid to go against the grain for the sake of justice. I feel that way now sometimes, reading all the stuff about Brexit, and cannot believe the turn of events. (I tell you one thing, the documentary charting its progress will be stranger than fiction!) What’s one of your favourite sayings?

My others include:

  • Seek first to understand, then be understood (
  • Be independent of the good AND bad opinion of others
  • Everything happens for a reason – ask ‘what can I learn from this,’ then let it go…

Ps Renee’s Women With Control trousers range is here.

Top ‘top of the week’

This beautiful MarlaWynne chiffon poncho which can be worn three different ways. I had so many people ask for the item number when I was on with it last weekend. It is…173504. In three colours, and I would snap it up if I were you. It’ll be fab for my cruise! Ample room, go down not up in size.  Similarly the jacket at the front of the rail was good value as well, mostly cotton. My favourite jacket is mostly wool, go here to see more choices. It is one of my favourite ranges.

Face pack surprise

This week I tried one of the new SBC face masks, the lovely Collagen Radiance one – it left my face really radiant. Well, I did it in the confines of my bathroom, and it’s probably just as well…. now I’m looking for a whole body one…! 🙂

Plus there are many new ones out especially for beauty weekend, including a huge superfood range from Elemis.


So much to see at the cinema! I’m very excited about Beautiful Boy with Steve Carell, Glass, Mary Queen of Scots, Stan & Ollie, and even Collette (even though I’m not the biggest Keira Knightley fan). And how great to see that The Favourite has been nominated for 10 Oscars. 10! There are other amazing films out next week – you can tell that it is Oscar season can’t you?! I hope to have a film fest in my London week, so watch this space.

Book of the week

It has to be Julie Cohen’s new book Lewis and Louise, the same person’s life story told from two different perspectives, one if they were male and two if they were female. Ingenious. Already getting lots of attention in the book review press in mainstream newspapers, we are also proud of our lovely mentor Julie. She is one of the best as far as identifying what makes a story work, and I can’t wait to listen to the audiobook out this week as well. Well done Julie! It’s going to be a massive hit.

Facebook blog of the week

I had a funny experience the other day – my new facial identification phone, decided that my morning face could not be identified as me! Ha, ha, ha. Good job I’m single. Go here to see my take on it whilst doing my video diary in London for a change…

Next week on QVC

Monday – Centigrade return with a lightweight diamond quilted coat for an amazingly low price.

TuesdayRevitalash return with their reply to brow conditioner in a duo, excellent value so do you stock up! I must admit I have had great success with this on my brows. They were not terrible to start with but they are definitely in much better condition and sometimes I don’t even need to use eyebrow pencils when I’m away from QVC! Very pleased with this and worth giving it a trial, but please give it a long trial!

Wednesday – Nina Leonard are here with a side drape dress, at the usual incredible pricing.

Thursday – it’s the turn of the kitchen department with the Blendtech Designer 625 blender with twister jar.

And look out for the early bird order link for the new make-up collection from Tarte, being revealed mid-week and on fair on Friday. The five-piece Best Kept Beauty ‘Sea-crets’ Make-Up Collection with the foundation I’ve been wearing for the last week or so and the most beautiful lippy. A real winner.

Plus at the end of the week there will be an amazing skincare offer. I am here doing my London week this week so will be on most days, including launching with Revitalash on Monday night and next weekend is too big Saturday and Sunday deals. Another great week on QVC! And don’t forget this weekend (26th & 27th January) it is £1.95 P&P on all the beauty items for the Discover Beauty weekend.

Next week on the blog – OMG it’ll be February! And not long to wait until my cruise holiday. I’m counting down the weeks, however still need to lose a few inches. Since I was very sick Sunday/early Monday I didn’t make the aqua-zumba but I will one day…! I also have a Go Ape voucher to use – that ‘scramble through apparatus in the tree tops’ adventure – before end March, so the race is on! Keep up to date on my social media – listed below. Looking forward to my big film fest next week too. Plus a reunion with my writing group .

P.s. did I mention the Discover Beauty weekend has all products on very low postage? Just £1.95 per piece, don’t know if I mentioned it… He he X

Best wishes



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  1. Susan January 25, 2019 at 6:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Happy birthday to Blake! It was a beautiful cake so well done Kari. Lovely photo of her too.
    I agree to try to stand up for yourself and others but not always easy! Especially if you put your job at risk! In theory yes of course though. I know I said before I can’t talk about Brexit. I still can’t! It’s too divisive. Very sad and difficult. I think that saying about understanding would help. Each camp needs to see and understand the feelings of the other. It’s getting nasty.
    Have a nice weekend and hope the knee is ok x

  2. SheMag January 26, 2019 at 7:37 am -  Reply

    Stan and Ollie is my film surprise of the last year. A lovely little film. People shouldn’t be put off if they don’t know who they were, or if they didn’t find them funny. It’s deeply moving and I loved it, much to my own surprise.

  3. Yvonne January 26, 2019 at 10:35 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I’m an avid reader of your blog and reading your news and sneaky peeks of what’s coming up on QVC. I have a question for you as I know you are an avid fan: what’s happened to Gatineau’s throat and neck gel? Has it been discontinued? If it has been can we lobby Andrew and get it back? Thanks.

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