Grand baby pics, and a stand up kind of guy.


What fun we had last week when Antthony was in town – see more below, Also a Grandbaby update on little Blake Katherine, and a photo from behind the scenes at QVC!

This weekend’s fab offers

But first here is this weekend’s line-up so you can click straight through if you read it before the weekend is over and you’re in time for some of these Today’s Special Value offers and weekly Big Deals!

Click here for Today’s (Friday 30th) amazing offer, Lulu’s Time Bomb four-piece Supersize Complete Skincare Collection, going very well already.

Saturday sees Skechers return with the knitted slip on Glider pumps, really low-priced as well.

SundayDyson is back with the brilliant Hot + Cool quiet bladeless fan, this one has a timer. I know it’s a lot price-wise and it will not be everyone’s budget. But for the converts, you never go back! I rely on these 100% because of the safety and accuracy of keeping a room at a constant temperature without spending a fortune. Mine toggles on and off when I need it to, even when I am not there. Great for new mums worried about babies in cold rooms I think. Just put it on the floor so the breeze is not directly hitting baby and you are done!

Plus, go here to get this week’s Big Deals

Get Attitudes by Renee jersey button-sleeve Top here

For gardeners go here for the Ryobi One+ cordless lawnmower and grass trimmer here

Or for beauty lovers try this fantastic Rio Make-Up Brush Cleaner with bowl here – check out the blooper below to find out more about this great product…

Don’t forget to order before midnight on Sunday, 1st April though, as there will be three new ones on our sister channels from Monday for a week.

Fun with Franklin

If you missed it I also prepped my lovely Flora Mare show by using a super radiance face mask – trouble is it frightened the life out of my fellow presenter Dale Franklin! I posted it on my Facebook page so it’s easy for you to see – go here if you would like to watch the video – you can see it even if you are not on Facebook, don’t worry. The Flora Mare mask duo has eight reviews – all five stars, and was very cleansing, leaving my skin with a real radiance. It was still evident when I did the

I had a Diamonique show the day after. Look at this lovely photograph – make-up (by Rachel, from our lovely Make-up Junkies team) was fabulous too, using the Tarte Sunday’s TSV (still available here), and of course a Style-a-do hairpiece which made my make-up look wonderful.

PS I’m wearing a fabulously glamorous Antthony sparkle top, available here – if there’s any left.

There were lots of sales recently and many temporary offers, so do check out all the clearance sale items whilst they are still active, if you like a good bargain or two, like I do. Also on that link, how to get a £10 voucher off your next order if you buy three clearance items, too!

I have actually just recently bought some Lock & Locks again, we must have had about six sets down at the retreat in Devon, but we do love a bit of organisation, my lovely helper friend Wendy and I. The Lock & Lock set that I bought is orange so I will definitely be colour-co-ordinating the dry ingredients in our larder over Easter!

Fun behind-the-scenes

One of my favourite fashionistas wore his most beloved outfit when he was on with me last weekend – his dramatic matador jacket, but little did everyone know it was as solid as a rock! What a funny guy he is. We had several clearance deals too – one of my favourite tops of his was this one, part of a set, including a scarf. It’s under £33 for now, so go see it soon! And this one which is the pack of two trousers on clearance price, these are the petite but there are also regular – amazing bargain. Check out the Antthony range on our website if you haven’t seen it before, for over 100 offers. But they are really wearable and I love the viscose mix the most.


Facebookers lunch

Had a fab annual Bodyblade get together last week – a super lunch up London with the Bodyblade Ohana (it means family in Hawaiian!), organised by lovely Sue Stewart and Co. It was so nice to see everybody and have a good catch up, in an Italian just off Piccadilly. On the way there I passed a new Moss structure on the pedestrianised road just by the station, and wondered what it was. It turns out it’s a ‘city wall,’ a living breathing structure packed with greenery which helps to soak up hundreds of times more pollution than just a single tree. I do hope they have lots more of these. Google it and have a look as I did not manage to snap a photograph as I was rushing to meet the girls!

High on a hill

Went out and explored around the local area with my sister-in-law Boki last week, and we did seven miles all around South Croydon. This is a view from the top of Sanderstead, it used to be called Sanderstead on the Hill and had quite a few Quaker families living there in the old days, apparently that’s why there are no pubs! I was very tired afterwards though I can tell you. Fortunately my cough has abated this week and I do hope this weekend my shifts will be without any problems. As obviously it is Easter, my mum and sis are coming down with their partners, as well as my uncle and auntie, to stay at my place in Devon. I hope you have a lovely Easter whatever you do.

How times have changed… not?

Pontypridd Museum had this fabulous piece of memorabilia on display recently and lovely Morwenna Lewis the curator said I would be able to feature this on my blog – it’s a postcard postmarked Ilfracombe, 12 August 1911. It was part of the exhibition on women’s suffrage and the 1918 representation of the people act. Wish I’d known earlier – I am researching that era, as regulars will know, for my next novel which is set around about that time, called French or Dutch, and I find it the most fascinating time of change for women. Seems like the person who wrote this was well ahead of her time. Either that or nothing changes! Ha ha. If you are too late for that exhibition they also have a new one about bees on the 4th and 11th of April including info about building a Bee hotel. To go and see it if you can. I love the Bee emblem, and wear a Diamonique bee pendant that has a matching bracelet. And if you did not know it, my name – Deborah – means ‘bee’ in ancient Hebrew! And I worked in Manchester when I was a Piccadilly Radio in the mid-80s (it’s Manchester’s symbol as well.) So if there is any mention of these amazing creatures, I’ll bee there ha ha….

Blooper of the week

Catherine had lots of fun this week with Kim, watch this video. I did love the product though its one of Bid Deals of the Week the Rio make-up brush cleaner – once I watched this I ordered it ha, ha.


Grandbaby update,

I was ill so had to duck out of visiting my little granddaughter who is now two months old, last Sunday, but my mum and my sister got to have their first baby cuddles. How lovely is that? She is really beginning to grow into her looks isn’t she?! Looking forward to seeing her next week. Don’t forget I only update about her on this QVC blog or on my posts on my own website, not on Social Media as such, so do sign up to the newsletters and you will get the email with the blog as soon as it comes out! It’s usually a Friday afternoon.

Book of the Week

This was recommended to me by one of our lovely regulars, and my friend, Jill Dowding Walker. It is called ‘Why we Sleep’ because it’s full of the new science of sleep and dreams by Matthew Walker and is fascinating. I have decided I need to ensure I get more sleep. The trouble is I get a second wind around 10pm, I blame all of my late shifts. The other night I went to bed quite early but ended up doing updates until around two! But I will get there and listening to this book definitely helps. More about this and special offers for Easter weekend on my new book blog on my website – I’m also reading a superb thriller from Clare Macintosh I’ll talk about next week!

By the way if you love reading and want to read more, go see a post on my Facebook QVC page this week (see link below) – it’s an amazing speed-reading test and also how to activate ‘word runner’ if you’ve got one of our Amazon Fire Tablets!


Something from the catch up on iPlayer this week – ‘Ruth Ellis, a very British crime.’ This is a three-part documentary drama, created by an American researcher who looked very deeply into the circumstances surrounding the crime of passion committed by the last woman to be hanged in Britain, Ruth Ellis, who was executed in 1955 for shooting dead her lover. Soon afterwards, they changed the law and ended capital punishment. This era fascinates me, and I know a lot of you also find it intriguing. What she uncovered was utterly absorbing and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the episodes, very cleverly peppered with clips from the time. Do look it up if you want something thought-provoking to watch.

PS I would have reviewed the film I went to see with my mum on Friday, but it wasn’t really adult photo. ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ is a Disney, and I thought it would be better than it was, given all the famous people that are in it, Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey et cetera. But to be honest, I would have enjoyed it… if I was 12. Take the kids along, possibly my nieces would like it!

This week on QVC:

Bank holiday Monday is a special gardening event and Richard Jackson will be bringing us his Lawn Magic, this time with an easy to use hose end sprayer. Well worth it if you want a fabulous garden by summer!

Tuesday is the comfort bra pack of four from Vercella Vita, a lovely lace jacquard design.

Ultrasun will have the High Protection Kit in a five-piece on Wednesday, stock up now!

Plus watch out for early bird links from Monday on my Social Media including my Facebook page (see link below). (Do like the page to get the updates automatically but if you are not on Facebook it doesn’t matter because you will still be able to read the updates as they are public.)

On Thursday, Vax is back with their RapidPower Advanced Carpet Washer complete with multitudes of accessories. This is where a 30-day money back guarantee comes in handy isn’t it?

And on Friday Kim & Co return with another amazing jumpsuit including in petite size with a beautiful keyhole detail in Brazil knit with a wrap finish. Love it!

Next week – A weekend in Devon with the relatives! What are you up to? Have a good one!

Best wishes



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  1. Tracie March 31, 2018 at 10:14 am -  Reply

    Lovely to see the baby pics debs, but I seem to remember you said at the outset she wasn’t going to be a social media baby.

  2. martin forbes April 2, 2018 at 11:39 am -  Reply

    congratulations on your first grandchild debs you dont look a day over 21

  3. Karen April 2, 2018 at 1:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, great blog as always. You’re Granddaughter is just adorable. Do you know if the new Kim & Co jumpsuit is in various prints and colours? I am on the look out for one for a Summer wedding.

    Best wishes

  4. Kay Stapleton April 2, 2018 at 3:45 pm -  Reply

    Love your blogs hope you have a fantastic time with the family down in Devon xx

  5. Sally April 3, 2018 at 2:27 pm -  Reply

    What a little cherub! Just gorgeous

  6. Jane April 5, 2018 at 10:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what you get up to . I really loved the picture of you and your mum the other week I didn’t know you wear glasses they really suit you will you be wearing them on air soon ?
    Love Jane x

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