On the good ship Benefit for a bumper brow bonanza!


What a busy week again! From Bristol to a boat on the Thames plus some fab funnies and sneaky peeks! Including Ali Young behind the scenes – you won’t believe the video!

FAB research talk


Well as you know I love learning – LOVE it. I’m at my happiest when I’m finding out new stuff. My inner Chimp is anyway (the Chimp Paradox – on my blog here). So off I went this week to the latest Food and Behaviour Research talk on Feeding Better Behaviour – the Gut, Brain and Nutrition connection and OMG was it fascinating. Plus as you’d expect the buffet was totally fishy! Loved it! It was a lovely day and me and pal Eileen (who has lost 4 stone since last summer using my Freedom Eating system from the Till the Fat Lady Slims books) came too.

OMEGA TESTDr Alex Richardson’s lectures are always enlightening. I bought this omega three test, as it’s just a pin prick of blood you send off now to discover your all important 6:3 ratio. The FAB website offers tons and tons of articles and links featuring vital information about nutrition and wellbeing, with an emphasis on omega three from fish oils, and its link with ADHD, behavioural difficulties, and how the right essential fats can turn things around for so many.

Go here to find out more about the upcoming events including in Brighton and Sheffield. And if you join as an associate member you have access to the full video library of their seminars and talks – hours of info and insights into health. Plus early discounts for the talks. Like this.

But more importantly, watch this – one of the most fascinating videos you’ll ever watch if you still think low-fat is the way to go.


If u watch one thing, watch this. Fabulous reasons why the body gets ill. And how to help avoid it. @fabresearch talk. Food and Behaviour (FAB) Research

Posted by Debbie flint on Thursday, 7 April 2016

I take ideal omega 3 – 1500mg a day – I swear by it. If you investigate all the things it helps, you’ll know why. Fascinating.



Freedom Eating One Month Programme continues

Freedom eating

Part Two blog is written, more here. Plus this week’s website newsletter for subscribers also has the latest exciting news about little Roland the broken dog – who’s not so broken anymore! Plus the book of the week, it’s steamy! AND news of who’s got a £300k TV rights deal for their first book… more here.


How to make Kale Crisps a la Flint-and-air-cooker Talking of eating, have had a thing for green stuff lately! Kale crisps are yummy! Here’s my take on them – easy!



Good for the gut home made drink Kefir is a fermented ‘grain’ that’s not really a grain but generates a drink that’s teeming with amazingly good probiotic bacteria. I’ve started making it – in my airing cupboard! It’s not everyone cup of tea but I love it! And I’m feeling so much healthier due to all this gut-friendly stuff I’m taking. Hope you’re enjoying the clips via my Facebook page here!



The Good Ship Benefit

Good ship Benefit

OMG what a fabulous lunchtime launch on a boat on the Thames, courtesy of the amazing brand Benefit. They told a big group of press – and me! – about the brand new ground-breaking brow products launching in June. The full info is embargoed till Friday 13th May 8pm. Watch this space for more info and meanwhile watch Lisa talking about it below.


Meanwhile, IT cosmetics comes to QVC 9pm on 14th! Here’s a fab write-up on Back to You Beauty blog – star blogger Sharon features lots of our upcoming bargains so do ‘like’ the page too. And if you’d like to get ahead of the game, watch out for the Brows duo going live on this page here– if you’ve run out of ybf brow pencil, try this one!

IT Cosmetics Top 5_UK_Group_wReflection

Talking of Facebook – why not join Patrick from Quacker for another of his wonderful Virtual Pub Quizzes on Monday around 9pm – event page is here – click on it for the info and to say you’re going! He’s got a super mini series next week on QVC too – see some Quacker Factory bargains here.
The quiz is just for fun, with a spring theme, why not take part? And if you like quizzes, pencil this in your diary, more news soon about an event in Surrey on Sunday June 12th which may involve an afternoon vintage teas, a fete, MDD dogs, some QVC guests and an evening Quiz Supper!

Out with the girls on Sunday Oh it was really lovely. A lovely garden centre near Farnham – riverfields or something. So nice to be buying garden stuff. And being on with Richard this week too – not sure he felt the same tho! Lol – see below…


Pretty Peach Nostalgia Remember these? What were your other faves? I had pretty peach stuff, but also loved my very first perfume ever – a lily of the valley one in the shape of a little bell from my school-friend Sharon Foreman, now Holland. (Happy birthday to Sharon for the 1st btw!) Let alone the smell of the soap on a rope in the shape of a carrot which I had one year. Nuff said! Lol.



Watch – here’s a couple of fab clips! Alison young being Alison – she does it so well! In one of my behind the scenes clips this week – hilarious!


Do click ‘like’ on my Facebook Page in order to have access to all my VLOGs as they are posted – many are only posted there. It’s a great way to keep in touch and has gone down very well!

Second – BLOOPER – have a look at this funny from Richard Jackson’s show with me on Wednesday night.

Now that’s a boo boo! Lol! And click here if you’d like to buy the fabulous container magic in the clip.

Facebook Funny  – hehe!



This week on QVC –

Here are the weekend’s Today’s Special Values. Some amazing deals again – hope you can join me for the Skechers launch Friday midnight – it’s a lovely pair of deck shoes. Click here if you’d like to buy them early.


Can you see the grey ones in the foreground of this pic of the Pilates Machine? Oh and if you’d like this particular reformer, just click here.

Sunday’s Today’s Special Value offer is the super Elemis 6-Piece Luminous Skin Collection click here if you’d like to buy it early.


Our hero and my buddy Bruce is back with Bodyblade on Monday incl at 7pm with me – can’t wait. And check out this fabulous post from Patricia G on Facebook – attagirl!


Lock and lock rehearsal in the rain! Look at this – the only space large enough was outside in our garden set and the heavens opened when Jackie was rehearsing with Simon for the all important Lock & Lock today’s Special Value happening on Tuesday. It’s a bumper set – 20 pieces for around the £20 mark (Excluding p&p)– and you’ll see lots of print advertising to support it bringing in new customers – make sure you tell your pals that newcomers will want this one!


Liz Earle News Finally – well done to Pauline Pingram for winning my comp last week – the superb Superskin set from Liz Earle including the new eye cream. It’s really luxurious and sinks in fast. It’s enriched with rosehip, borage and cranberry seed oils, plus powerful lifting, firming and brightening properties, this is the most targeted eye care formula in the entire range.

liz eye cream

It’s very exciting and the launch is soon – more shows are on 12th, do join Caroline and co. And it really works. Leanne E said to me on Facebook that over about 2-3 months, the difference Liz Earle made to her skin, was so incredible she tweeted the pics to Caroline Archer. She’d given up as she’d literally tried everything on the market but nothing worked until she tried the Liz Earle range. Leanne says she’d recommend it to anybody who suffers with their skin. Stick with it and you may be rewarded like she was.

Face pic

Sneaky Peek Put Thursday night next week at midnight, in your diary too – if you want the Alpha-H way of fixing your issues – with the three-piece cleanse, peel and exfoliate set. You even get the chance to choose the cleanser in the set!

It is the perfect synergy with the current pick of the month (that has free P&P – an overnight leave-on plumping, renewing sleep mask, it’s fab! Stock up whilst you can save on postage!


Next week – Bodyblading with Bruce, plus ‘Deb-a-nory’ – an audio extract of one of my stories! Have a great week.

Best wishes




And here’s another super testimonial about my Freedom Eating weight loss system mentioned in my books Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 and 3.0

JDW on Facebook –

“You’re gonna laugh at my 2 x NSVs today!

After my 3XL Diane Gilman jeans and Women With Control trousers were hanging so loosely on me last week, I found a smaller pair of Diane Gilman jeans and wore them today – comfortably! Yay!!!

I reached into my wardrobe for a black cardigan, put it on and thought, “These sleeves are a bit tight”! However, the front edges almost met across my ample chest, then I thought, “This really doesn’t feel right. I know I’ve been doing Body Blade, Spin Gym and Pilates, but my arms aren’t THAT hench”!

I checked the left inside seam for the label and sure enough, it was a size… 8!!! That is my daughter’s cardigan! Astonished I got into it TBH! Hubby had put clean clothes away and not checked what belonged to who! We fell about laughing! LOL!”

PS my novels and non-fiction on my bookshelf! Most still in paperback online – very proud!

NEW book pic



  1. Anne Marie Mason April 8, 2016 at 11:30 pm -  Reply

    Congratulations Pauline. x

  2. Mo Cowell April 10, 2016 at 10:33 am -  Reply

    Regarding the Lock and Lock TSV – I pre ordered 2 sets (one for my aunt who is not a customer of QVC) and I have just read that new customers are being offered free p&p. I fully understand that QVC wants new customers but what about the loyal customers of 21 years …..I object to being alienated from this offer and suggest the powers that be should reassess their sales promotion tactics before going to air.

  3. Heather Blaber April 10, 2016 at 6:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Love your blogs. Its the only way to catch up with QVC news because I’m not on any social media sites.
    I was going to buy a few sets of Lock ‘n Lock, but with the postage being at £4.95 decided that I can’t afford it. So will have to stick to one set. But a bit peeved to see that new customers are getting free p/p. I’ve been shopping at QVC over 10 years now, and have never been offered free p/p. QVC should have offered old, faithful, loyal customers half price for their p/p.
    Do you know when Diane Gilman will be back at QVC? I was disappointed that the superstretch jeggings have not come back in stock in small, because I wanted to get another pair for my short break for my 60th Birthday to Antwerp. I’m not very keep on the cropped jeans, they are too short in the leg, because I’m tall, and I have awful spider veins on my legs, plus they are plump, so crops don’t look right on me. Also we haven’t had a TSV from Diane since last year. I’ve been disappointed with the new jeans that have been brought to air, nearly all of them have been boot cut. I much prefer skinny or jeggings.
    Anyway I’ll await your next exciting blog.

    Take care
    Heather xx

  4. Eileen April 11, 2016 at 10:10 am -  Reply

    Great blog again Debbie keep them coming have a good week

  5. Clare Harris April 11, 2016 at 4:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie I was hoping that you would be able to pass on a HUGE thank you to Bruce the lovely Body Blade man who I believe you’re doing a show with later on at 7pm – after badly and I mean badly breaking my wrist last year (two plates a bone graph and about 10 screws) I started using the body blade again in Jan this year – i had to go very slowly to start with but I use it most days now sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and I’m getting my strength back with the added bonus of tone and sculpting – thanks Bruce x

  6. martin forbes April 13, 2016 at 9:56 am -  Reply

    alison young looked relaxed in that video hope you and family are well hope you enjoyed your nephews wedding

  7. debs f April 14, 2016 at 2:14 am -  Reply

    Clare – thanks so much! Will let Bruce know – he is indeed a complete star and the Bodyblade is one of the best devices ever! Hope you continue to get well!

  8. debs f April 14, 2016 at 2:14 am -  Reply

    Eileen – cheers missus! Glad to hear from you on here! Nice to know you’re there! xx

  9. debs f April 14, 2016 at 2:17 am -  Reply

    Mo – Heather – I can’t explain that I’m afraid. Maybe in the future there will be a special offer for you guys. Super bargain tho!
    Heather – Diane gilman shows are often on, with Carla, and the TV guide will keep you up to date – just search your fave brand! x
    12/04/201622:00-23:00 Fashion by Diane Gilman More
    20/04/201616:00-17:00 Fashion by Diane Gilman More
    25/04/201600:00-01:00 Fashion by Diane Gilman More
    26/04/201602:00-03:00 Fashion by Diane Gilman More
    29/04/201601:00-02:00 Fashion by Diane Gilman More

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