Going back in time- reminiscing, plus a classic blooper and were you a child of the 70’s & 80’s?


Dale and John BarrowmanThis week –

– John Barrowman

– last of the mischief this season

– last week Charlie, this week Dale!

– watch this fun video- do you recall these childhood memories?

– Debbie – DON’T open tubes with your teeth or THIS happens…

– which of our guests used to be a Rick Astley look-a-like?

– and some amazing new science about matrixyl peptide – it really DOES boost collagen

Plus – watch Julia’s interview on Anything Goes – revealing some interesting secrets in her book!

Yes it was another fun-packed show last week with Pipa and Debbie Greenwood, John B and myself on Anything Goes – plus Jules came on to talk about her autobiography (see below) AND Dale gatecrashed to tease midnight – and that’s when John got him! This week’s will be me and Charlie again – (8pm Saturday night). The run ends in March. This week there’s no John to cause mayhem – he keeps selling out of the HIM skincare set so there’s no stock! But maybe he’ll be back in the autumn when the format returns for the xmas period. What have you enjoyed most about the regular Saturday night slot? Leave a comment below!


It was all about the reminiscing this week – mainly as a result of Julia’s book, the way it looks back over the years with some interesting pics of her in the 80’s. We worked together on Cable 17 – more about it on the video clip below (see ‘Watch’), and Jules was the one who first told me about a QVC audition way back in 1993.

One of the things featured in the book is Jools and the Fools, the band she was in and what happened when they actually got a record deal way back when – you have to buy the book to find out more! And about how well she’s coping, bless her, with having recently been diagnosed with an illness which she talks about both in chapter 101 and in her blog a few weeks ago. She’s not one to make a fuss tho, so she didn’t want to go into detail again in the interview. So this week’s Watch is the whole of the chat I had with our very own Julia Roberts all about her book!

Here’s part 1 – part 2 below.



Deb and LinLET’S GO RETRO!

What with all the talk about ‘the old day’s it made me remember some of the things I got up to in the 80’s. And at the same time this week – must be fate – I was also sent a link on facebook to a brilliant youtube vid which further jogged my memories.

So I went and dug out a pic of myself and sister Linda – OMG what DO we look like! Oh those fashions… and that hair! So funny.

We had recorded a song and these were the publicity pics – funnily enough one of my oldest pals Gill S met up for dinner this week and just so happened to hand over some copies – how timely! Must mean I am destined to show you some more! So here are another couple. Don’t know what’s worse – trying to be serious or attempting to be funny! Hehe!

Deb in the 80's Deb with paint can

So of course that led on to thinking about what our childhood was like in the 70’s and lo and behold along came this video from my pal Sharon on Facebook, totally apt for bringing back some amazing reminiscences – what’s your favourite memory amongst them? And it’s a great tune too! 



 This week’s blooper is not so much a blooper and more a HOWLER! ‘Oh Debbie! What are you like!’ That was the chorus in my ear after THIS little escapade on the 11pm show last Saturday – our poor No-No guest didn’t know what to say when this happened! Fortunately she allowed me to recover and carry on – I was absolutely killing myself laughing for most of the rest of the hour tho’, every time I remembered!

Needless to say, you can IMAGINE what was being said in my ear about it! So – having initially decided I wouldn’t include it this week, I’m bowing to pressure of demand from those clamouring to see it again – here it is – Debbie does opening tubes with her teeth!


So similar to that original one Alison did on my hair all those years ago – so here’s another bit of reminiscing for you too – some ‘best of the bloopers’ from the early days!



BBOOK CORNER (or can you think of a better name?! : – ) )

Over the next weeks, I’m going to start featuring all things book – from writing courses to regular author interviews with competitions, through to updates on my own novel.(Currently I’m enjoying getting all the feedback from my little Debbie’s Readers group on Facebook – and final draft 2 of my story is nearly there! Won’t be long and it’ll be on kindle!)

Would any of you like to help proof read it? I can take another three people into our little group, as beta-readers , helping me proof the second version of the ‘final draft’ – if so, just go on to Facebook, and private message me!


Book saying

It’s an online system we’ve got going at the mo so got to stick to Facebook to communicate with the group right now.

When it changes I’ll let you know! And it’s looking like I’ll kick off with a free sample of it at some stage soon – will keep you informed and thanks to so many of you for being interested in my writing! Hawaiian Affair… coming soon! Haha!

So now it’s my turn to reciprocate and help you with your writing! Or your reading. That’s what this little segment will be about.



Anyway – if you’re interested in becoming a novelist, there’s an intriguing course being run on 13th April – I may go. Pitch Across The Pond is all about selling in America. A US agent is coming over plus author Elizabeth Edmondson who sells worldwide. Maggie Fox, from my writing group writes this –‘Lizzy's agent from New York is coming over, we've got another author who sells exclusively from here to there (Lizzy sells worldwide), and we'll be looking at the difference the covers make UK/US and the language and spelling – both of which can make a reader stumble and not wish to carry on.

(I found this with an American author who had trains coming from the North East into Paddington rather than King's Cross, which stopped me reading the novel). Plus other things. Anyway the course is on 13th April. We've got the website up www.oxfordauthorcourses.com It will be at St. Hilda's, Oxford full details online!

Selfridge bookBOOK OF THE WEEK

How affordable was this book?! I couldn’t resist! Have you read it?

It’s ‘Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge’ – on which the fab TV show is based!

Have loved this series on ITV – have you? Here’s the true story on which the tale of the famous department store is based. I will report back after Center Parcs!

Any novel recommendations from you?

Next weekWorldwide Script Guru Robert McKee is back in London – an exclusive discount for my blog readers for his course in London around 18th April.


Mandy Baggot- Taking ChargeFuture weeks – Mandy Baggot author interview! She’s got a new book out in April – start reading her books now,with Sapphire Star publishing (ebooks and print books) and you’ll be ready to respond when we invite your thoughts about her work!

Question of the Week And I’d love to know what genre of fiction is most popular amongst you lovely blog readers – there are over 12000 views of my blog every week – so do please some of you avid readers out there, add a comment below and tell me your fave type of novel!

Name this Slot! And also – put your thinking caps on – what can I call this little segment each week? Book Corner? Nah. It’ll be about books you can read, as well as about writing them and about script writing too… best answer might get a little gift – if I think it’s great! Lol.


Deb and brad on Mother's DaySNIPPETS –

Had a lovely treat from my son on Mother’s Day on Sunday – Gomshall Mill lunch! And flowers and a pretty Lola Rose scarf from him, and a Lulu Guinness cosmetics purse from my Lauren.

Any of you do something amazing? Leave me a comment about it! See how at the bottom of the page. Hope you had a good one if it was relevant to you and best wishes to you if it wasn’t, or isn’t any more.


Lee Hobein and co Had a bite in the café with lovely Lee and his wonderful mum Sue – and our fab IT guest Hannah Grey. Caught Sue on camera later that night when she was minding her own business in the corner of the studio and got in view of the laptop webcam – you’re never safe when Lee’s about! Lol.

He’s on qvc again this Friday night (15th) with me for the midnight launch and thru the day Saturday with the new Acer Today’s Special Value touchscreen laptop – don’t miss it! (under £400 I believe!) Interesting Lee fact – he used to be a ‘Rik Astley–a-like’ years ago!


-First, thought I’d draw your attention to the scientific findings that made mainstream news this week – about a skincare cream peptide called ‘Matrixl’. Heard about the ‘new peptide’? Well NOT so new if you’re a regular to QVC! Ever heard some of our lovely guests talk about it being in their skincreams? Since we're unable to reproduce the article here, do go do your own research online on 'matrixyl peptide'!

Prai is a good example! (Search Prai on our website for some of the products featuring this ingredient!).

But once again, QVC has been way out in front for many years with ingredients such as this one. Glad Universities like Reading are now publishing research like this – well done Ian Hamley (see Molecular Pharmaceutics for more info – er – yeh, right. Or better still, just go here! Click here)


Cousins-And considering how many lovely bears we’ve had on air lately – including the Steiff Sooty, Sweep and Sue and co (Charlie got squirted – check his blog – he’s sure to feature it!) I’ve chosen this lovely little pic – an homage to cousins.

Have they been important in your life as they have for my children? My kids are two of 15 grandchildren – yes, 15!! And they get on so well, all the cousins, on the whole!

I’m expecting visits from a couple of them when I’m away next week at Center Parcs on a short break. Should be fun!


DaisyOne of the things I’m looking forward to most, is actually having a break from the dogs! Madame Daisy the Escapologist has been at it again – now I’ve Fort-Knox’d their pen so she shouldn’t drive my brother mad when I’m away!

He’s coming to dog-sit – I’ve told him to lock her in the chiller with no baseball or glove if she tries to do her Steve McQueen and ‘great escape’ once more!

She won’t be impressed if this is anything to go by…



 Any tips on how to make Labradors STOP scaling fences let me know below! Or if you have a story about one of yours doing something similar!


Samuel Jackson dogAnd finally –

FACEBOOK FUNNY – This pic doing the rounds this week made me laugh out loud – so I thought I’d share it!

The caption said ‘dog really looks like Samuel L Jackson’ and it so does! It’s the expression on his little face bless him!

For more from this person go here (click here)






  Here’s an easy one for you this week – part 2 of the chat with Julia from Saturday’s Anything Goes show – (part 1 is above) – it’s definitely a TiFFT for me and Jules – a presenter interviewing another presenter acting as a guest with her own product on QVC! (Unless you remember differently and have seen it happen before years ago on QVC? Let me know below if so!) And if you’d like to order Julia’s book it’s 701946 (click here). We went to advanced orders during the show but hopefully it’ll be on again soon.

Jules is on hols now – well-deserved break, bless her considering the year she’s had! But back end of March – when we’ll also have a lovely Today’s Special Value from Honora (around 27th – it’s a fab bangle – will ‘sneaky peek’ it for you next week!) Meanwhile, here’s part 2 with Julia. 




Honora TSVQVC Sneak Peek – Sneaky peek this week – watch out for us wearing it on air!

Fab Honora pearls torque bangle with trendy coloured leather plaited strap – mine's a purple! Stats on my bigger wrist! Cool!

The date of the TSV is 26th March, tune in!




Rosemary Shrager's bookQVC – THIS WEEK’S HIGHLIGHT –

– Is Saturday night of course! Join me and Charlie for another fun Anything Goes at 8pm – and we’ll have a special cookery guest – the one and only Rosemary Shrager with her Absolutely Foolproof Food book. And we’ll be playing on the x-box! Should be fun!

Next week – what I got up to at Center Parcs! Have a great week and don’t forget to leave me a comment on one of the topics above!

Especially what kind of fiction you like to read! I’m curious!

Best wishes Debs X

PS – Do leave me a comment on the blog above!

Twitter- @debbieflint - follow me for updates, secrets and insider info on upcoming bargains!

My QVC facebook page – click ‘like’- https://www.facebook.com/DebbieFlintQvcUk

Or leave a straightforward comment below – just post and there you go! Easy! Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Nigel March 16, 2013 at 10:20 pm -  Reply

    Debbie Does The 3 R’s – Reading,’Riting & Romance.
    Happy hols – new one at Woburn opening spring 14, Nige:))

  2. Cath Purple March 17, 2013 at 11:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Love your blogs, but this one is brilliant! Love the videos especially the 1996 memorable moments! How lovely to see Steve Whatley in action. I used to love his humour and he could sell me anything!! What a shame to lose him so young. I was watching IW with Ken from Ammolite when he broke the news – so sad.
    Loved Paul Lavers too, but glad he’s still around!
    I love a good murder mystery book myself, but do also like romantic novels, as long as they are not heavy!
    Looking forward to reading your book – I have enjoyed your short stories.
    Hope you have a good break and look forward to the return of your smile and great sense of humour!

  3. Carole March 18, 2013 at 4:41 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debs. I really liked the bloopers, esp the old ones. Glad the writing is going well. Carole

  4. Tania March 18, 2013 at 5:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Love reading, my fave genre is crime fiction, thrillers, suspense and some sci fi fantasy like hunger games, the host and divergant. Some of my fave authors are Simon Kernick, James Patterson, Karin Slaughter, Chris Carter among others.
    I like writing poems very theraputic. Would love to write a pyschological thriller making people think and send a chill up their.
    Looking forward to more info on writing.
    How about:
    QBooks, Bloggers Book Club or Write It Publish it Read it.
    Well thats the 3 I thought.
    Ooo I have 22 cousins and 6 second cousins! Big family!
    Look forward to your next blog.

  5. Susanne Fitzpatrick March 18, 2013 at 6:40 pm -  Reply

    Bookworms (good name for a book club??)
    Hi Debbie
    I didn’t have a ‘happy-happy’ childhood so used to lose myself in books. The most wonderful English teacher, Mrs Pegum (sadly deceased) introduced me to Agatha Christie as she knew I was a student with an active imagination and I’ve never found an author I enjoy quite as much.
    My cousins and I (who all live in different countries) have been on a Christie pilgrimage for 30+ years visiting all the places in which the novels are set, or were written. The only thing we have yet to achieve is to go on the Orient Express (though we did see it leaving Naples station (too late for a photo – drat it!) – perhaps I need to make it a TiFFT?
    Steiff show
    On a different tack, please thank Charlie for the recent Steiff show featuring Sooty, Sweep (my favourite) and Soo. I have German family so was brought up on Steiff and it brought back such lovely memories, and I ordered a bear, my first since childhood. I’d just got home from a very gruelling day and haven’t laughed so much for years at Sooty, Sweep and Soo’s antics but Sweep stole the show!
    Take care

  6. Susan March 18, 2013 at 8:39 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Lovely photo of you and Brad and what lovely pressies and treats from your young’ns! I’ve told you before I have to read your blog in installments so sorry! But watched the first interview with you and Julia. Haven’t got to the second. Can’t believe how much Daniel looks like Chris! A clone!! So tall…Julia only comes up to his shoulder!! And same exact face and hairline! Crazy! Love your animal top by the way…QVC?
    Susan x

  7. Joy Padley March 21, 2013 at 1:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Oh how funny is that clip of Steve Whatley & Joan Rivers…he was so Mr Showbiz & Mr Diamonique and Katy John I remember her too. Shows how long I have been watching the Q!
    As books and reading are big news on your blog, I am doing a TiFFT in 2 weeks. Due to doing something special for someone we all know (!) I am starting an 8 week Creative Writing course. I have always wanted to write since I was at school and this has encouraged me to give it a go. Of course only baby steps but if you don’t try something you don’t know.
    Read Julia’s book, well written and I like the fact you can just dip in wherever without it being in chronological order.
    How about ‘Pen Paper & Ink’ for the title of the Book Corner? Difficult to think of something that isn’t naff.
    Liking the Honora TSV I have several bits from that collection. My only concern is I have a biggish wrist and find that friendship bracelets are better for me as they are adjustable.
    Enjoy the rest of Center Parcs.
    Joy xx

  8. debs f March 22, 2013 at 10:49 pm -  Reply

    Nige –
    Reading Ritin and Romance – I like it! Will give it some thought! lol! It’s the third R that some may struggle with! they may think it’s an update on my social life, which as we know is out of bounds! (good job some may say, including Mr Back of my Tandem! lol.
    Woburn – is that nearer dorking than Elvedon? thing is when you get to know a place, it’s like a second home holiday kind of thang, you know! Where do you go on hols then? i imagine somewhere cerebral…

  9. debs f March 22, 2013 at 10:52 pm -  Reply

    Cath –
    murder mystery and light romance eh? My pal Carolyn Mahony is writing just such a novel at the moment! Maybe you’d like to help beta-read it for her! (I have a group of about 20 beta readers on a closed facebook group and they’ve been amazing and marvellous!). It’s fun too – you get to suggest things and make observations as well as just proof reading! let me know if so!
    Glad you like the good old days clips – and yes Paul’s still raring to go! lol

  10. debs f March 22, 2013 at 10:54 pm -  Reply

    Carole –
    yes that was a howler rather than just a blooper eh! As you can imagine the lads in the gallery were telling me all sorts in my earpiece!! lol.
    Ta so much for commenting – yes the writing’s going real well! more soon!

  11. debs f March 22, 2013 at 10:59 pm -  Reply

    Tania! Fab suggestions for names for the book spot – see next blog! i’ll have to send you a little something in the post as a thank you – if you leave a comment with your address (only your address as they wont publish it so write anything else in a separate comment) I’ll see what I can find in my ‘little treats’ box!
    And glad you’re so diverse in your tastes of reading matter. Shame it’s not ‘romances’ or I’d have put you on the list for beta reading my novel, final draft, version 2! lol
    I’m one of about 23 cousins actually, if you count both sides! 19 on my dad’s tho, as he was one of 7! and his dad was one of several too – means lots of distant relations all over the south – apparently quite a few Flint distant cousins used to work in John Lewis’s in London!
    Family tree discoveries are always fascinating!
    thanks again for commenting hon – do become one of the regulars, like Nige, Michelle, Susan, Mila and co!

  12. debs f March 22, 2013 at 11:01 pm -  Reply

    Susanne –
    wow, get you with your Agatha Christie society – how fun! I’ll probably do somethign like that at some stage – I know I would if there was, like, a Clive Cussler / Dirk Pitt sites expedition – I’ve read him since I was 16! Yes, Sooty, Sweep and Sue really did ssteal the show eh! Will see if I can get Charlie to agree to adding a comment on here – look out for it!

  13. debs f March 22, 2013 at 11:08 pm -  Reply

    Susan – haha! How did you guess it! It was a Nina Leonard I think hon! Good spot!
    And yes Julia’s son Daniel is a lot like his dad! People say my Lauren is like me too! But I think lolly is much more beautiful than i ever was, bless her!
    ps have kept the next blog to around 2000 words, so hopefully it’s easier to digest! hehe! thanks for commenting tho – I like you being one of the regulars!

  14. debs f March 22, 2013 at 11:11 pm -  Reply

    Joy –
    creative writing course? Oh how exciting! I’m never more happy than when I’m learning, I think, as regards hobbies and holidays. So well done you! Hope my new book spot each week with news of courses etc will help people wanting to do the same as yourself!
    ta again for being one of my lovely beta readers and your notes have been much appreciated!
    big hugs
    ps my big right wrist is 7 inches circumference – just in case you wanted to compare – and the honora bangle fits, albeit snug, but it’s sprung so it’s not too uncomfortabl for me.

  15. martin forbes March 24, 2013 at 8:44 pm -  Reply

    reminiscing iwas achild of the 80s Debbie the days of when itv tations were local in vision continuity and my favourite when the y used to say in my town of Aberdeen my station was Grampian they used to say don’t forget to switch off your tv and unplug from the socket I also had the gsmer simon which you had to repeat the colours in random blue red green yellow .which itv station did you have int he 80’s was it London weekend and thames.all clips on http://www.tv-ark.org.uk click on itv regions in vison continuity links.

  16. Charlie brook March 25, 2013 at 9:12 am -  Reply

    Hello Suzanne, it’s Charlie here! Thought I’d pop by Debbie’s blog to say hi! So glad you enjoyed the antics of Sooty and Sweep! We have a competition on my blog for a signed photo!
    It was a lot of fun – even if I did get squirted by a water pistol!
    Charlie x

  17. Susan March 26, 2013 at 4:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi Charlie,
    How fun to see you on Debs blog! How are your pups??
    Susan x

  18. Susan March 26, 2013 at 5:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    How funny to see Charlie on here! Great though! I wonder how his pups are doing?? And yes I loved you in the leopard top..gorg. And would you stop that…you are a stunner! Lauren is so pretty yes but I bet you were a stunner at her age too. You have better skin that a 30 yr old!!
    Will read the next blog with extra effort lol
    Love Susan x

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