Glowpads for all ages!


Well so much for me thinking the Glowpads Today’s Special Value would be “just” for the little ones and that my, not so little ones wouldn’t be interested…


I casually left one opened and on the island unit at home. I came down to the kitchen the next morning at 5am and Miss Maddie had already used it for her “getting ready list”! List making must run in the family as I can’t manage without a pen and a bit of paper personally, none of this putting it in the phone or iPad. It’s good old fashioned writing it down I need and do you know the good old fashioned (though I would hardly call the Glowpads old fashioned with their neon,  glow in the dark, colour changing abilities)  was the choice of activities when Molly, Maddie’s friend came over after school.

Glowpad collage

I was silently applauding internally when they said “it would be good if there were two of these you know…” TA DAAAA ! I zoomed to my bag and got the second in the pair out (yes it’s a double set in the Today’s Special Value) and within two minutes Molly had the battery in and the pair of them settled down and just doodled together, no phones in sight, except mine taking the pictures! Doubly satisfying…

At their ages it was interesting to see how they used them, there’s no denying the therapeutic qualities a little bit of lovely drawing, list making etc etc can offer, regardless of age.


So at 12 the girls were having such a nice time, imagine if they had been available when my three were younger! Lightweight, portable, reusable… every parents dream, and to showcase the “masterpiece” with fabulous ever changing lights… well Van Gogh, eat your heart out!

It’s going to be the Today’s Special Value this Wednesday 23rd November. From my experience sooooo worth a click of the link, a tap of the app or simply an “old fashioned” phone call! To keep your little and  not so little people amused. It would be great to have available tucked away in a drawer for small visitors to keep them happy, it would have been a wonderful tool to assist Tom with his letters and numbers, come to think of it it jolly well still would be and let’s plan to whip out the glow pad from our bags whilst waiting in a restaurant instead of the phones and tablets. So it’s a yes from me, a yes from Maddie and Molly, and I’m sure a resounding yes! from whomever you choose to gift it too.


  1. Susan November 24, 2016 at 10:48 am -  Reply

    Fabulous idea Claire! And a fab blog with lovely pics of the girls. Hope the ankle is doing ok?x

  2. Claire Sutton November 29, 2016 at 10:21 am -  Reply

    Hi Susan, Thankyou yes ankle is good – isn’t that fabulous- just need to get myself back to excersise……hmmmm it’s been an age !!! Hope you are ok xx

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