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Being the dedicated fashion fans that we are here at QVC, the first thing that comes to mind when September rolls around is our new-season wardrobe. We had to discuss must-haves with our fabulously fashionable Ambassador, Ruth Langsford. Her Look of the Week series is back as of last week, make sure to check them out right here every Monday for plenty of inspiration.

QGossip: What can we expect from your new season range?

Ruth: My Autumn/ Winter range will feature updated versions of some of the most popular pieces from my collection. I’m bringing back my jeans but with more of a true bootcut shape. I listened to feedback from QVC customers who told me my previous bootcut jeans were too close to a straight-leg shape.

The black ponte leggings with a side zip are also back, they’re an absolute staple for me! They’re like control underwear for the whole leg, I love that they feel substantial so it never feels like you’ve gone out without anything on.

Ruth Langsford TSV

Ruth Langsford TSV

I’m introducing my new denim jacket in September; I’m so pleased with it. It’s really comfortable and it’s a great layering piece because it’s so stretchy. You can easily fit a jumper under it, such as an upcoming Today’s Special Value offer of mine, coming to you on Saturday 15th September! (You can see the six amazing colour options in the pictures above) I think it has a real fashion edge to it, and I can’t wait to talk through all the different ways you can wear it.

I’m also looking ahead to the party season, and I have a beautiful sequin evening dress that I can’t wait to show everyone. It’s got great stretch to it so I think it looks wonderful for all body shapes. Be sure to check back in October for that one.

QG: Do you tend to switch up your accessories for different seasons?

Ruth: I wear a lot of scarves in the cooler weather, and I’ve added some gorgeous animal print options to my range (pictured above with some of the jumpers) because I’m so in love with that style at the moment. I tend to wear a lot of dark colours and I think pops like this really brighten up my outfits.

I also love, love, love boots; they’re one of my indulgences. I’ve probably got far too many pairs of them, lots of ankle boots and always heels.

QG: Do you like to have a wardrobe clear-out at the start of a new season?

Ruth: Oh yes, I love it! And I think I’m quite good at helping other people as well. I think doing it with a friend is a great idea, I have a ruthless friend named Sam who will always be honest with me. I tried on something I wasn’t sure about keeping and she just looked at me and said: “Get rid, you’ve never looked good in that”! That’s a good friend.

You can also find things you’d forgotten you had, which is one of the real joys of a clear-out. Tidying it up a bit just makes you feel more organised. I need to start putting away my summer stuff now, sadly the weather is on the turn. I use vacuum bags and make sure everything is all clean and fresh before I pack it away.

QG: Can you share any changes you make in your skincare routine for the colder months?

Ruth Langsford

Ruth: I try to add a mask in at least once a week, to combat that duo of central heating and the cold outdoors. I’ll usually make time for a bit of pampering on a Sunday morning, with a face pack, hair mask and maybe a foot scrub. Other than that I don’t switch it up that much, I tend to stick to products I know and love.

QG: We know you love getting out for walks with your gorgeous dog, Maggie. Do you have any tips for getting out of the house and active when it starts to get chilly?

Ruth Langsford

Ruth: I’m put off by the cold so I’m not sure how much help I can be! I’ve just had to start putting on a sweatshirt over my long-sleeved running top so I can tell the weather has officially turned. I’m a great believer in layering, and I think once you have the right gear for going out walking you’ll be a lot more comfortable with it. Vionic shoes are wonderful, I feel so much more upright and really notice the difference in the way I walk. I’ve bought a pair of their flip flops also.

Another tip is to get a rescue dog! I never used to go for walks, but now it’s every day and sometimes twice a day. When you’ve got the most adorable dog with big eyes sitting by the front door waiting for you, you just can’t resist. I really enjoy it and appreciate it as ‘me-time’. After a fast-paced day it helps you switch off a bit.

Thanks Ruth! We wish we had an office rescue dog to take for walks. Be sure to check out Ruth’s own range as well as her Fashion Edit for lots of gorgeous autumnal fashion.

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