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Just over a week ago I had the very good fortune to host my very first full, live hour of Liz Earle. I was excited about it as the Liz Earle range was one of the first I was introduced to at QVC, and the iconic Cleanse & Polish was amongst my first purchases as well.

Not only did I get to present an hour on air with the delightful and radiant Caroline Archer (a woman who is as naturally beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside), I also got to launch a whole new product on air, the Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out.

We had a lady phone in to who had been using it and within a matter of seven days she had noticed a real difference in the dark circles under her eyes; even Caroline herself has noticed a difference in the lines around her eyes and no longer feels the need to regularly use an under eye concealer! Sounds good to me.

I enjoy working with new people and brands as it is always so interesting to find out about them. Admittedly I have worked with Caroline many times before, but never for a full hour and this time she wasn’t alone, as she was accompanied on air by therapist Abigail James, who I pestered for hints and tips on application techniques and how to get the best out of the products.

She was gracious and polite handling my questions with aplomb and divulging lots of great little hints, so much so that after the show there were a few of you tweeting me to say how great they were! When I have the experts with me I much prefer to ask questions than make statements – they’re the experts after all!

My time with the Liz Earle team did not end there though, as the very next week I went to meet them all at their London offices in Hammersmith (I haven’t quite made it down to the Isle of Wight HQ… yet!).

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My visit was because I wanted to know more about the range and how it all works together. Sometimes I find there are so many different products from some ranges (and I don’t know if it’s just my age) that quite often I get a bit flummoxed by how everything works together and in what order and what time of  the day I’m meant to use them?

As I entered the offices they were cool, calm, quiet and relaxed which, if I am honest, is precisely how I would describe the Liz Earle range. I find it unfussy, never making any grandiose claims, just quietly going about the business of helping us fall in love with our skin again, naturally. It was a comforting feeling entering their HQ; I knew I would be in safe hands for the day.

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I met Sarah Carr, who regular viewers of Liz Earle shows will recognise from showing us how to use the products on QVC. She is so pretty and sweet-natured – in fact, everyone I have met from the team is exactly the same. They all radiate a calm, assured presence with an inner glow that looks and feels natural. At one point I did wonder if their offices were in fact part-office, part-healing retreat. It’s difficult to describe but I guess it just felt like everyone working there was, well, happy to be there. It’s not often you walk into a modern office and get that feeling!

After a cup of herbal tea we got down to business. We talked about the history, the Isle of Wight, their philosophy and ethos, and I even saw Liz’s original hand-drawn designs with the list of products she wanted in the range. It was interesting to me to see that Liz and Kim, her business partner, started with a fully formed idea of the products they wanted and knew how they would all work together. They created products that people needed, and they kept it simple and natural. That philosophy still holds true today and it was great to see how it all evolved.

I got to play with everything, put it on my skin, smell it, feel it. It was heaven. We started with – what else? – their famous Cleanse & Polish, with its cocoa butter base making it a make-up melter – ideal for when I’ve been on air. The bright lights of the studios wash you out, so even we chaps end up caked in make-up and the heat from the lights leaves it pretty well baked-on. Sarah’s advice for the best way to get results was circular movements, upwards and outwards.

We moved on to Problem Solvers: the Gentle Face Exfoliator – good for dryness, congestion and signs of ageing, then we talked about their masks that can help to really improve issues: Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask and the Deep Cleansing Mask – these are great for really targeted treatments.

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Next up was their Botanical Bodycare. Between the gorgeous fragrance of the Orange Flower Botanical Bodywash and the texture of the Nourishing Botanical Body Cream, I was like a child in a sweet shop!

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I wanted to know what set the Superskin products apart from the rest of the range so Sarah walked me through it. We started with the Superbalm, the first item in the range. It’s a great emergency rescue treatment for all those areas that just need a little something extra (I might have sneaked a little bit onto my dry lips and cuticles when Sarah wasn’t looking!).

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I also tried the Superskin Moisturiser, both with Neroli (on my left hand) and the unfragranced one for sensitive skin (on my right hand). I am a man who loves fragrance and especially neroli, so that was the one for me. I couldn’t resist touching and sniffing my left hand for ages after that!

Sarah had to laugh at me a few times – I was putting creams and serums and moisturisers on every part of me that I could!

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We talked for hours and as much as we were enjoying it I knew Sarah was ready for a break. We all headed off for a lovely lunch and, when lunch was over, much to my surprise the girls had very generously organised for me to have a Signature Facial at the Liz Earle Spa and shop in Sloane Square. It was incredibly kind of them and very generous, but I definitely didn’t refuse. Well, I didn’t want to appear rude… I know my manners!

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I was handed over to the wonderful Siobhan, who – after going through a quick questionnaire – got me settled down for 90 minutes of sheer and utter relaxation. Siobhan had cool, soft hands, perfect for my sensitive, highly-coloured skin. She was a master at her art and I knew I was in good hands.

After the facial Siobhan explained everything she had used and how I could incorporate them into my routine. My face felt clean and soft and glowing afterwards. It was a wonderful day and I learned so much.

I especially learned how, if you keep it simple and botanical you can have the soft, glowing, dewy skin of an English (or Irish…) rose, naturally.

Until next time,

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  1. Susanne F May 7, 2016 at 1:53 pm -  Reply

    Miceal – I know many QVC customers will be thinking this, so I’ll ask: why do we never hear from Kim, the woman who co-founded the Liz Earle empire? We’ve heard from the Botonist (past and present) and various members of staff who pop into QVC but never a word from Kim.

    Just wondering ……

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