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 Hi everyone,  Richard Jackson Garden Health Care kit

At long last the ground has dried out sufficiently for me to do a little work on my trial plots. I hard pruned the blackberry ‘Reuben’ plants (this easy grow, top tasting variety was one of the best plants I trialled last year), moved a blackcurrant bush and pruned the redcurrants by a third.

It was wonderful being outside listening to the birds (who were chirping away merrily). They’re obviously getting ready for nesting and breeding as they’re getting through the bird food incredibly quickly at the moment. I’m having to re-fill the bird feeders much faster than I was two weeks ago.

The winter, although horribly wet, has been very mild and that means that we’re likely to have major pest problems from late spring onwards. If that’s not bad enough, they’re predicting the worst year ever for slugs and snails! So my Today’s Special Value Garden Care Kit on Friday 14th March is well timed.

It consists of a 500g pack of my special, safer slug pellets which, if used as directed, are safe to use around pets, children, birds and hedgehogs. They’re based on naturally occurring iron phosphate and are approved for use in organic gardening.

Also in the kit is a bumper 500ml concentrate bottle of my Plant Invigorator, a product used by over 500 commercial growers throughout Europe as a safer, non-chemical way to control major pests including greenfly, blackfly and whitefly.

The concentrate makes up to 50 litres of diluted solution, enough to refill the special limited edition Flower Power Hand sprayer (also in the kit) one hundred times! Last October, I went to Guernsey to talk to some of the growers who use it and I’ll be showing the videos of my visit on the TSV day.

Immediately after our TSV day, on the Saturday and Sunday (15th and 16th March) we’re taking part in the nationwide Garden Re-leaf weekend to help raise money for Greenfingers, the gardening charity that builds much needed gardens for children’s hospices.

This year, Garden Re-Leaf has been supported by some leading celebrities including Jude Law and David Tennant. They’ve recorded questions for a special gardening quiz which is being presented at top garden centres around the UK, so do check to see if your local centre is taking part. I helped compile the questions and you don’t have to be a keen gardener to take part…even Charlie Brook could get most of the answers right! Perhaps I’ll check this out when I next see him on air!

Happy gardening



  1. carol jones March 13, 2014 at 8:25 am -  Reply

    this message is’nt about slug control – but I just had to tell you what happened earlier this year.My house is on a small road just off the main high street, my daughter and I were walking home from the shops – there were two women in front of us ,they were talking about these beautiful hanging baskets and containers they said they had never seen such strong looking plants and considering it was october they were amazed by the amount of flowers still there.It was’nt until we got outside my house that i realised they were talking about my plants. I felt so proud, and I could’nt wait to tell the women that firstly they were mine and secondly that I use Richard Jackson to feed them and Richard Jackson pest control to look after them.They said they would go home and buy some.Well Done Richard my plants are amazing.

  2. Margaret Devlin March 13, 2014 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    Looking forward to this TSV, garden was a jungle when i bought the house last year and it took all year to clear it, this year I will be able to get planting, already got the sweat pea seed mats and got them in at the weekend, and ordered a few other things from the last few saturday shows, and i have got my flower power, so fingers crossed it will look a whole lot better this year, love the gardening shows.

  3. Marion Rankin March 14, 2014 at 12:44 pm -  Reply

    We are inundated with vine weevil – will your Plant Invigorator kill these pests?

  4. mrs jan winser March 17, 2014 at 10:39 pm -  Reply

    hello richard could you please advice me as to when i can use the fledgling bird food that i received in january and march as so far i have not seen any of the baby birds in my garden yet and today 17 3 2014 i saw 2 great tits as well as starlings and blackbirds and sparrows Could you also advise if the de jager papaver poppy bulbs could be put in a container or is it better to plant them in the ground

  5. Gee April 10, 2014 at 5:55 am -  Reply

    504447 – Richard Jackson’s Slug & Snail Control & Plant Invigorator Health Care Kit
    Hi, can you advise me – my helebores are struggling with so many grenfly (don’t seem to be harming any other plants) but I’ve used the plant invigorator every other day (for 2 weeks now) on all my plants (top & bottom of leaves) and have upped the dosage to everyday with the hellebores, but although most of the greenfly have died, there still is a lot of greenfly attaching themselves to the new shoots coming through – what should I do? Do I make the solution stronger & if so what ratio?
    HELP PLEASE, I don’t want to loose my hellebores!:(

  6. Louise August 2, 2014 at 9:12 am -  Reply

    Richard, mum’s garden, which is laid to beach pebbles, is overgrown with unwanted growth, which looks like 7 inch tall grass. It looks a bit like field woodrush or ribwort. We don’t have a lawn in the back garden. Mum is quite elderly, so I have put weedkiller down, to no avail. I don’t think it is weeds. Can you help diagnose, and solve, the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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