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When it comes to planning for the variety of weddings, christenings, races, days out and more that we’ll all be attending this summer, we thought it would be wise to enlist a little help from our ever-stylish Ambassador, Ruth Langsford.

Read on to find out her low-maintenance approach to looking great, including some clever outfit advice.

QGossip: What kind of fashion pieces and accessories will you be looking for, ahead of any special events you have coming up this summer?

Ruth: I think it’s a great idea to get ahead of the game, if you know you have occasions looming in your diary. I have always been the type of person that suddenly goes “Oh no! Is it that wedding next weekend?!” and then I panic-buy things. If you can look ahead quite early in the season, it’s so easy to be prepared with QVC, as we do tend to bring in Spring/ Summer collections quite early.

Ruth Langsford

I always look for a dress for special occasions because they’re so easy to wear. I think now is a great time for shopping as we’re all in the mood after seeing the wonderful glamour at the royal wedding!

Before you start buying a new outfit for every occasion, I think you can always get creative with what you have. Take a floral dress with lots of different tones in it for example, you can buy accessories that pick up on different shades and make that one dress seem like a whole new outfit. The pink floral dress from my range (pictured above) has blush pink, fuchsia, and dark almost aubergine in it.

With different sets of accessories, you can make it look like a different dress every time.

When we’re talking about occasionwear we do tend to think of just weddings or the races, those more formal events. But don’t forget that it’s summertime and there’s bound to be plenty of BBQs and garden parties too, so it’s always important to make sure you have those casual yet stylish pieces ready to go too. Maxi dresses or lovely linen trousers are what I’ll be looking out for.

QG: Can you recall any particularly memorable outfits you’ve worn to a special occasion over the years?

Ruth: One that springs to mind, because I’ve actually lost the dress, is the one I wore to Eamon’s 50th birthday party. I left shopping to the last minute and ended up searching through all of my usual shops, panicking, but eventually found the most beautiful black halterneck evening gown covered in sequins.

I loved it and it fitted like a glove, so I decided to splash out and buy it even though it was quite expensive because I thought I’d have it forever. And now I can’t find it!

Ruth Langsford face mask

QG: Do you have a special beauty routine in the days leading up to an event?

Ruth: I should have! When I read about celebrities that go and have all sorts of things done to their faces in the run up to a red carpet, I always think “I knew there was something I should have done!” but I’m always working. I do sometimes remember to slap on a face mask, the Gatineau one I used before the National Television Awards was lovely.

If I’ll be wearing open-toed shoes I’ll remember to go get a pedicure, but that’s about it I’m afraid!

I always wonder why events like the NTAs are in January! It’s the worst time. Post-Christmas we’re all full of the delicious food, not feeling like going to the gym, the weather is awful, and we have to get out there in an evening gown.

QG: Do you prefer to host a party or to be a guest?

Ruth: I like hosting a party but not a big event. For my wedding, for example, I had a wedding planner and they took care of everything as it’s just too much for me and I worry people won’t enjoy it. I love having friends and family over for Christmas and Easter, that kind of party is much more relaxing.

QG: Will you be going to the races over the summer?

Ruth: I think we will be going to Ascot, Eamon loves it. I always say “yeah it’s alright for you, you’ve got flat shoes on mate!” I like the races and it is fun to have a reason to dress up, society is a lot more casual now than it used to be.

I love being comfy but it’s great fun to have an occasion to look forward to.

We couldn’t agree more, Ruth! And now that we have some expert advice in planning our looks, we can concentrate on looking forward to all of the fun summer events.

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