Fun presenter lunch and big Christmas news


This week –

  • Presenters’ Christmas lunch!
  • Annual Family Flints’ bash
  • Into the Grotto with the nieces
  • Got your InStyler? Watch our video on how to use it!
  • Reminder of Christmas comp
  • Web chat with Charlie Bears and an important announcement about Xmas day!
  • Plus sneaky peeks of a new storage ottoman and Alpha H





Have you had lots of meet-ups over yuletide? It’s that time of the festive season where it starts to happen fast and furious right? Well on Monday I went to the first of two presenters’ Christmas lunches – (most are going on Friday (19th) but I’m on air earlier that day as I’m out in the evening for my sister’s birthday!) Nevertheless Craigy, Pips, Claire and I attended a lovely lunch with some of our key presenting dept staff and a good time was had by all. They laughed when I brought out my selfie stick and took this – I nearly got everyone in!

Group Xmas lunch

Secret Santa presents were opened, a tradition I love to uphold (I got some chocs which I swapped for a little Cleanse and Polish!) and then we all toasted another fabulous year of us doing one of the best jobs in the world. Afterwards Claire bought this little ornament for her garden – although one of her kids said it looked a bit mummified!#



Craigy went back to prepare for his stint hosting our company ‘Generation Game’ quiz – I’m sure he will mention it on his blog! Look out for other presenters talking about their lunch events too.  Also watch out for a special little Christmas message that’s been created by fab cameraman, and all round good guy, Mark Cain.



Family Flint group

Another annual event – as you regulars will know,  is the big Sunday bash at a local hall, where all of the 16 grandchildren and us five siblings and partners (mostly cousins and their mums) get together. It was lovely to have everyone (nearly) in one place again – including new arrival Evie – the youngest of 12 granddaughters and 4 grandsons. My sis in law Amanda had dressed her in the little outfit I bought her – ddoesn’tshe look adorable?!

Evie pumpkin
We had our… secret santa – of course! I got Yankee Candle in a Yankee stocking. I needed more votives, so I was well-chuffed! I also made some tasty food, including my usual macrobiotic greens dish and adzuki bean pate (the greens always go, the pate mostly got left this time lol!) We swap presents as it’s the only time such a big group of us can get together in one place. And we and all enjoyed a game of Articulate together after dinner. What games do you play every Christmas? I also managed to hula Hoop! See it on my Back to You blog –

Click here to see me hula hooping – a genuine TiFFT!*

Another year come and gone already eh! What games do you play every Christmas?




Of course Christmas isn’t Christmas without a visit to the Grotto and Chessington Garden Centre’s extravaganza did us proud again – it was Narnia then Wind in the Willows, and a lot more, after a lovely lunch with my nieces Izzy and Lara and their dad, my youngest bro Glenn.

Kids lunch selfie stick

Here’s a little teaser of the inside of the grotto – the girls thought it was magic!

Then the girls went through to see Santa, he was rather good and of course it was fabulous especially for the 5 year old.  ‘Santa’ gave them a pressie each – craft stuff (it was a bit like having a Secret Santa only without any joke rude pressies!) But I must have looked a bit disappointed that I didn’t get one, ‘cos he let me sit on his lap for this pic – haha!  Never one to be left out! Been a long time since I sat on Santa’s lap and got that close to his sack. 😉

Me on santa's lap




Hoola hoopingYes it’s now just about two weeks until my well-being show ‘Back To You’ returns – goodness me it’s gone so fast since the last one in September and I can’t believe it’s a year since it debuted.

This week’s blog on my website features –

  •  A proper TiFFT – hula hooping properly for the first time thanks to Bodyblade!
  • TTFLS – another fab testimonial from people following my weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims – how Hilary reversed her ‘mucked-up metabolism’ after years of dieting damage
  • Web chats – Q&A with Will and Charlie from Charlie bears! And Bodyblade Bruce’s latest.

Plus – how to beat a hangover 2015 style! Also – the psychology of Christmas – why do we all change around food? How to cope.

Click here to see it – do go read it!

This Monday’s (22nd) webchat 8-9pm is all about Alpha H.



RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book.

Book of the week
is fellow author, Adrienne Vaughan’s, new one ‘Secrets of the Heart’. More on my blog on my website, including another brilliant – and I mean brilliant – audiobook narrated by the awesome Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

Plus, if you’re writing yourself, how to create cheap cover designs and many more hints and tips on writing. (And do sign up for the newsletter as that’ll be how I first announce my new short story Xmas freebie!)

Go here to read my writing, reading blog RiWiSi on my website.




Sneaky Peek – Charlie Bears, Christmas day  offer is this lovely bear – don’t forget if you want it to watch at midnight on Christmas Eve! It will only be on that one show. Plus, here’s a look ahead to a fab new storage ottoman – a hexagonal one which I’m launching midnight on Saturday 27th

Shhh! – All change! Julia is now launching the New Year’s Eve midnight Today’s Special Value – with Pilates! I opted for Charlie Bears at 8pm instead – Will and Charlie will be phoning in live. And Marjolein will be joining Jules on her favourite fitness device for a lovely launch to the New Year!


Beauty Bash – looks like I’ll be there on the Tuesday and the Wednesday! Yay!  (20/21 January) Are you going? Which days?

InStyler – got yours? How great that you would have received the email with the link to Jackie’s YouTube video with the lovely Dean Banowitz!

And here’s his special Christmamas pic on Twitter this week – gotta luv that guy!

Deans Beard


Mally and Ali doing it again! This is funny!

And – me and Mally have a ‘Amen’ moment! Lol!


This week on QVC –

Saturday the Today’s Special Value (TSV) is the Links of London re-TSV, it was so popular, we bought it back again! Then on Sunday, our one day special is the Dyson Cordless handheld vac again ready for the New Year clean ups
Links of London gold & silver chain
Dyson DC 58
Tom Ogden– Don’t forget Alpha H’s,  Tom Ogden is doing our Back to You, web chat this Monday night for skincare advice 8-9pm (join here,) then watch him on Tuesday 23rd December, when you’ll also with Ali Young at 11pm!

– Christmas Eve is our special charity day,  QVC Cares. This is QVC’s way of helping highlight some of our key vendors’ charities – buy a product to support it – incl Yankee Candle, bareMinerals Clogau. Richard Jackson’s will be on with his ‘Garden Re-Leaf ‘– live launch at midnight,  then 9-2pm live, repeated till midnight on 24th!  Charlie Bears is our Christmas day launch but it’s ONLY on for those two hours (12am-2am)! So please don’t be disappointed and miss out as many did last year when it sold out early!




Gill Gauntlett– Don’t miss Gill Gauntlett’s, 4 pack of her runaway success ‘ScannerGuard’ – it’s a TSV on Tuesday.

I’m off from this Friday till after Christmas but will keep in touch with you and help let you know about some of the bargains nonetheless whenever I look them up for myself. I’m back on Saturday 27th in the evening with Yankee Candle at 10pm, then that midnight launch of the new hexagonal ottoman!





Ali Keenan is to become a grandmother! The first of us to do so! Her lovely daughter is going to have a baby next year – do go to Ali’s blog to find out more. I must admit my son Brad’s started talking about when to have a baby with his lovely wife Kari, who is 30. So it might be my turn in a year or so! Eek! I’m bad enough with Lauren’s little spaniel! Lol.
Debbie and Alison


Volunteering – very important to think of helping others less fortunate, especially at this time of year. I regularly give to charity, and have many I support monthly. Sara on Facebook said ‘a few weeks ago I went to an event hosted by Esther Rantzen about the loneliness of older people, particularly at Christmas. One of the easiest ways of helping is to become a volunteer for a weekly phone call or letter with a lonely older person’. Do watch this video feature Gramps a real life caller to the helpline (have your tissues ready) and then if it inspires you find out more about volunteering some of your time go here!

Watch the video of Gramps at Christmas


Justine’s on i-Tunes! As Craigy posted this week, have you heard Justine Balmer’s version of “O Holy Night’? It’s released on iTunes and you will know Justine as a guest presenter on QVC. This week it was played on Classic FM for the first time. She’s worked really hard to make this happen, so good on you girl! If you like her style of music she is definitely worth following on twitter: @justinebalmer

Christmas song

Ghost Universes Kill Cat? Is there a new theory that explains how a photon (light particle) can create such unusual patterns on a screen during experiments? A new ‘multiple universes’ theory makes it seem that way – according to the New Scientist, physicists are now proposing that there are ‘ghost universes’ existing all around us and that our counterpart particles in the other universe are interacting with us and producing these unusual effects – as Einstein called it, ‘spooky action at a distance.’ One day they may even communicate with the other universes. It also puts paid to Schrodinger’s Cat theory (read the article if you’ve always wondered what that is.) Now you have to remember that this is real life – it’s science going on right now. Imagine in 50 years what might be our new ‘reality?’ Is that what ghosts are? Maybe psychics are just tuning in to these ‘ghost universes’… ooo it’s fascinating isn’t it. No? Ok, you know I’m a geek…. More here

This week on QGossip, read how Lee Hohbein celebrates Christmas  – QVC’s IT Expert and my ‘telly hubby’ – well, I share him with Gill Gauntlett and sometimes Catherine Huntley! Lol! But it’s a fab little message so do go read it here!



My Christmas competition – it’s a big one! Go here to find out more about how to enter and maybe to win a selection of beauty and fitness products worth over £200 plus two of my books, in the randomly-drawn prize draw!

Book snippet

Other competitionshere’s a little summary of links to all of our Christmas blog competitions – don’t miss out!

 Happy Birthday to my Sister! Happy birthday to my lovely sister Linda – for 19th – and here is us when we were around 4 and 2. Ahhhh! We’re only 18 months apart and we really are best friends. She’s our Red Carpet Manicure guest, and you can follow her on twitter @Lindabignellqvc or on Facebook.

Me and Linda then

Me and Linda then

Sister Happy Birthday

And now!!



Facebook Funny – So you know I’m a geek right? So this actually made me laugh out loud! Did it you? #MathsFail !

maths fun

WATCH – Here’s another of my regular Christmas films and the first I decided to watch this year – it’s The Holiday. One of the most schmaltzy, cheesy, wonderfully Christmassy and romantic films ever! Featuring Shere village, near me, plus the adorable Jack Black. The film has several interwoven plot lines as Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz do a house swap, and the workaholic American comes to Surrey, whilst the lovelorn downtrodden Brit lives it up in a huge house in LA. And meets Jack Black – he’s superb! One of my all time faves, so a good 9.25 out of ten.

AND as it’s the season of goodwill – why not watch this full episode of the US version of ‘Undercover Boss’, featuring none other than Yankee Candle! You see a great deal about how they’re made and sold in the US. Again tissues at the ready at the end!

Next week’s blog is on Wednesday, a Christmas special including the big news about my Christmas short story freebie, if you like a little romance with a twist! Do sign up for my website newsletter to be the first to hear about it. Just click here on, and fill in the subscribe pop up. There will also be some exclusive news about something stupid I recently did and what happened after.

I hope you’re enjoying the last week before the big day – try to relax and not let it stress you out!

Best wishes


*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Adele B December 20, 2014 at 8:12 am -  Reply

    Thanks so much for posting the undercover boss link, it was interesting to see behind the scenes of Yankee Candles. It was very humbling, inspiring and uplifting.

  2. Sue Stewart December 21, 2014 at 10:22 am -  Reply

    I loved your blog this week. Especially the lonely granddad. I donated. Really moved by this bit. Happy Christmas Debbie and here’s to a great new year c

  3. TWINKLE December 21, 2014 at 9:54 pm -  Reply

    awww Debs what a lovely lovely blog, your family pics and stories always warm my heart and make me a little teary eyed 🙂 you truly are a remarkable family who always have so much love and fun to give to each other 🙂
    Little Evie is gorgeous and I LOVE her outfit – fantastic choice Auntie Debs 🙂

    Lovely Ali’s news is AMAZING ( yes it made me cry too lol ) Im over the moon for her and her family what a FANTASTIC year it will be for them and Ali really does deserve it 🙂 I sent her a little congrats card I do love my cards ( Il show u a pic of it on day xx )

    You will be a fab Grandma when the time comes 🙂 I can just picture your excitment and the love you will have for that little baby 🙂 and what a lucky baby to be able to call u Grandma, u will bring so much love, fun and support to that childs life – Im sure Baloo loves being your Grandpog too – bless her – has she been round for sleep overs yet?

    I love Charlie Bears TSV how adorable is he? will he be becoming part of your collection?

    Thank u for sharing yet another lovely blog hun 🙂

    lots of love


  4. debs f December 23, 2014 at 5:16 am -  Reply

    Adele –
    wasnt it inspiring?! specially the way he seemed to want to take the young guy under his wing – truly lovely to watch! Have a fab xmas hon! x

  5. debs f December 23, 2014 at 5:16 am -  Reply

    Sue –
    hello hon! yes you too! Ta for participating in my ‘Back to You QVC’ facebook group too! Hugs

  6. debs f December 23, 2014 at 5:17 am -  Reply

    Twinkle –
    you keep on shining bright like a diamond hon, ok?

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