Friends, fun, food and these sweethearts!


OK, so I know people associate me with being a cat lover due to my gorgeous Pixiecat and Popsiecat but I love ALL animals and last weekend, these four doggies completely stole my heart! No, I’ve not moved them in. The cats would never stand for that. Besides, I think the pooches’ mums would have something to say about it, too.

I’ve mentioned their mums on my blog before. They are Kate and Michelle Green. Also collectively known simply as ‘Mrs Green’. We’ve become firm friends since Kate and I began presenting The Poppy Collection shows on QVC together. Kate works for the Royal British Legion and is passionate about the support that the legion provides. You’ll be able to read more about this year’s campaign in next week’s blog. I recently visited RBL HQ in London for an interview with the Royal British Legion’s members magazine. I’m a member now myself and can’t wait to get my copy!

Kate adopted a plant-based diet to help ease symptoms of her Multiple Sclerosis. Michelle supported her in this and they’ve never looked back! Now they, like me, enjoy cooking all sorts of delights from scratch. I’ve mentioned Jamie a little bit lately. He is the lovely man in my life and just happens to be vegan as well. Not only that, he has worked in professional kitchens and is a keen cook, too. So the four of us have a shared interest in food and creating it! Both Kate and Jamie have served in the British Armed Forces as well, so that’s a fair amount in common for starters.

The Greens invited us to stay for the weekend. It was wonderful. They could not have been lovelier hosts. They cooked the most tremendous treats for us and Jamie brought his special home-cooked brownies for us all to share, too. The food was utterly fantastic but, it’s gotta be said, their dogs stole the show.

From the moment we arrived and they all piled into the driver’s seat on top of me, I was smitten! They are called Dottie, Stanley, Maude and Nigel. I know you shouldn’t have favourites but I think Nigel made me laugh the most!

We took the canine contingent out for walks, played charades, chatted about all sorts of everything and ate ourselves silly with all the great food. It truly was the perfect little weekend. Just what we all needed.

The dogs did have to tinkle on everything during the walk. Not just the lampposts, either. Whilst we are on the subject of lampposts, though, I told Mrs Green about a forthcoming Today’s Special Value which is a solar-powered lamppost. They rather liked the idea of having one in their garden. They have a lovely space that they’ve really made their own and I could see it fitting in well there. They were particularly impressed to learn that you don’t need to wire it in at all. It super easy to put together and creates a lovely focal point and lighting feature for any garden, big or small. It’s got a lovely golden glow to the flame which is warm, welcoming and cozy. Really nice during the balmy late summer evenings but I could see this looking like part of a perfect picture postcard come Christmas time. It’s Sunday’s TSV, but remember, we now have a pre-launch at 9pm before the midnight launch, so look out for it on Saturday night at 9.

Some more of my QVC chums and I had a giggle the other day at work. If you follow me on social media you’ll have already seen these pics but, if not, let me explain. These are some of our familiar faces from the on air technology team. Lee, Ella, Rebecca and Mat… oh, and I’m in the middle, of course, too. They are not only talented techies but they’re always up for a giggle. I suggested we all have a photo like we were in a band. You know, like a cheesy album cover with us all taking ourselves very seriously. Mat came up with an even better idea. Last Thursday was the 50th anniversary of that iconic photo of The Beatles on the pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road studios. Mat suggested we recreate that. I said I knew just the spot! The crossings outside QVC! And this was the result! I think we gave it our own little spin of individuality, ha ha! Lots of fun. I’m very lucky to work with people whom I can truly call my friends.

Last week I said I’d be telling you more about singing to cows. I was hoping to show you a video of that this week but it’ll have to wait until a future blog. What I will say is that if you are out for a walk and spot some cows, perhaps you could make their day by gently singing to them. Take it from me, they really seem to like it!

Have a great week and I’ll catch you soon. Ooh and don’t forget to check out this week’s Big Deals!

Lots of love,

Catherine xx


  1. Sandra August 14, 2019 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine, loved reading your blog. The dogs are just the cutest and the food looked amazing. Sounded like a brilliant weekend. I was wondering if you could suggest any good vegan cookbooks for someone wanting to venture into the world of vegan eating. There are loads out there which is the problem ! Have written down your chocolate cake recipe to try. Maybe you might even consider compiling your own recipes into a book ! That would be great.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    love Sandra xx

  2. Susanna Jedamzik August 14, 2019 at 8:08 pm -  Reply

    Looks like you had a lovely and relaxed weekend Catherine !! 🙋

  3. Susanna Jedamzik August 14, 2019 at 8:09 pm -  Reply

    Have a nice evening!

  4. Nicola rigby August 14, 2019 at 11:17 pm -  Reply

    Lovely to read yr blogs Love them Catherine xx

  5. Carol August 15, 2019 at 8:12 am -  Reply

    Lovely blog Catherine so pleased you had a great time with all your friends. I love it when it’s not all about products from qvc and a bit about yourself.

  6. Catherine MALLE August 16, 2019 at 3:49 pm -  Reply

    Time spent with friends (and any kind of pets) are just the best aren’t they? And great to see you have a lovely new fella to share in that too. I’m with you on singing to animals – I like to think I’m a bit of a Dr Doolittle, my favourite party piece is making pheasant noises. Don’t think the pheasants are quite so keen on it as the cows are hahaha!

  7. Sue Owen August 17, 2019 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    Nice to meet Jamie finally. I can see him and your son fighting over the cooking in your kitchen! It’s not hard to imagine how much fun you had that weekend as they seem a lovely couple and the dogs look bonkers! Glad all things are well in the land of Huntley xxxx

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