French Wedding Weekend


What a lovely weekend away in France with the family – and the weather held up too! But first…

Stop press!

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Weekend Wedding In France

Yes another one! This time my niece Heather got married to her sweetheart Brian in a château in France, and it was so picturesque and beautiful. Here’s my mum and my sister and me in the dress I eventually chose. My Facebook pals helped me decide on what dress to wear, as I could not make up my mind between this one and a long black and white Grace one.

The weather was spectacular, there was a fabulous jazz band playing during the drinks reception and canapés, the bride and groom looked fabulous and we had a lovely stay at a local B&B. It was great to spend time with my extended family. Although I was very happy to get back again at the end of the weekend, which included seven hours driving on Sunday. I did manage to relax a little bit though and just sit and take in the beautiful countryside on Saturday, before we set off for the wedding in our glad rags. A lovely occasion and the last for the time being. Now I need a few weeks off of doing not a lot!



Perricone Trial Look at this fabulous Today’s Special Value offer from Perricone. And watch out for a before and after with me, as I am presenting one of the shows on Thursday 5th October.


Pretty Mummy Didn’t my mum look lovely?! And here she is with her newest great-grandchild, Heather’s new baby Arthur – that makes 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. There will be another two in the next six months. And guess which grandchild is having the next one in January…?!

Brother Selfie – Brelfie? Look! My youngest brother Glenn has taken a leaf out of my book and done a Debbie type selfie haha! This was on the way back at Limoges airport. At least dropping off the car hire car did not take as long this time. We queued up for so long when we arrived, it took longer to get the car from the provider we had chosen, then it did to fly from England to France! Certainly won’t be hiring from that rental place again. And I don’t think I will use the same airline, the threat of cancellations made us all anxious whether we would make the wedding! Still, at least we got there and the weather was lovely – we all soaked up the last few rays before departing on Sunday.

And then there were seven… Scary week this week as I had seven visitors and had to cook all the meals on my own! It was a great week though because Julie Cohen my writing mentor was at mine in Devon inspired me again to get cracking on my novel. And she said some really important things about how to get that first draft finished.

Regulars will know I have been writing ‘French or Dutch’ for about three years now! Considering everything else that has been going on lately, I’m not beating myself up about not finishing it yet. But now is the time, now everything else I had going on this summer, is now over. Well, apart from cooking for me and seven others! Check out the lovely stir-fry I did!

Patient Pooches look at these two as if butter wouldn’t melt! They have got into the habit of being really disciplined when people are here, they are not really allowed in the sitting room by the chairs or in the dining room during meals. Here they are waiting patiently to be allowed to come in and say hello. They certainly went down a treat for doggy therapy with my visitors. 🙂


Adjectives… Talking about all things writing, look at this post. Things English speakers didn’t know that we know. If you read it though, you realise that it comes almost as second nature to get the adjectives in the right order. You could have automatically placed each of the adjectives in the right order without realising you knew! Who knew!?


Evie Landscape Look at this amazing photograph! It’s my little niece Evie down at the seaside, what beautiful composition in this shot. Mat Trim would be proud! Well done sis in law Amanda for taking it of little niece Evie.

By the way don’t forget we do some of the best cameras around, just search on our website or app. Plus iPhone obviously has a brilliant camera as well and we do tons of choices with those. No doubt Lee Hohbein my telly hubby will be back on later this year with the newest iPhone models for you to buy and dry à la QVC!

Facebook Vlog of the week – has to be this one from France – how looooovely! Go to my official Facebook page and ‘like’ the page itself to get my updates in your newsfeed. Or click here (even if you’re not a Facebooker) to see my special video blog/ vlog – click here. 

Book of the Week – is a series! Jeffrey Archer’s Clifton Chronicles – loved Sins of the Father, book 2, and the others… I’m now on book 5 and it’s keeping me well amused on my long journeys! He’s such a master storyteller – I even sat up late one-night ‘cos I couldn’t stop listening and had to find out what happened next! Long time since that’s happened!

Facebook funny I quite like this one! It’s funny but it’s also true. Don’t you think?


Watch Sooooo much I want to see at the cinema but never enough time to see it all! But this week’s must-watch – if I can get to the cinema – is Kingsman, 2. I LOVE Taron Egerton – he was stellar in Eddie the Eagle and so funny on chat shows. Very talented. Kingsman 1 was superb, but I was sad to see Colin Firth’s character go. So how thrilled am I he’s appearing in the trailers for the follow-up! Here’s the trailer, and hope I get to see it this week.

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Wednesday MarlaWynne is back with gorgeous denim trousers and then finally Perricone will be launching their lovely Neuropeptide collection. Phew!

Next week – nothing! I wish! Something will crop up, you’ll see! Hugs.

PS if you want, email me – if you’re not on social media, or check out my website, or ‘like’ my Facebook page ‘debbieflintauthorqvc‘ here – or send me a tweet @debbieflint, or send me a message to my Facebook page or follow my Instagram @debbieflintauthorqvc


  1. Eileen Mahoney September 29, 2017 at 1:44 pm -  Reply

    I cannot believe your mother is a great grandmother – never mind x3, almost 5!!! She is soooo young looking! Fab skin….

  2. Marilyn Cogin September 30, 2017 at 6:39 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs, I just had to say how stunning and young looking your mum is. beautiful! I’ve also read the Clifton chronicles by Jeffrey Archer and couldn’t put them down. he is a brilliant writer. Enjoy your rest lol

  3. Sandra Garland September 30, 2017 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    I guess it will be your grandchild next Debs? Yours sons wife?

  4. Mavis Taylor October 1, 2017 at 10:48 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie I love the dress you wore for the wedding you looked good in it it was a good choice.How good your mother looked too l love your blog lots of pics and news about what you have been upto and what is coming up on QVC it was so nice that you took the time to leave me a message for me the last time I wrote to I am the lady that talks to her dog Bella. Take care Mavis.

  5. Susan October 2, 2017 at 9:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I liked your blue and white dress. Good choice like Mavis says. You suit a lower neckline I think. Your sister and mum looked lovely too. How is Linda?

  6. Janice Collins October 3, 2017 at 7:59 pm -  Reply

    You look so much like your mum. Well done to her.She’s a lucky lady to have a lovely family. Best wishes.

  7. debs f October 6, 2017 at 1:57 am -  Reply

    Hi girls! Thanks everyone for the kind comments about my lovely mum! Yes she had me when she was 18, having been in work for 3 years and with my dad for four! So she’s always looked young – cos she is. lol. Hope I’m as good at her age!
    sis Linda is well now, Susan, nearly all her vitals are back to normal, after her Sepsis, thanks for asking.
    And yes it’s my turn in January when my son and his wife have their baby, well-guessed Sandra – but it’ll be kept low key online, only my own website will have regular updates as Brad doesn’t want it to be a social media fest. Fair do’s. Happy to oblige.
    And yes how brilliant is the Clifton series, Marilyn i agree! I’m on book six now!
    Finally, Mavis, love to Bella!

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