Free romantic eBook, afternoon tea and QVC sneak peeks


This week –

  • What Bruce and I got up to in Richmond Park – the ducks didn’t like it!
  • Free Valentine’s eBook – romantic anthology – free this weekend! Links below.
  • Launch of my three-month challenge
  • Afternoon tea in the Maid of Honour, ancient tea rooms in Kew with LA guy
  • And my ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 hardback’ is back in stock!
  • Plus sneaky peeks of Lulu Guinness, Liz Earle, Mally and Together!


Bodyblading in Richmond Park and Afternoon Tea, Maids of Honour style in Kew

Well what a lovely day I had this week, courtesy of our Bruce. Our wonderful inventor of the fabulous Bodyblade gadget came over for another visit, sold out all warehouse stocks early and went to advance orders – again – as lots of our online regulars gear up for the new Three Month Challenge – see below how to join in.

In between shows I zipped him off to a famous tea rooms just over Kew Bridge, the ‘Maids of Honour’. Their website gives full history, dating back to the time of Henry the Eighth, and these tea rooms have been established since the 1850’s – Bruce loved it! I even got him to kink his pinky in the truly British way! lol!

Me and Bruce

We had a salad but their speciality is the Maids of Honour tart – a sweet puff pastry vanilla slice/quiche thing, and we put the world to rights for a couple of hours. It is such a lovely place, and so much history. If only I ate cake! Haha! But the salad was nice.

Maids tarte and bag

The food certainly left us satisfied, not full – a la Freedom Eating – see below – before heading off to Richmond Park for another twist on a classic – a new Bodyblade Workout – introducing the four-minute Bellyblaster! (ps Keep the item number 432954 for when it’s back in stock – Bruce is due back 23rd/24th March I think, and meanwhile read the many reviews on that link, and the many Q&A’s.) Plus join Bruce’s Facebook group. Here’s the little shorter ‘super-three’ we did, just for the tums. Enjoy! And prepare for the Three Month Challenge!
[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

 Join me for a new three-month challenge!

Here’s what’s happening – it’s very simple! I’m committing to a period of time to make time for me, for my health and for my well-being. Would you like to, too?

– from mid Feb (16th) till Mid May – just after my birthday on 10th – I am doing a three month challenge to live healthily and I’d like you to join me!

– it will involve you choosing your best combination of food / exercise / drinking water/ eating miso soup / meditation / deep breathing / stretching / having lots of veg / plus whatever works for you – for many it will be Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book and Freedom Eating – that’s what I will major on, cos that’s what works for me, and if you’re not on Facebook you can subscribe to my newsletter on and put that you want to take part in the Three Month Challenge (3MCFeb). Or just come back here to my QVC blog each week, add a comment below that you’d like to be counted, and post weekly your own progress! Simples!

– Then from Monday 16th, just be prepared to keep yourself on track, for three months!

– Finally – write down your plan, your promise to yourself and take a before pic. if you’re brave you can post it but you don’t have to post it, you just have to take one. We’re all in it together and every week on my blog from now on, I’ll post an update on how I’m doing – and you can too, below!

They say that a supportive environment is one of the main ways people keep going who would otherwise give up. So this next three months, keep me going, keep yourself going, and let’s do it! For more information go to my website, click here.


Book is Back in Stock!

Deb on qvc with book

Just as Bruce’s Bodyblade sells out, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet, item 704285 comes back in! Click link to order yours now. Anyone not yet ordered, you can do so for immediate dispatch. BUT only 800 are left out of the 3000 I signed ready for QVC, in this initial print run. And it’d be 12 weeks or more before it comes back. It differs from the purple eBook in that this aqua one is hardback, signed, and includes extra chapters and links to bonus material, so get yours asap.


 Valentine’s Day Surprise? And freebie eBook for this weekend only!

Well it looks like I’ll be doing something a bit unusual this weekend. It’s not having a date, don’t get excited! LOL. BUT I will report back next week on what it actually was! What are you doing? Do you have a lovey dovey partner who never lets you down? An old romantic who keeps the fires burning? Or did they become a kind of faintly glowing ember years ago?! Hehe! Well I say as long as it’s still glowing, that’s the main thing! And as a little pressie from me, here’s that freebie anthology I’ve been promising you! I have edited together some lovely short stories for you to read, full of romance and a twist!

Rose are red - book of the week

Book of the Week – Roses are Red – the new freebie Anthology of Valentine’s stories is out and free this weekend. Six fab short romances with a twist – all for your delight and delectation. This was the winning cover in the end – taking all the feedback across social media – although the 13 blog comments last week favoured the darker one – I’ll keep that for the future! Now the eBook is only free till close on Monday –  go here for links and to find out more!



 Seeing Litty She doesn’t know it yet but one of my characters in my new French or Dutch novellas/scripts (being developed with a pro script writer pal) is going to be called Litty! One of my best mates from my Tuscany writing trip, Litty came along with me to Adele Parks’,  talk at Bloomsbury Publishing, (more in next week’s blog) and we went to Café Rouge for a coffee and a catch up. Great fun. If you ever read my novels,you would know that Litty has helped to proof them for me, she’s got a good eye and I can’t wait to one day bring you her own first novel! Fun evening tho,’ she’s a good pal.

me and litty Cafe Rouge

Hello Fresh Food!
I did a lovely ‘Debbie Does Dinner’ this week with pal, Gill, who joined me for a fab meal where all the ingredients were delivered in a box, accurately measured out, and ready for me to mix it all up! I did a deliiishhh ‘Quinoa and Courgette burger salad – yummm! Highly recommended.

Debbie dinner dish

And though I did mix up the order a bit accidentally, it came out well. A tasty 8.75 out of ten for me.


Back to You group Even thought the show is finished for another run, the weekly chat continues! In the latest Back to You blog, read Sam from Soapsmith’s Q&A – she was soooo lovely! And a little impromptu one from Doris on our Facebook group too – links below. Next week on Monday at 8-9pm it’s none other than Tova! Yay! Go here to join.




Pine Fauna Gill was back with Maisy on air this week – how cute is this dog! And our own Jules was really impressed with what she heard. if your pet has itchy scratchy problems, just watch this – and pine fauna spray for all animals (shampoo is just for dogs).

Meece’s pieces
Talking of itchy scratchy – I was greeted by this sight last week in my bathroom – meeeece! any tips? Had some fab ones on Facebook – it’s like ‘phone a friend’! What’s your advice?!

 Meeces in bathroom

As promised, here’s the link to the little interview Jan and co did with me about my book TTFLS – it’s quite a good one full of background actually, and things you may always have wondered. it’s a good site too – do go join in on there, lots of fun banter  go here for more.


 Facebook Funny – Steve Penk’s cartoon wind ups! If you remember TV and radio personality Penky, (a colleague and mate from my Piccadilly Radio days) you’ll perhaps recall his famous wind up phone calls? Well this is doing the rounds at the mo – his latest incarnation – in carton form! Go like his YouTube page if you’re a fan! I remember being the production assistant behind the scenes setting up one of his phone calls in the mid-80’s in Manchester, and getting the number wrong! It was the phone not me, honest! Fun days, back then, that’s for sure. Our peers included Chris Evans, Mark Radcliffe, Tim Grundy, Andy Crane, Chris Buckley, Susie Mathis, Dave Ward, Timmy Mallett and more. Nostalgia! And a great start to my broadcasting career. Loved those days.

 Facebook funny

Sneaky peek!
Here’s one I’m really looking forward to – Thursday night at midnight – I get to launch the new Cooks Essentials, Digital Air Fryer. Looks amazing! There’s a buzz about these online at the moment, even my brother Del was talking about them! On through Friday at Today’s Special Value pricing, whilst stocks last!

Air fried chips


Shhhh! And here’s a first look at the Mally TSV from Sunday 22nd – I’ve got the 10pm show – if it lasts till my show! (I’m allowed to tease up to ten days ahead!) 

Mally tease

Not so much a blooper but a rare sight – Alison Young doing her ‘thang’ – with the Bodyblade!


Watch – 50Shades of Vanilla Alert! I’m going to watch the film everyone’s been waiting for (well vast majorities of us!) on Friday (13th) and will report back next week, but I discovered something which kind of means my expectations are greatly reduced. Apparently, the French have deemed the new 50 Shades of Grey film so tame, they’ve not even given it an 18 certificate! Yes, in France, a 12 year old can go and see it, they regard the steaminess so unthreatening! Well, let’s hope it’s got a good story!

Here’s another clip just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last month. Click here to watch a behind the scenes video.  And if you’d like an unusual interview with the creator of the film version click here,  but only if you’re a grown up!

So what will I think? Here’s my guess – ‘enjoyed the performances, well cast. Jamie Dornan is a bit too good looking for the role (IMO), but did the job adequately. It’s not my cup of tea, that red room of pain stuff ( i would laugh!) However  it’s a chick flick, so as long as you don’t expect your world to move, you’ll enjoy it. Better than the books – well, it’s a Hollywood Movie made by Sam Taylor Johnson the director of ‘Nowhere Boy’, so it better be! More next week, but probably not much…

Second Best Exotic… Marigold Hotel is back – with Richard Gere! Yahoo! Here’s a film trailer that’s more up my street (!) – and one I can’t WAIT to see around 26th Feb!

This week on QVC –

  • Today’s Special Value’s this weekend – Saturday is the long awaited Liz Earle one, yay! Sunday’s is an exciting new Acer laptop with massive storage from Lee Hohbein. Then join me Sunday night at midnight (15th/16th) for the new Lulu Guinness Smooth Leather Wanda Bag on ‘Discover Spring Fashion’ day!
  •  And Together Tunic Tuesday – if stocks last, I’ll get the pleasure of Together and a fun hour with lovely guest Jenny at 7pm (17th) – with a fab Today’s Special Value Lace Tunic. If stock lasts! And don’t miss the THREE-HOUR diamond spectacular with adorable guest Mark Walker and me on Wed at 4pm. Yay!


Still to come this month – that update on the Children’s BBC interview which took me back to a bygone era in my life, when I was the first girl in the broom cupboard. Greg Taylor the archivist is delaying it so he can add video clips – he’s found some new ones apparently. OMG #80sHairStyleAlert! Will keep you informed.

Next week – Adele Parks is book of the week, and my trip to this famous author’s evening talk about romance writing!

Have a great week!

Best wishes




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  1. Karen February 14, 2015 at 11:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Great blog again! Think I need to join in your 3 monthly challenge, as your TTFLS book is fantastic and helping lots!!?
    Hope your little rodent friends get sorted – little menaces, lol!!
    Looking forward to reading ‘Roses are Red’, just got the download, thanks!
    Keep up the fab work and it’s always a pleasure to watch you on QVC!

    Karen xx

  2. Michelle Dixon February 15, 2015 at 8:01 pm -  Reply

    Going to stick to SW diet,increase exercise,drinking water and doing 10,000 steps a day

  3. debs f February 17, 2015 at 3:40 am -  Reply

    karen –
    you’re such a sweetie! Thanks so much! lovely to know my weekly blurb goes down a storm! Do keep me informed on your progress with TTFLS – and make sure you’re part of the groups if you’re on Facebook hon! mwah! xx

  4. debs f February 17, 2015 at 3:41 am -  Reply

    Michelle –
    attagirl! Good for you – do keep u informed! Hope you were able to read up on the special info i put about the Challenge on either facebook or on my blog – and it’d be lovely to chart your progress too – so keep us informed!


  5. Nikki February 17, 2015 at 9:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,

    Great blog full of info, top tips and sneaky peaks as usual. I have received TTFLS from QVC and having read it once already, am about to start my second read through. I’ve already noticed my ‘sigh’ and having paid attention to it, I suffer no indigestion or that just stuffed feeling any longer. I’ve also realised that I’m thinking ‘is that going to make feel good/better once I’ve eaten it?’ and if the answer’s ‘no’ it immediately loses its attraction! Amazing. I know I will take in information that I missed first time round, which is why I’m re-reading already and I can’t wait. My attitude to food has already changed to the benefit of my health and I’m sure the improvement in both attitude and health will continue.

    I promised myself that this was the year that things would improve for me and so far every event is a positive one; your book has enhanced that. Thank you Debbie, keep up the good work and good luck with your three month challenge, I shall be watching with great interest.

    Best wishes,

    Nikki x

  6. debs f February 19, 2015 at 1:06 am -  Reply

    nikki –
    Soooo pleased Nikki! I know you are a member of the facebook groups, yes? Would love it if you want to put a review on QVC website/amazon if you get chance – it’s experiences like yours that make it clearer for new readers WHY my book is not the same as all the rest! Well done hon – sounds ike you’re doing realy well – keep me informed ok?
    it’s always inspirational to hear what others are doing, when they are like you!

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