Four dog days, and another scary face mask pic!


…Plus – buy the new Liz Earle #TSV now!

OMG another scary pic but at least it was for my eyes only! Find out which mask it is, by reading below. It was just one of the things I got up to last week in a packed ten days down in Devon with daughter and son-in-law, Nick, when they came to stay.

Nick is a brilliant handyman and got through almost all of my very long list of things to be fixed, repaired, built or renovated. It’s nearly a year since I took over the guest house and obviously in an old 1600s house it’s going to always need a lot doing to it. Plus they bought the spaniels, who kept Daisy and Gracie company and invaded their bed! We also had a super pancake day, lots of lovely meals and chats and got tons done. I’m absolutely shattered but it was worth it! I know I promised a video but to be honest, when Lauren and I left, Nick was still full tilt and the house was too messy! So next week, I promise!

Early bird alerts!
Laura Geller illuminating set is today’s (Friday 16th) #TSV Today’s Special Value go here, and I love the Illuminator – join me at 9pm for the final airing if you can, if it’s still available! Sarah Jagger will be guesting but it reminds me to book that trip to New York this year to see Laura Geller amongst others – she’s one of my favourite people. So many places I still haven’t been! By the way find her range on QVC, including some great online only and special pricing deals here.

Tonight at midnight and through Saturday (17th) the latest offer from Lakeland will be here.

I’m launching it tonight at midnight and I have to say it’s one of the best purchases to stop your home looking like a launderette as everything gets neatly enclosed in the cover. For instance these pillows. We had a huge clear out of the eaves cupboard as Nick created a proper little room in there with laminate floor and plastered walls, as opposed to a bit of corrugated roof with gaps to the outside and tons of spiders! Well, then it was time to wash the Northern Nights pillows – much to my daughter’s surprise as she assumed you could never put feather and down pillows in washing machines, but yes with ours you can! See the range here if you’d like some too.

The best thing is that they get properly dry once I’ve tumbled dried them for a fair bit to fluff them up, then leave them to air efficiently as the rails heat up and create a bit of a hot house. My study looks much tidier to boot. Highly recommended.

Early Bird order link for Liz Earle – buy it now here!

So glad to be offering you the chance to get Sunday’s (18th) Today’s Special Value from Liz Earle – it looks fab. The ‘Let your true Self Shine’ set has six-pieces and as ever is amazing value – click here to get it now. And see below for other deals and sneaky peeks of next week’s offers.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

After a realy busy week I did have time to do a spa evening, with a lovely long bath using some Elemis smellies, – see the fab sets here – followed by a Gommage from Gatineau. This pic was before it set like a plasticky film, which can be peeled off in a very satisfying way! Love this stuff! And it leaves my face so smooth. One of my top products, it has to be said. Then I put on the Melatogenine Mask overnight.

I have also been really enjoying my Sealy mattress since I moved the king size down to Devon. Brother moves house soon (the brother I stay with when I’m in London) and my new room will only take a single – so I’m having a new one delivered there – now I’m used to it I can’t do without it! Look at the range here including a highly rated duvet – if you need a new one, try it!

Proud Mama.
Over on my official QVC Facebook page this week, we had some fabulous updates of what was about to happen on QVC – do ‘like’ the page to ensure you see them as they happen – go to the Debbie Flint QVC Chat page (link below). Don’t worry you can still read the posts as they are public, even if you are not on Facebook) One of the most recent posts I did on Facebook this week down in Devon included an update for those who are interested, in my lovely daughter Lauren being mentioned in a featured magazine post for photography as the lady who did their wedding was so impressed at everything they arranged for their big day last September! Talk about a proud mum. I’ve had tons to be proud of, of late, with the family, haven’t I?! Very lucky. Of course as I said when my granddaughter was born, she’s not going to be a social media baby but she will be mentioned occasionally on my blogs, here and on my own website, as requested by the happy parents. Well the next blog will have pics from – guess what?!… my first stint babysitting! Which is happening this Saturday afternoon – yay! Happy days.

Facebook Funny

My telly hubby Lee Hohbein used to be a looky-likey of a famous singer in the 90s – can you guess which one? This was his post this week!

Going through old photos with Mum is one of my favourite things in the world (whilst sipping a cocktail of course: we’re not animals). Unearthed this 29-year old gem and want my 17-year old hair back *phones wig maker*”

Book of the Week
Sarah Pinborough’s fabulous book is still keeping me amused – I didn’t have much chance to start another one due to all the wonderful work we were doing down in Devon this week. But if you fancy a good read, lovely Jill Mansell’s ‘This Could Change Everything’ is out – and it’s another super family relationship drama with a touch of romance thrown in; as Essie struggles to deal with the fall out after the letter she didn’t intend the whole world to see is sent out by mistake… Full review over on my book blog. Always worth reading, Jill Mansell’s books, and she’s a lovely lady as well.

Sheepwash Shop Pancake Bonanza

I did my stint volunteering in the community shop as usual this week, and this was the eye-catching display inside the door on Pancake Day! We nearly sold out of eggs and lemons this week! I managed to squeeze in this volunteering even though I cancelled everything else in the last week or so in order to get stuff done at the house, as I think it’s really important to do my bit for the community. Had lovely chats with lots of locals who stayed for a banter, and my pals who came in as well – neighbour Mary, and QVC/Facebook pal Carolyn Davies who came down with a juicy bit of news. I do love being part of the local community and am proud of how they’ve welcomed me – been here a year now!

Tweet of the Week
From @thespeakmans, our lovely guests who appeared with their book and DVD set ‘The Key’.
“It’s not selfish to prioritise your happiness and well being.
Once you save yourself, you can then begin to save countless others.
I agree with their sentiments, don’t you?

Watch 1:
Collateral on TV. A very good police procedural drama with some star names – it’s just started on BBC1 Mondays so you can watch it on catch up. I’m a big fan of John Simm, and of Carey Mulligan. Plus Billie Piper is also in it. Looking forward to seeing what happens in episode two on Monday 19th. Search for it on BBC iPlayer. (We are not allowed to link to any external sites now from our QVC blogs, so just go search and you will find it.)

Watch 2:

Black Panther at the cinema. Managed to get along to the Merlin cinema in Okehampton this week, with pal Caitlin who lives up the road. We had a nice ‘Galentines’ meal at the pub nearby, then went in to the film. I must say I enjoyed some of the concepts and much of the theme, along with some superb special effects and a couple of outstanding performances. It didn’t quite hit the top spot for me though, possibly due to the feeling that the main baddie who fights the main hero, was a bit more charismatic than the hero himself, who was fine but not outstanding. So a good 8/10. (NB: We were going to see Fifty Shades Freed but the reviews have been so awful we gave it a miss!)

This week on QVC:
A couple of belters for you coming

Sunday midnight, I launch Monday’s Skechers deal – the Joy slip on with Goga Max insole – comfy!

Tuesday is Kim & Co., and Kim returns with a lovely brushed tunic with a hi-lo hemline – it’s such a soft fabric and hangs beautifully.

Wednesday L’Occitane is back with a great value four-piece Hand & Body collection.

And Thursday Kelly Hoppen’s latest is a velvet embroidered bedspread, which Craigy launches – watch out for more info on his blog soon.

Plus on Thursday night it’s my turn to be with lovely Ruth Langsford! Looking forward to it! Check out her fashion range here meanwhile.

Also next weekend prepare yourself for an exciting Richard Jackson deal, it’ll be on offer earlier than Saturday at midnight, and we’ve been taking pics of our own blooms to prove how great it is! Watch out next week for my Phalaenopsis! Lol.
Also I’ll be posting on my Deb’s Diary website blog and here, plus what happened at my first stint babysitting my first granddaughter too…
Have a great week!


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  1. Suzi Lubu February 16, 2018 at 12:35 pm -  Reply

    Rick Astley. Saw him in the late 80s/early 90s. Loved him! I also saw him at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party at the Albert Hall hehehe

  2. Antoinette Browne February 16, 2018 at 1:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, just love reading your blogs. I admire your love of life and energy. I am nearly 67. And I keep over active. I still feel like 21.Keep up the good work. Antoinette.

  3. Kay Stapleton February 16, 2018 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Aww love your blogs are amazing so much information and things to look out for on qvc sounds like you’re nick has been a busy bee can’t wait to see pictures xx

  4. Joanne February 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm -  Reply

    Can’t wait for the Sketchers no wonder I never have any money lol c

  5. Maureen February 20, 2018 at 9:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie! Love reading your
    weekly blogs – how on earth do u manage to pack so much into every week?Thanks for your tips on forthcoming tsv’s – very helpful to know in advance. I thought you might like to know that I found your novel ‘Take a Chance on Me’ in my local library in North Ayrshire today, and of course I took it out and have started reading it already. Well done on achieving your long held ambition of becoming a writer!!

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