Five things no one knows about me, devine Devon & classic cars and posh frocks


Also this week:
– Baring my abs on Back to You!
– Competition and news of upcoming Hallowe’en giveaway
– Funny blooper – the whole Elemis show with Keeley! What a giggle!
– Plus more sneaky peeks from Emu, Flora Mare, Leighton Denny and Skagen.

The top pic above is of me, Lee Hohbein, Mat Trim and sound guy Chaz testing out the new selfie tripod, coming soon to QVC with Abby Horne. Just be careful where you stick it!


First this week… a pal asked me on Facebook to join in the chain of people posting ‘Five things people don’t know about me’. Jules Wake (she’s one of the lovely authors doing a short spooky story for my upcoming freebie eBook for Hallowe’en) listed hers – bones broken, stars met and weird jobs.

So, I have thought long and hard about this and I want you to do the same. Since I share so much online, nothing much is a secret! But I’ve narrowed it down. Are your five things like my five things?
Five things most people don’t know about me:

1. I’m photosensitive – have to hide from the sun and wear ‘SPF-FactorBalaclava’

2. When I was about 6, I broke an arm – I can’t remember which one but I know it was definitely one of mine. But when I was 14, I got tackled badly by a girl who ran in to me at  hockey and broke the girl’s collar bone – she went to hospital and I got the free hit.

3. I came second in Surrey at shot put when I was 13. I think it was a fluke.

4. I calmly did crosswords during my second labour – a 10lb9oz daughter #epiduralHeaven Lol

5. I have fifteen GCSE’s, five A’Levels including Archaeology which I got at an evening class when I first joined QVC.  I am also a member of Mensa and have an IQ four points below Einstein (160) and two higher than Carol Vorderman. But I have no common sense, I don’t ‘get’ jokes and I don’t know my left from my right. Camera Crew who know that, tell me ‘watch way’ or ‘non-watch way’ if they want me to move.


Debbie Flint high IQ but no common sense! LOL!

Debbie Flint high IQ but no common sense! LOL!

Haha! So what are yours? Comment below, then post them on Facebook and continue the journey of discovery of useless facts, by nominating five friends!

Join in – Each week now, I will ask you a question and I’d like you to leave me a comment – deal? Especially now it’s even easier, since our blog layout has changed – see bottom of page for how to do it if you never have before. I look forward to reading yours!



Debbie and Alison K

Last Friday it was time for posh frocks, classic cars and a glorious Gatineau day as Ali Keenan and I attended the Salon Privé event at Syon Park, Chiswick. Courtesy of  Gatineau’s Managing Director, Andrew Bagley, who organised it all. We had lovely food and drinks, drooled over some top motors (well Ali did – all I know is ‘it’s a red one’) and had a treatment at the Gatineau tent. Whilst being treated to a lovely hand massage, I decided I’m going to write a new romantic short story about an event organiser girl at a posh function who bumps into a car-cleaner guy, tells him off as if he’s staff then finds out he’s the MC introducing the luxury cars as they drive round the show ring… bit like Andrew was doing on Friday. Hmmm… ! ; – )

Salon Prive Andrew Gatineau QVC UK

Salon prive Gatineau
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I nipped off to Devon midweek to do said Hallowe’en anthology – it’s quite inspiring, there are so many good ones, ready for our online Facebook party on Oct 31st! More news about the free eBook in the next few weeks.

Whilst there, the writing pal I stay with, Alix, and I had a lovely walk to Dartmoor – she lives just inside the national park in a little historic village. We both had a very pleasant tea at the weekly coffee morning. (Don’t worry, I took my almond milk)! I had a good chat to Julie from @belstonevillage twitter account – lovely art on display in the village hall too – I do feel at home when I visit. I always feel relaxed and get so much done whilst there – I even wrote another chapter of my new weight loss book coming out the end of September – and some of the stories are fab – see B2U below.
Debbie in Town hall

The hills are alive

Debbie Does Dartmoor – haha!  Went for a trip to Tavistock too one of the days – very quaint. We joke that I’ll be taking over the little run-down cottage opposite Alix – well, I wouldn’t mind, one day. It’d be a long commute but a lovely place to go and write. Perhaps it’s something to do with the ley lines! Lol! Mind you, I needed to recover after the hectic Monday night show this week!



READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT – RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

RIWISIOn my latest RiWiSi blog on my website find out about:

– Book of the week – Sue Moorcroft’s new one from Choc Lit – (my publisher!) (love saying that!) all about a runaway bride – ‘The Wedding Proposal.’
– Lots of info for self publishers, or newcomers who would like to write a book.
– And links to all my novels, short stories and other titles on eBook
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B2U Debbie Flint
On Monday our regular 9pm well-being show, Back to You, had an amazing outing with Bodyblade Bruce – talk about putting me through my paces! But don’t worry – if you missed it here’s the whole show, including a fab tutorial on how to do the powerful exercise No.6 then the famous One Minute Challenge! Watch out for the flash of my abs!

So many of our Facebook pals are reporting great results. Next Monday there’s no B2U show – it’s Beauty Day, so B2U is back on 22nd with Forbes Riley and her fitness tips! Then the final one will be on 29th Sept when we will announce the winner of our outstanding £430 September Blog comp – go here to find out where to email your entry and maybe win all this!



Who is joining the Back to You QVC Facebook group’s live chat on the 15th?
Meanwhile, our weekly chat is still on at  8-9pm. This week’s guests will  be Judith Williams (skincare), Lee Hohbein (tech guest and my telly husband! Hehe!) Oh and me! Info below on how to join the group and come ask us all questions in a live online chat. Maybe join the Bodyblade QVC group too to connect with Bruce and others.

And there’s more! As usual, I’ve written a Monday Update blog on my website:
– What Peter Sherlock from Lalique (and ex-Bid colleague), and Alexis from L’Occitane had to say on the latest Monday Hub Facebook chat from 1st Sept!
– Why meditation is magic and how it’s played a part in my life including thru’ bad times
Go here to my special Back to You page on my website to find out more.



Bear-ly there…? – If you’re an early bird blog reader, Friday’s Today’s Special Value, Charlie Bears, Forest Friends  is not anticipated to last long – in fact there’s a Skagen one hour  type bargain due at 7, and this one at 11pm with me (11pm, Friday 12th) !

Skagen 617780


Shhhh! Flora Mare special deal – Monday is Beauty day Part 2 (14th) and the 7pm show with me will feature a one-show-only-type bargain too, for day, night and eyes! So join us at the start of this fabulous skincare hour so you don’t miss this top rated brand!
Flora Mare 204676
Andi’s Food Fest moves to Tues,
this week only, ‘cos of Beauty Day. So it’s 7pm Tuesday (15th) , with Dale, not Monday. They have such a laugh – do try to watch it! Leave Dale a message about it too!

Andi Peters Food Fest

Charlie is back and well!
We all love a good news story, right? Well big hugs to lovely Charlie from Charlie bears who was back on air with hubby Will for their TSV day (Fri 12th). Fantastic to have you back, and great to hear you are well again. For the official news go here.

Charlie is back!



Keeley Elemis and I had a fabulous time during a highly successful show last Sunday night – so by demand, it’s this week’s funny clip! Watch from about 12 minutes onwards, when it all got rather surreal! Some of the products will still be available too! Enjoy. I did!

Plus, this little moment or merriment during the demo for the Fluidsteps Insoles also happened during the back to You show on Monday night – Jerry made me laugh!



Also this week on QVC –


Emu Boots Return Saturday (13th) – the newly designed Stinger Lo is the day’s TSV bargain, including with me at ten pm if it lasts! Go to Jilly’s blog for a sneaky peek!


Beauty Day Sunday and Monday This week – And on Sunday, it’s the fabulous Leighton Denny Today’s Special Value set I teased last week – which includes the famous crystal file.

Leighton Denny Crystal Collection 206400
– Looking forward to Penhaligons’ luxury fragrances on Monday evening at 6pm, just before my Leighton show!



– Bouncing Back-  Mary Brazil and Janice Reeves both kindly left a comment last week to say that the Joan Rivers’ book I was referring to is Bouncing Back – I think that’s right. If you manage to get hold of one, do have a read – awesome lady and sadly missed. NB copies are now between £100-400 on the internet! Gulp!

Twitter Tutorial Courtesy of Philip Schofield! Just in case you’ve decided it’s time you got to grips with Twitter instead of being turned off, how about a silver fox to turn you on… to it? No, not Dale Franklin, Philip Schofield! His explanation on his blog is quite good for beginners – have a look here!

Facebook Funny – luv this! Anyone who’s ever written a blog will be nodding sagely at this truism!

Facebook Funny



WATCH – on Catch Up or DVD – ‘White House Down’

Caught a fab action film on Sky movies this week – watch it on catch up if you love what I love. Tatum Channing is excellent as the renegade ex special forces guy caught by accident inside the residential white house – with his daughter. And guess what the baddies do…?

Well even if they do, I really enjoyed it! I’ve worked out that if I watch films whilst still in the twilight zone between sleep and awake, then I let go of my cynicism and enjoy them even more! Lol. #SundayMorningMovies!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Ps Operation Stonehenge – What Lies Beneath on iPlayer – ooo if you missed it, the Stonehenge show this week was ace! I’m a bit of an archaeology geek as you’ll know by now (if you read the above!!) so I thoroughly enjoyed it! Go here to read more about it, and search the show on BBC iPlayer to watch on catch up. There’s even a nostalgic 1954 documentary too – search it!


NEXT WEEK – Five years back at QVC UK for me – it was actually 14th September 2009 that I returned, having been away 9 years after my initial 6 year stint – so in total it’s 11 years and in February it was the 20th anniversary of my having started! I don’t think anything’s planned to mark it, as for me it’s such a weird situation! But happy anniversary me nonetheless!

Have an ‘abs…olutely’ fabulous week ahead!



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*ps TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Sharon Harvey September 12, 2014 at 10:45 pm -  Reply

    Oooooooh love the new blog layout!!! Nog by the way AB-FAB Debbie! You go girl-looking amazing! Such a fantastic blog! Thank you for your time and efforts xx

  2. Adele B September 13, 2014 at 8:35 am -  Reply

    Fab new blog Debbie. A few things you didn’t know about me: I used to live in Tavistock; didn’t know I was expecting twins till my 20 week scan; one of my favourite movies is You’ve Got Mail as I’d love to own my own book store and read to the children; I once played a witch in a school play as my witch cackle was the best lol x

  3. Karen G September 13, 2014 at 4:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie..,Loving the new stylish blog!! Every time you mention Devon, I just want to go again, love the place, many memories with my family!!
    Happy 5 years back at QVC…and long may you continue!
    Will be tuning in for sure, especially for the Fab Leighton Denny MBE – one of my FAV’s!!
    Have a fABtastic week…X

  4. Alana September 15, 2014 at 12:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, like the new look of the blog layout! Had to comment and say your abs looked fab on ‘back to you’. I still do my leg master about four times a week and have definitely seen the difference in the shape and tone of my legs! Been thinking of getting the bodyblade as it seems good to help with toning and cardio, but still on the fence a little! I do regular exercise and consider myself to be quite fit so don’t want to bulk up, just keep toned, do you think the bodyblade would be suitable? Also do you know if there will be a bodyblade TSV or special offer anytime in the next few months? Sorry lots of questions! Lol.
    Have a good week.

  5. Debs f September 22, 2014 at 2:48 pm -  Reply

    Sharon – thanks so much hon, glad u like it! Ta for being a pal! X

  6. Debs f September 22, 2014 at 2:49 pm -  Reply

    Adele – hehe! Great five things! Love the witch cackle one – was told I laugh like that my whole life! Hehe! Hope u are coming to our Halloween Facebook party! X

  7. Debs f September 22, 2014 at 2:51 pm -  Reply

    Hope u enjoyed the Leighton TSV! Many loved his silver one on my nails. Hugs x

  8. Debs f September 22, 2014 at 2:53 pm -  Reply

    Alana –
    No no tsv planned but Bruce is back on 3-5 oct I think. I have the Sunday pm show with him. No it would on,y tone you, if u do it normally. It will add more bulk on,y if you go at it like an Olympic athlete making the ends sway hugely, adding tons of resistance! Haha! Do it – it’s great! Well done on the hips with legmaster – me too! X

  9. Alana September 22, 2014 at 10:04 pm -  Reply

    Ha ha your comment about an Olympic athlete made me laugh! I’m definitely not one of those!lol. Well…. I took the plunge and have ordered a BB! Yay! Can’t wait it get it and do the super six.

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