Final days of summer, KitchenAid and Alexa is back!


This week, a look at KitchenAid, and the latest Amazon Today’s Special Value this Sunday, with an Echo Spot offer, including Alexa.

Family in the October Sunshine

What a scorcher it was at the weekend, when I visited mum and her partner David with my sis Linda. We sat on their balcony where the thermometer said it was 28 degrees! Eh?!! Mind you, shortly after that it obviously got much cooler didn’t it? A frost in the air means it’s time to get back in the begonia corms, change the hanging baskets etc, and generally start wearing warmer clothes. But not on Sunday. We sat there looking over their grounds on their estate and enjoying the warmth.

Then this week down in Devon the lovely weather continued and I managed to get the grass done – will it be the final mow, do you think? My back garden is always a sunspot so maybe I’ll have a few more lawn cuts to do before the end of the season. Daisy dog certainly enjoyed it! I hope whatever you have done recently you have enjoyed the lovely bright sunny days.

This weekend’s highlights

Today’s Special Value offer (Thursday 25th) are these Elise suede ankle boots from Vionic, featuring orthotic technology and available in interest-free instalments. Go here to see and buy.

Friday’s (26th) TSV deal is the most amazing necklace and bracelet set from Lola Rose visit as soon as you can from midnight.

Plus Saturday’s Philosophy offer is a three-piece Illuminate with Grace & Love fragrance collection which you can also buy now – go here to see the early bird order link and get yours before the launch!

Saturday at midnight, and if any left, Sunday at 10pm, I will be with my telly hubby Lee Hohbein for the latest superb Alexa deal – the Amazon Echo Spot – it’s a smart speaker, which responds to your voice, in case you didn’t know and is invaluable. Well guess what – this one comes with a Caseable skin! So you can personalise yours to match your décor or your family framed pics! Fabulous. This week in Devon we had four guests in, most of whom had not seen how Alexa works – they were amazed at the responsive music requests, e.g. ‘Alexa, play wartime music’. (Which I love playing for when we have a Wednesday vintage tea rooms.) PLUS when I added things to my shopping list – which I always do, and so do the girls who work there with me, so I can read them on the app on my phone! Amazing! Get yours this weekend – this is the one with the little camera and screen don’t forget.

Big Deals

These great offers only last a week and are shown on our sister channels – but don’t delay, the offers end at midnight on Sunday 28th October. There’s a Kim & Co top with long sleeves, made from a shimmery fabric; there’s also a four-piece Cleanse, Exfoliate & Prep Gatineau collection including all Supersize skincare products plus a Deep Cleansing Brush. Or if you want to enjoy some relaxing home fragrance, why not try the Feather & Down Sweet Dreams pillow spray, candle and diffuser collection?

See below for next week’s offers


Sunday Lunch in Croydon

Had a smashing time with my lovely family, brother Glenn, sis-in-law Boki and nieces Lara and Izzy last week too – one of my favourite things is going out for lunch and the place we went to  turned out to be run by a Serbian couple who have owned it for 20 years. Well, since Boki is from Serbia, the kids and Glenn know quite a lot of Serbian, Boki has found a new local friend! They were all gabbling away like nobody’s business, and the owners were stunned to hear two little English girls speaking this unusual language so well! I was very proud. We went back to play with kitten and big cat – who are now getting on much better together, I have to say! (see last blogs for info about new kitten Oreo!)

More baby fun

Then went off to see other nieces, Heather, who is mum to little Arthur, and Becky, who were having an at-home day. Arthur is now walking and climbing and playing like a proper little tough nut – and he is so funny, aged around 14 months. Gosh they grow up so fast. To think that my little Blake Katherine will be one in January. This Christmas, I will have two granddaughters – and Phoebe will be three and a half months old. Wow.

My make-up lately

People have been wondering about my make-up lately – it’s this set and I can tell you more about it next week! If you love smokey eyes and an aurora borealis type highlighter, you’ll love this set.

Stepping back in time with the oldest shipwreck

Before “ha ha me hearties”, and “avast ye landlubbers” became a thing, ancient mariners were trawling the seas in ships like this. Regulars will know I love my history, archaeology, et cetera. So this week I loved reading about the discovery of a 75ft Greek merchant ship wreck from 2400 years ago, off the Bulgarian coast in the Black Sea. They’ve found dozens of shipwrecks over the years. But this one has astonishing features – amidst the oxygen-free water two metres down. Lying on its side, it’s still got its rudder, rowing benches and even the contents of its hold – all intact, the world’s oldest ever of its kind. Apparently it even closely resembles the design of a ship that decorated ancient Greek wine vases. It’s even older than Alexander the great. Like stepping back in time.

If you could step back in time when would it be to? I would love to have lived in the 1920s. Lots of other periods as well, but currently I am researching that era for my 5th novel, French or Dutch. and I just love the mixture of the most modern of times, combined with very Victorian principles. Not sure I would’ve lived long without antibiotics though! You?


Well, I’ve mentioned First Man, and A Star is Born, and am going to see the new Freddie Mercury film this week. So here’s a little video I made for this week’s ‘watch’! Last week, on TSV day, Russell Bristow, my pal who lives not far from me in Devon, was on QVC with the Gtech Air Ram Mk2 vac. Well, one of its main benefits is being able to vacuum for 40 minutes without stopping and go for ages without emptying the canister. SO we did a time lapse video! It showed how Russ vacuumed for 20 minutes using the TSV, and at the end, the battery still had half the lights showing, and could have picked up even more dust and fluff, as it makes it compact down into a bale which means longer vac time. Go here to the Gtech page on our website  to see the original presentation and watch the Gtech time lapse video on my Facebook page here. (Like the page to see updates first, including the new beauty TSV end of next week!)

Book of the week

Sound of your Soul by Anna Cookson

Our former colleague, the lovely Anna Cookson, had her book launch last week, and sadly I could not make it, as I was working. BUT guess who went?! Lovely Miceal! Anna took this pic which shows him looking chipper, and hopefully back at work soon now he’s on the mend! Yay! Love Miceal and have missed his hugs! Anyway, Anna’s book not only has the most fabulous title, it’s intriguing. Set in the future where people sent for ‘government training’ never come back the same, including her husband Simon who has disappeared. Cally Dune is propelled on a journey through hidden tunnels below London, unravelling the ancient scrolls of the Egyptians and on to a heart breaking choice – to save her marriage or save her soul… WOW! Can’t wait for the audiobook!

This week on QVC

Monday – OMG you won’t belieeeeeve the value of this year’s bumper Price’s Candles Christmas TSV which hits our screens this Monday – 66 pieces for around £20! Don’t miss it for those last minute pressies!

Tuesday – The other day I went on air with super-shiny hair and it was due to Tuesday’s Tweak’d #TSV – shampoo, conditioner and a new pot of magic – akin to the old Ojon treatment – which leaves hair looking like a younger version of itself. Marvellous, don’t miss it.

Wednesday – KitchenAid return with a new iconic Artisan 125 stand mixer offer with a 4.8L bowl for an enormous saving – well under £300 – time to get one? Well if you love Ktichen Aid you’re in luck – it’s the launch of Kitchen Aid MONTH! A whole month with tons of bargains and deals and exclusives and all sorts of different KitchenAid branded products – not just this mixer, although this is brilliant. Wendy who helps me by cooking dinners down at the retreat said that out of all the devices I’ve ever bought, the KitchenAid is the best one! And that’s saying something, from a woman who despises ‘gadgets’. Do get yours on the 30-day monday back guarantee and remember if it’s a Christmas gift the trial money back period is extended till January 25th!

Thursday – can’t wait for this one – a choice of Alison Cork 180cm Christmas tree – and wait till you see the LED version which has brown bark along with frosting it’s smashing. She is such a lovely lady – she and I are meeting up as we have a lot in common with out politics. Here she is having fun with two of our fabulous floor managers last week – Nadine and Charlie had wrapped her luxurious throws around themselves to keep warm – cute! Go here to see the whole Alison Cork range and get in early ‘cos it’s very popular at Christmas time! I’m not on with it as I’m down in Devon giving a talk at the local WI, but will be looking out for it!

Friday – At long last the Hi Mirror is here – the bang up to date technological marvel which allows you to access certain internet apps within the mirror itself – see other presenters’ blogs for info!

Finally as you will see from the TV Guide, Saturday night at midnight is the launch of a massive beauty day on Sunday 4th November – I can’t wait for the super make-up set I’ve been wearing on air lately – more info next week, as it’ll be on an early bird order link too!

Next week on the blog – seeing Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema, and I’m off to see my baby granddaughter on Friday – can’t wait! Will tell you whatever I’m allowed to update you with when I get back. Suffice to say little Phoebe is now three weeks old and very alert. She was pictured in her baby bath actually gripping a tiny rubber duck in her fingers – even if she doesn’t know what she’s doing it’s very cute!

Best wishes


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  1. Josephine Lynne Jennings October 26, 2018 at 3:24 am -  Reply

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby granddaughter Debs.

  2. debs f October 27, 2018 at 7:30 pm -  Reply

    Josephine – v kind thank you! Very happy with life atm! x

  3. Cathy October 28, 2018 at 12:33 am -  Reply

    Congratulations to You Deb and all the family. Babies bring such joy.
    Glad you are as excited as I was about the shipwreck, hidden secrets are so thrilling. I love ancient civilisations and cultures, too.

  4. Debs f October 31, 2018 at 11:33 pm -  Reply

    Cathy – me too! That’s why I did archaeology a level! X

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