Exclusive behind the scenes and secret filming at home


This week – how the Ring doorbell lets me catch up on goings on at home (TSV coming Thursday 8th August), and funnies behind the scenes at QVC.

But first, a quick look at a super deal coming this weekend – as August is upon us!

L’Occitane TSV Sunday – on sale now!

We all love the almond collection from L’Occitane don’t we? Well there is a five-piece Top to Toe set coming on Sunday (preview Sat 9pm) at a brilliant price. Stock up now, you can order via this link and get in nice and early!
Watch out also on Saturday for Skechers Envy textured mesh bungee slip-on trainers, and if still available today (Friday 2nd August), the classy Emily leather cross-body bag from Ashwood.

Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

SBC three-piece Green Caviar skincare collection

Morphy Richards 1.5 bar Saturn Steam Iron with Intellitemp

Frank Usher crystal detail poncho top

Wetbrush Detangle three-piece brush set

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Sunday/Monday at midnight

Peony Phalaenopsis Orchid bowl with Orchid Fragrance Spray

Radley London Aldgate cross-body bag

Footlogix Callus Softener spray and double-sided stainless steel foot file

Bareminerals The Power of Good six-piece collection

August update

Plus because it’s the beginning of August now, (how did that happen!), here is the new beauty Pick of the Month, the Supersize Full Coverage SPF 50 CC+ Cream from IT Cosmetics, the Supersize of the Month product for August, the Beauty Institute Retinol Serum from Judith Williams and the garden Product of the Month, Rainbow Parrot tulip bulbs from Hayloft Plants.

Plus August is Fashion Month too, with tons of deals and special features online. Look out for the two-hour autumn catwalk collections, for instance I have one next Saturday at 9pm until 11 pm on Fashion Day (10th August). And don’t forget, it was a really special celebration for Butler & Wilson. 50 years! With some very special jewellery pieces from this iconic fashion jewellery brand, join Simon at 6 pm on Monday, Friday, and Saturday with me. Or shop here.

For sneaky peaks of next week’s daily TSV offers, see below.

Fields of gold

Mum, Alison and I went off wandering again last weekend during my London week, and we were very tempted to go running through the wheat fields, but then you’d have to call me Theresa. Ha ha! It was a very packed day – we then went to Epsom for a lovely meal, followed by a trip to the cinema, where we saw the latest film with Benedict Cumberbatch, The Current War, the film I mentioned last week, and I liked it a lot. I had no idea that Thomas Edison was so prolific with his inventions. Not only the light bulb, but the gramophone and moving pictures. All of those! What a genius. The film obviously concentrated on the race to provide America’s electricity supply and he actually lost that one, to a guy I had never heard of before, called Westinghouse. Nikola Tesla was key, too. It needed a bit of paying attention to, and I’m certain one of us nodded off once or twice (mention no names, Mother ha ha) but again it was lovely to spend time with family. One week later and we will be having a big get together of the aunties on my dad’s side, some of whom we have not seen for many years, it should be fun!


In the kitchen at painting parties

I also did family stuff on Sunday. My clever niece Stephanie has bought herself a house with her other half, and I went to help my sister do a bit of cutting in in their new kitchen when I popped by to see the new place. It made me very keen to get some more work done at mine, in Devon. They have a massive loft and a conversion has already been started. My loft used to be accommodation in the old days. The thatched roof no longer has a window, but it is similar to this one in a late 1800s picture of the house next door in Sheepwash Village Square. Maybe one day… Anyway, it’s lovely to see all the kids doing so well.

Baby update

Although I can’t show you photographs, little Phoebe, granddaughter number two, made us all roar with laughter this week, as she has taken to laughing in a really funny way at her daddy Nick jumping out and surprising her. I think she might end up with the Flint laugh! Poor girl, ha ha.

I also finally finished my buzzy, buzzy bee song, for her and Blake, so they can see me in between visits if their parents can bear to play the video of me singing it! I made up a little ditty about “the buzzy, buzzy bee going buzzing in the tree, making honey just for you and me, buzz, buzz,” then recorded myself singing and dancing around, I’m sure you can imagine… 🙂

I am looking forward very much to this weekend when I will be taking Brad up to Wales to stay with Lauren, the baby and co. I get to see both my grandbabies twice in just over a fortnight 🙂 – I’m a very happy nanny.

Lucinda, my son’s school pal on QVC

It was lovely this week to be on air with Lucinda one of our regular beauty guests. Because… she went to school with my son Brad!! 🙂 I think they were an item when they were about eight… For 10 minutes probably! I helped her to get her first job in TV she reminded me, and I was very proud of her because she has come a long way and she is very good! Her current brand is the ContoursRX range, check it out here, Cordelia loves the eyelid strips and they sold very well during our hour. Having known her since she was about six it was lovely to see her again, although I have to say she has almost not changed a bit!

Freedom to go girly lunching

What a treat it was to just be with my sister-in-law Bojana, my brother’s wife last week. The kids and Glenn have gone on holiday, and Boki was joining them soon, but she had a few days off and we went to lunch at the garden centre. We really put the world to rights. She reminded me that I need to get a bit fitter and lose some weight, and she is absolutely right of course. So I will be going back to proper freedom eating in the hope that I will be in better shape for a big conference event coming at the end of September. We had a lovely mosey round the garden centre and despite the rain, it was really nice to spend some time with her. You know what it’s like when kids are around, life is hectic. So it was nice to take some time out together and to stop and smell the roses, literally.

Gommage gone

The big Gatineau weekend mini-series comprised the selling out the Supersize of the Month, but not before I had recorded this video, with Charlie watching… It’s so satisfying, once the mask I had just put on (see photo) had completely dried, I removed the wonderful anti-ageing Gommage after it had set… listen out for the noise… 🙂

Some of the best Gatineau deals are still available, go here to see the range. And if I had to pick some of my all-time top products, many would be from this brand, including the DefiLift Firming Neck and Decollete Gel, which appeared in a duo; the Melatogenine Eye Cream, which appeared in a big value set as Bargain Hunter on Monday around 7 pm but is sadly sold out, and the Golden Glow Gradual Body Tan in a big Home and Away set. Well done if you’ve got your supersize exfoliating Gommage, and if you did, try to take the challenge and see if you can get it all off in one piece, and post it on my social media!

Talking of which, and talking of Charlie, my vlog of the week over on my Facebook page, featured a little behind the scenes funny video with him and Lee Hohbein. Look at all the little sneaky peaks I give you on these videos when I’m at work!

Plus just below that post on my page, your chance to see the Facebook live I did over on our QVC page talking about the big supersize Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, with a bit of banter about my hair! Follow me to make sure you don’t miss any in the future!

Book of the Week

‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman.

Considering this is soon to be a major motion picture produced by Reese Witherspoon, I figured it was time I read this book. So many people had said it is great! I just finished Sky’s the Limit, by Janie Wilson (which I heartily recommend if you want atmospheric holiday scenes in Marrakesh and France), so my next one will be this one, a multiple award winner with over 2 million sold. Wow, now that is what you call a successful book. Eleanor Oliphant’s carefully regimented world is perfect… except sometimes fine is not enough. One little kindness shatters the walls she has built around herself, with amazing results. Can’t wait.


When I was out with mum and Alison we were all talking about Netflix and the things you can watch on it and there is a film called The Wife, which won Glenn Close the Best Actress award. I’m planning to watch this one very soon. She plays the wife of a novelist who is about to get a Nobel Prize, and after 40 years of marriage secrets start to unravel… Sounds brilliant 🙂


Causing havoc on set this week!

This week on QVC
Monday – on Monday we have the Clean Spin 360 Spin Mop with Wheels, a must have for cleaning hard floors in an instant!
TuesdayKim & Co return with the Croco faux leather trousers in different lengths and an incredible price for a big fashion brand.

WednesdayImedeen return and guest (and lovely friend) Emma brings us another chance to stock up on your best bet for fabulous skin, the Prime Renewal Supplements specially for 50+ year olds. Patented marine collagen ingredients in a four month pack at one of best prices ever. I have been using this for three years or so now, and I find I really notice if I have a period of doing without. My skin has a wonderful glow and seems more vibrant, and it coincides with when I take these tablets regularly. I don’t find them a chore to take as they are quite small and easy to swallow, and as I take supplements every day it’s simple to add them to my routine. Don’t miss out on this TSV, as it usually has a long money back guarantee trial period, so what are you waiting for!

This is it! Your chance to secretly see what goes on in and around your home, with the latest Ring video doorbell TSV. Not only do you get the doorbell, you get the spotlight cam and second battery plus extras. I cannot do without mine. Not only does it alert me if someone is at the door, but I can talk to them even when I’m not in the house and it takes little videos and uploads them to the cloud, so I can check what goes on at my place when I am far away. See what Daisy the doggy is up to in the back garden. See how many people came and went on a tearooms day. Make sure a guest has arrived even if I’m not there. It’s honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made, and this is a great way to get yours.
Friday – another lovely MarlaWynne offer, with a pocket and button detail luxe crepe tunic at a relatively low price for this premium brand.

Also, by Thursday, you should see the early bird links for the massive Decleor five-piece Firming and Energising skincare collection, and Saturday’s Moda in Pele ankle boot which launches 9pm on Friday night of course. Another big week ahead!

Next week – wending our way to Wales for a ‘granddaughter-packed’ weekend! And a whistle stop return to Devon.

Best wishes

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  1. SheMag August 2, 2019 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    Made me laugh! I told you to watch the Wife when it first came out, and I’m now repeating my recommendation! I am sure you’ll like it a lot. And also…mega kudos to you for doing that facial on air…it’s not just your neck which is in good nick! OK, so maybe a bit of freedom eating and bodyblading have shimmied out of your schedule, but you know they work for you when you’re ready to welcome them back.

  2. Chris August 3, 2019 at 9:56 pm -  Reply

    I saw the The Wife a few weeks ago & it is indeed a very good film!

  3. Ruth Mansfield August 8, 2019 at 4:23 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, is your big conference event of a “political” nature and will be held at Manchester at the end of September? I know you have a passion for politics, like myself, so may see you there!

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