Monty Bojangles chocolates

Enjoy your Monty Bojangles and move a little bit more!


So, my initial response when I opened the large brown box which was sitting in my dressing room at QVC was… that’s good timing… not!

Let me explain. Having just attended my health check organised through QVC where all aspects of health and well-being are looked at (bearing in mind I didn’t make an appointment in January when I should have as I knew, thank you very much, that I would weigh MORE, measure MORE and probably be in a MORE fragile state emotionally than two years ago), I played the ‘avoidance’ card and the ‘bury the head’ card (you know the ones). I then quickly added in the ‘well it IS my big birthday year with lots to celebrate’ card!

A quick shuffle of the deck and out fell the ‘I did sever my ankle tendons last year’ AND the ‘hips and back problem’ card. But, unsurprisingly when I had in booked in and arrived with all my cards fanned out in protest… it didn’t change a thing.

I DID weigh more I DID measure more and during the assessment I sobbed all over the lovely lady assessing me. That said, it became a good and positive day. I am lucky to be in good health, my heart and lung capacity, cholesterol etc are all really pretty impressive, though we spent less time on the state of my figure and more on the state of my mind! I have come away with the Chimp Paradox – a book to read – a mindfulness app on my phone, and a plan to move more.

As Joe was away with school in Berlin and Poland (lucky boy) I pinched his place in his boxing class, his teacher made me work so hard I was pink-cheeked but invigorated for sure.

Claire Sutton

I know exercise releases all the good stuff but when you’re battling away with a negative mind and you are out of the habit it can be so hard to take the first steps can’t it? Well I am now moving more, finally! Gus is getting back into having his walks with me although I’m so cross as the farmer seems to be removing all the field margins alongside the established walks we have done for years. It’s so frustrating, not to mention less safe. Taking Gus out had become a struggle with my hips and back but the the brilliant and fabulous physiotherapist Katy, whom I have been seeing, has magically (and flippin’ painfully I can assure you!) released the years and years of built-up damage in that area and in my back so I’m pain free for the first time in… I can’t remember. Eager to move and make a difference I am back to ballet, tap and pilates and I am going to give this boxing a go too.

I have also signed Maddie and myself up for the Moonwalk in May, it’s actually the Half Moon at 15 miles as I didn’t want to over stretch the two of us. My very dear friend Amanda is currently going through her chemotherapy for breast cancer so for her, for my wonderful Alison Keenan who has given hope, strength and inspiration to so many who watch QVC and who read her blogs as she has shared her journey with Breast Cancer and for all the amazing women and men along with their families and friends I am trying to make a difference so that one day this terrible disease will be no more.

Friends in my village are all signing up and we intend to get out, walk together and as a bonus it really will be a treat to see each other and chatter as it feels so long ago that we all saw one another twice a day on those school runs!

So…. back to the mystery parcel, at last you sigh! What was inside the box?

Monty Bojangles chocolates

FOUR stunning boxes of Monty Bojangles award-winning truffles no less, from our Today’s Special Value offer for the 30th October.

The above surely now explains the initial ‘Oh No’ thought… though I must tell you upon opening the boxes and seeing the colourful, enticing, shiny and INDIVIDUALLY wrapped truffles my resolve of virtue and goodness could surely stay relatively intact as it is sooooooo much easier not to be faced with an open box of chocolates where all restraint flees and the entire box (aside from the ones I just suck the chocolate off and put back half eaten) is demolished (go on, admit it, I cannot be the only one..?!) So the ‘oh no!’ most swiftly became ‘oh yesss’, I am the chosen one!

Having brought them home and allowed the jewel-like delights to be sampled by friends and family I can assure you they are a winner.

Yes, an entire box of 28 award winning Monty Bojangles definitely moreish truffles will be hugely appreciated this side of Christmas and way beyond as the spectacular boxes are especially designed for us at QVC and not Christmassey at all. I’m thinking a glass bowl filled with them would look so pretty to decorate my table and look they just happen to coordinate with my curtains would you believe it…

Monty Bojangles chocolates

Though wouldn’t the glinting colours look amazing woven in and out of foliage, you could make a delightful modern Christmas wreath or a table decoration, or simply pop them on the tree… oooh I am getting excited now!

A grown up advent calendar, a couple casually added to a gift to add a little treat of luxury that melts in the mouth., an after dinner soupçon of chocolate just finishes things off so nicely sometimes, and a ‘just because I fancy it’ moment – all can be taken care of with Monty Bojangles.


I have loved the crazily quirky eclectic world of Monty Bojangles who “explores the exotic pond scapes of the unbelievable to discover the ultimate chocolatey treats” and with “the haphazard blithering genius of the Taste Inventors” creates “scrumptiously scoffable truffles”.

Gloriously and curiously moreish flavours that melt or …explode in your mouth ..Berry Bubbly with its raspberry popping candy, Orange Angelical, Flutter Scotch with its salty butterscotch chips, Choccy Scoffy and Milky Mischief are all a mouthful of pure unadulterated pleasure and as I have worked very hard in my Boxing class today AND this is all in the line of duty of course I shall of course be circumnavigating around the entire selection of nine flavour fusions, just to ensure you are getting the best in this TSV of course!!

Great Taste Awards galore, a superb price plus a long sell-by date all add up to a winning combination as far as I can see.

Enjoy! and then move a little more…SIMPLE!!!

Lots of love,
Claire xxxx


  1. Lynn October 27, 2017 at 12:56 pm -  Reply

    Healthy on the inside is the most important, the outside is a bonus.Good luck with the moonwalk cancer is a terrible disease to help in anyway is amazing. I lost my sister last year and any advice in supporting your friend is just to be there , it’s the small things but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that ❤️

  2. Sue October 27, 2017 at 10:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire just love reading your blogs although your wonderful words usually have me in tears (!) The moonwalk is phenomenal (did it twice a few years ago) and having just lost my beloved Mum to cancer only two weeks ago ?? the sooner we rid ourselves of this heinous disease the better – please let us know how we can sponsor you – lots of luck with the training xxxxx

  3. martin forbes October 28, 2017 at 3:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi calire hope you and family are well iam not bad

  4. Claire Sutton November 2, 2017 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Thankyou – I have just been and stayed with Manda – she’s doing super well with a really great attitude – we went out for brunch , her wig is brilliant 🙂 so she’s all topped up with sparkle ready for round 3 !
    My love and thoughts to you xxx

  5. Claire Sutton November 2, 2017 at 1:43 pm -  Reply

    Oh Sue, I am so terribly sorry to hear of your mum- I hope you are managing through your days , I know grief is such a struggle and so personal for everyone, I send you my love.
    Pilates done today and off to walk Gus ahead of ballet tonight . I must start to wear my Fitbit to measure my steps!
    Thankyou for your lovely words xxx

  6. Claire Sutton November 2, 2017 at 1:44 pm -  Reply

    Martin, great to hear from you – we are all great Thankyou so much!
    With love Claire x

  7. Steven November 5, 2017 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

    Good luck with the Moonwalk lovely Claire. Hope you are as well as you look xx

  8. Claire Sutton November 13, 2017 at 6:20 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Steven,
    Good hearing from you xxx

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