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Edible flowers and sweet dreams


This week’s blog is somewhat food and sleep focused – these are two activities I really enjoy! But I don’t always manage to do the latter very well and have been prone to having trouble getting to sleep in the past. If this sounds familiar to you then keep reading as I’ll talk about that and how This Works has really helped me later in this blog.

Something I don’t have any trouble with is eating! In fact Charlie Brook – whose dressing room is opposite mine – and I having a running joke that every time he sees me I’m eating. We both share a healthy appetite and when not snacking we are on the hunt for a tasty morsel to munch on. I tend to graze more than eat huge meals and my ideal snack is homemade flapjack or corn crackers with avocado and tobasco or mini Quorn scotch eggs. Cooking is something I love to do and nearly always cook from scratch. So, recently myself, Elliot, my Mum, Elliot’s oldest son Joel and his cousin Mona decided to have a little dinner party. The plan was that we made a dish each. It just so happens that Joel is a very accomplished cook and Mona his cousin is a chef! This is the menu we made and I should add the surprise was that no one knew what the others dish was going to be.

Joel made the starter which was a small dish of fresh spaghetti cooked in a certain way that made the pasta absorb all the water opposed to having to drain it after a few minutes. He tossed it in olive oil, salt, pepper and pecorino cheese.

Mona made a wild salad that she had foraged from the garden using wild grown rocket, various lettuce leaves – some I had no idea were even edible! And nasturtiums which are so tasty! She had also roasted hazelnuts and dressed the salad in a light vinaigrette. This was one of the tastiest salads I’ve ever had and it looked so beautiful.

Eilidh Nairn dinner party

Elliot made a fantastic spicy butternut squash curry in a delicious coconut sauce. He had grown the squash in the allotment he helps look after, which was pretty impressive. It was so warming and had fragrant hints of cumin, cardamom and fresh ginger. We ate this with Peshwari naan bread. We love spicy food and often make Thai curries.

Eilidh Nairn

I’ve added this photo because unfortunately we didn’t take one at the meal with Elliot in it as he was the photographer – oops! So I’ve added one of my favourites from a recent time together whilst having dinner in Greece.

Dinner table

And finally my mum and I combined forces and made a lemon tart shaped like a Swedish pony. I didn’t mention that Joel and Mona are Swedish. I love cooking with my Mum and this was so much fun. I decorated the pony with the top of strawberry for a rosette and made his hooves from blueberries. He was a tasty little pony tart, so much so Elliot ate him for breakfast the next day too!

This Works

Eating all this delicious food can make you feel quite sleepy, which is my seamless link on to the sleep part of this blog. For several years I have suffered from intermittent sleep patterns. Sometimes I have absolutely no trouble sleeping and will get a good eight hours but sometimes I don’t and can end up with only four or five hours – not so good. I’ve tried lots of different methods including meditation, music, reading, baths etc and some of these do help. Part of the issue is that I have a busy mind!

So when I met Nicole from This Works and she explained how the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray works I thought I’ve got to try this. Of course I can only talk from my experience but this worked and continues to work in helping me drop off to sleep in a relaxed and comfortable state. It’s so simple, you spray over your pillow and or duvet and then lie down and drift off. It smells absolutely gorgeous. The fragrance has lavender, vetiver and wild chamomile. I also shower before bed with the matching shower gel and now there is Sleep Power Recharge Mask which leaves you feeling very relaxed and calm. For me This Works – works. We have one in the spare room too so any guest can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Both my brother Brodie who also suffers from poor sleep and step dad love it too. I do continue with better sleep management such as not being on my phone before bed and reading instead of watching the telly plus using the spray.

If this sounds good to you then give this collection a go, and fortunately it’s one of our Big Deals this week.

Finally I’m going to leave you with a photo of this stylish Boho Betty bracelet (above right). The combination of metallic beads and mixed leather and gunmetal tones makes this both trend-led and totally wearable for every day. I like to wear mine with my other bracelets and stack up lots of tones and textures. Here it is  Check out my Insta for my other fashion inspirations.

You can see from the picture on the right how well it works with other jewellery pieces too. These are my own bangles and rings, mostly given to me as gifts by Elliot or my dearest friend Ruby.

Thank you for reading and keep your messages coming in as I love hearing from you. Take care of yourselves.



  1. Lynda November 12, 2018 at 3:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Eilidh! Sleeping isn’t my problem…..as anyone that knows me will say. I can go to sleep standing up! But the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Shower Gel sound sound so relaxing and romantic that I’m sure I’d gently drift off and have sweet dreams! It sounds lovely.

  2. Mona Adler Ring November 12, 2018 at 4:26 pm -  Reply

    Hey Eilidh! Lovely post and what a lovely evening that was 🙂
    I’m sorry you’re a troubled sleeper; so am I, and I just got this heavy blanket. I have nightmares and am trying this out right now. My mind is also quite a busy one… Check out the link below!

    Much love,


    • Eilidh November 16, 2018 at 7:43 pm -  Reply

      Mona! What a lovely surprise to see you on here. It was such great evening with lovely memories too. You poor thing with nightmares. I’ll be sure to check out your suggestion. I hope thing back in Sweden are good.
      Much love

  3. Darryl Marley November 13, 2018 at 2:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Eilidh, wow quite the dinner party, and a lemon tart shaped like a SWEDISH PONY????? That’s fab, next time you could make a lemon mare-rang 🙂 you didn’t mention what wine/cocktails were served.
    Have a great week, keep smiling.
    ps what’s a SWEDISH PONY

    • Eilidh November 16, 2018 at 7:56 pm -  Reply

      Hi Darryl, th ask for your message. I like your lemon mare – rang idea. Haha
      For drinks we tried sparkling wine with a dash of rhubarb liquor.
      The Swedish pony is called a Dala horse (I think) it’s tradition design- I believe. Our cake tin was the same shape ! 😀

  4. Mary Cowdery November 13, 2018 at 6:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Eli that sounds great and glad you enjoyed it, you and Charlie may eat but neither of you put any weight on, lol. I am missing you on Q at the moment hope you are okay

    • Eilidh November 16, 2018 at 7:47 pm -  Reply

      Hi Mary, thank you for your lovely message. I wish I’d read this msg earlier as I could have let you know the shows I was on this week. I’ll be back next Tuesday at 3pm on Style. I post my times on Twitter normally.
      I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Mary November 22, 2018 at 4:03 pm -  Reply

    Thank you for your reply Eli which unfortunately I have only just read I will therefore add you on Twitter. xx

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